Induction is a Parenting Decision

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Due Dates are a hot topic on this blog.  I facilitate at least ten homeopathic inductions a week for women all over the world.

How to create a little space to make it your own?

  • If something doesn’t feel right – like a hard deadline for induction, ASK the questions.  Often this can open up whole new avenues to you, but you have to initiate the options, the care providers are not able to offer them to you.
  • Decide you will only work with a care provider that is brave, honest and willing to support you.  Then if that person suggests that you be induced you will be able to take that advice purely.  You have to trust the person who will catch your baby.  Trusting the people you work with would probably eliminate half the inductions going on.
  • Induction is a parenting decision.  Agreeing to or choosing induction will impact the very beginning of your life as a mother to this child.  Induction changes your birth experience and it is quite likely that it will change the immediate postpartum for you and your baby.  Gather information and check in with yourself to figure out what your opinion is on this topic.  Decide how you will navigate it, should it come into your experience.
  • The changes in immediate postpartum influence the bigger picture outcomes of vital experiences such as breastfeeding.  This is why I offer free inductions and I always will – it is a pivotal decision, with far-reaching implications.

If you would like the support of homeopathic induction which acts on not only the physical body but the mental/emotional state please feel free to contact me.

This blog has many articles about homeopathic induction, take a look and I welcome your feedback.


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Aversion to your Companion?

Aversion to your husband or wife during pregnancy is a common experience.

It makes sense that a lot of things need to get worked out with a partner during pregnancy. How safe you feel with a person really gets sorted out when you have a baby.

You transform your body, your identity, your ability to work and usually your perspective on the entire world.

Can your partner keep up with this, match it and find the language to support you?


Your ideas of how to be a “good” mother and life partner really also get aired out.  All the old beliefs and expectations come to the surface and you will have the opportunity to decide if they suit the current version of yourself.

Even though you won’t think you can – go OUT, exercise, have a laugh with friends.

Sleep together, take your moments when you can get them.

Get each other food and drinks, let each other sleep in.  Once in awhile let each other be alone in the house.

Allow yourself a full year to make this transition with your partner, remind yourself that you are finding your way together.  It will be necessary to do this every time you have a baby.

Try to be compassionate and gentle with yourself and your companion.   Your children will appreciate it and you will look back on the journey as an interesting time you weathered together.

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Vaccination is YOUR choice.

In Canada,  vaccination is your constitutionally protected right. Despite all the misleading advertising,  you have the right to investigate and decide if you want to vaccinate your child.  There are no schools or daycare that can force you to vaccinate, they must allow your child entry,  whether they are vaccinated or not.  If there is an outbreak of a disease when your child is enrolled in the school, your child will be asked to stay home.  That is the only condition of choosing not to vaccinate.

You are also asked to get an Act of Conscience form signed by a notary and it will be added to your child’s file for the duration of their school experience.  Public Health has these forms.

Do not be pushed into doing something you are not prepared to do, take your time, find  the information that is right for you and your family and then decide.  There are others around you that are going through the same process,  homeopaths and naturopaths are good sources of information.  Seek them out.

I am happy to consult and provide support if you have questions on the topic of vaccination.  I have three vaccine free children – all abundantly healthy and have worked with families of unvaccinated children for the past 18 years.  The idea of homeopathic vaccination is not a valid way to approach this topic.  It does not make sense to give a remedy unless it is indicated.  This is an idea that may be comforting to parents that do not want to vaccinate but want to do something! There are many more valid ways to support an immune system – please consult with me if you want specific guidance.


Piper Martin

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BOOSTing your Spirits and your Milk Supply…

The best way I know to boost your milk supply is to go to bed with your baby.  I know, I know – almost every woman I know will say – I Can’t DO that! I have other children, laundry, cooking, cleaning, work, things to do!! But it’s not really the things to DO – it’s that most women have NEVER and I mean NEVER just spent time relaxing and focusing on one thing.  Now the funny part of this is, is that the one thing that needs focusing on,  is keeping another human alive, but still – it seems like that just isn’t enough!

So it is up to us,  as women,  to take this whole concept of breastfeeding up a notch.  We are keeping another human alive with our breast milk.  This requires:

  • tucking into bed with your baby skin to skin
  • fluids
  • good food
  • support and a feeling of safety
  • a mind that believes what you are spending time doing is THE most important thing.

Yes, you can pull off nursing while doing a million other things but why? Will this time come around again? Will it really matter if there is a small window of time in which your house is not the cleanest and you aren’t on top of your email?

Get the whole family into the quiet, postpartum welcome for this babe – teach your children how to experience this transition gently and softly.

sis and babe

If and when you have honestly gone to bed for three weeks, you have rested, chilled out, drank a ton of water, eaten all the offerings of everyone you know, accepted support and allowed yourself to indulge in nursing to its fullest – IF then you still feel like you need help boosting your supply – consult with me.  There are many homeopathic remedies to encourage your body and your mind towards this possibility.  But try the bed first.

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The Sweet Relief of a Good Cry

crying does not indicate

Crying mothers are a touchy topic.  Somehow mothers think they are supposed to feel only joy, only be smiling and content, only feeling physically blissed out.  The reality is many women are shocked to their core about what just happened.  They have just allowed a human being passage through their bodies, if they are breastfeeding they are keeping a person alive with their breast milk.  This can be stressful and challenging and really emotional.  With all those feelings come tears.

The instinct to hide those tears is strong! Not wanting to appear ungrateful for their life or their babies,  mothers put on their happy faces and keep it together! This is one of the many reasons I started Red Tent (a mother’s group) many years ago.  So that the tears could emerge with the real conversations, leading to the real connections between women in the community.

Giving birth is one of the most alive experiences you will ever have and crying is just simply an expression, an outlet, a discharge of all that emotion.  It is commonly judged and suppressed in our society but what if you could cry and just feel like it was a natural part of the process? Especially in the postpartum, women are tender in so many ways.  That is why the need for a quiet and private postpartum is so important – both the mother and baby need to be buffered from harshness so that those soft, alive feelings can be enjoyed instead of suppressed.

Let it the tears flow and trust that they are leading you somewhere.  Holding in your tears is painful and your body lets you know that – lump in the throat, burning eyes, chest pain… The sweet relief of a good cry ~

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Be Available

If you are physically present with your children be available to them.  Have you ever noticed the effect of just lying or sitting on the couch when they are in the room with you? It is usually pure delight, wanting to cuddle in, chat or just share the activity they are involved in.

mom laughs

Grant them this access every single day.  This is a wonderful foundation for your life with teenagers.   The casual conversations that occur will be so important to you both.

much love


Overstimulation and the Crying Baby

Crying is one way babies respond to overstimulation.  In my experience babies have very few filters for what we consider every day noise, light and interaction with the world.  Some babies simply go to sleep to escape, others nurse and nurse and still others scream and cry.

Interestingly it is mothers who crave a lot of stimulation in their lives that have very sensitive babies.  Babies are very powerful people, without the ability to speak they are extremely clear about their optimal environment.  Since this translates as a calm baby that is willing to sleep, most parents are willing to adapt.  Just like that your whole life changes.

The process of homeopathic case taking will assist you in understanding the cues of your child and the environment that is best for their well-being.  Feeling relaxed is actually part of survival for babies as they are able to eat, digest and sleep at a higher level than if they are stressed.  

the deeper work of parenting

Homeopathic remedies will help ease the sensitivity and reactivity of your baby, helping them to calm faster and seek comfort instead of escalating their response.  

Situations that promote overstimulation include;

  • having company in your home that wants to hold your baby
  • trips to the grocery store, mall or errands in the car
  • attending events – weddings, parties, sporting events etc.
  • naps timed to occur  in the car
  • bringing the baby to appointments and errands

I know that it seems like you won’t be able to do anything when you have a newborn and you are right.  Babies do not want to attend classes or go shopping.  They want a quiet, calm environment, soft light and a slow pace.  In this setting they will thrive.  You can push through and sometimes it just happens,  but those are the times that your baby will fuss, cry, be unable to settle and require a lot of extra grounding – this is what overtimulation looks like.

Mothers can schedule their own time for appointments, shopping, social time when their partners are home or a friend is available to be with the baby in their home.  As time goes on babies will become more flexible and able to tolerate outings and adventures.

If you do want to go out with your baby I suggest:

  • the forest, walks away from cars and noise
  • small quiet groups where you feel calm and peaceful
  • meeting one friend at a time for a visit
  • the library

Keep it simple at the pace of a baby.  Use a sling to provide a buffer for your newborn.

It is highly possible that in this way of living you will also feel calm and rested, peaceful and present.  Try it.

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Motherhood as a Process of Expansion

Do you ever notice that when people are contemplating change they only seem to imagine negative impacts and outcomes, rarely the upward shift to positive possibilities ?  This idea of being prepared for the worst is really an undermining state of mind.  What if you prepared for the best?  How would that change your level of hope, the way you spent your time, the way you spent your money?!!

the positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible

Homeopathy is about challenging your mind and body to prepare for the best possible outcomes.  To help you to fine tune your way into the highest flying feelings you can imagine.  This is partly a process of self-discipline,  but also a desire led way of living, to decide that you only want to feel good as much as possible.  Imagine being raised by parents that modeled this self integrity?  The reason homeopathy plays a role in this process is that your own self knows the truth and when you use homeopathy in a constitutional,  clinical manner,  your own body keeps you on track.  Eventually it just becomes the way you think and you pick up the cues when you are off course and easily self correct.

Becoming a mother is a pivotal moment of deciding to either be sucked into the world of fear or checking in with what feels good for you and your child.  It is a moment to expand.  If you aren’t sure how to proceed but you feel the desire, consider homeopathy to help move things along.

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Pain Relief for Newborns

Homeopathy is an excellent choice for pain relief in newborn care.  It is safe, effective and gentle.  Homeopathy will support the natural healing and pain relief mechanisms that exist within the body.  What this means in real form,  is that the remedy will guide the body to do what it needs most for support.  In a baby this might mean sleeping more, coaxing a parent to let them sleep in a certain position, nursing more or less frequently, having more bowel movements, creating discharges such as mucus.  It may even mean crying as a form of releasing the experience.  All of these subtle adjustments are working with the body towards healing and without those cues the process takes longer.

Birth Shots Dec. 3. 2006 089

Let’s imagine that your baby has had surgery.  The very best relief you can offer your child is breast milk.  It contains natural opiates and offers both mental/emotional reassurance and physical relief.  If this is not an option for the baby then touch and intentional language is also very important.  I believe babies understand everything you say and holding a belief that they are capable and strong will impact them positively.  Using statements like – I know you are going to sail right through this, you have a strong, healthy body, this will pass quickly – will reassure both you and the baby.

Remedies to use immediately after surgery in a general sense include:

  • Arnica 200C – bruising, bleeding, shock and injury to muscles
  • Bellis 200C – bruising to soft tissues
  • Hypericum 200C – injury to nerve rich areas and nerve tissue
  • Aconite 1M – fright and shock
  • Opium 1M – constipation after surgery, excessive effects of narcotic drugs
  • Phosphorus 1M – vomiting from general anesthetic or other allopathic drugs

I prefer high potencies for newborn care as they are the most vital beings and you want to match their vitality with the potency choice of the remedy.

To give a newborn a remedy put two pellets in a 1/2 cup of water.  Give the baby a teaspoon of the mixture.  If the baby is not able to take things by mouth,  pat the mixture on the pulse points.

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An Invitation to Speak up

I was hiking today and considering what it would be like to approach the subject of vaccination in the new town I have landed in.  I was wondering how to gracefully enter into this conversation without causing fear or guilt or confusion.  The crux of the  matter is that I just wish to offer people some perspective that is not very widely shared.

Having been in private practice for 17 years and predominantly seeing babies and children has allowed me a perspective that doctors and medical people do not have.  I have had the chance to get to know these people on a mental, emotional and physical level and observe what the difference is between a vaccinated body and an unvaccinated body.  There is a difference.  I am curious if other parents and alternative practitioners would be willing to offer their perspective on this topic.

Please offer your insight and observations as the care provider, parent or health practitioner of unvaccinated children.  Put it into words.  I KNOW there are others that share my perspective and I am curious….

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unvaccinated vibrant 16 yr. old

with thanks