The Tide is Turning….. Vaccinations are getting the attention they deserve

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I love all the debate action happening on the vaccination topic. It’s a hot button for a lot of people and the reason behind all that emotion ? Fear.

These kinds of intense conversations are long overdue – they should be a hotly debated topic instead of a passively accepted norm.  Its time to expand and evolve our thinking about our bodies and how we move through the world – maybe we will start to understand on a different level how magnificent our bodies really are.

As a Homeopath,  I have a different perspective then other medical practitioners as I see all the children who are NOT vaccinated. They are the healthiest people in my practice. I have been in practice for 16 years and have observed children grow up, travel, be exposed to school and life and still – they continue to be the healthiest people in my practice.

Why does it make a difference in health to avoid vaccines? I think that families that choose this way of living , are as a result,  more mindful of quality of food, rest, stimulation and provide alternative kinds of care to their children.  Perhaps the simple fact that a lot of family doctors hassle parents about not vaccinating makes them want to avoid going to the doctor.  This lack of care allows them to seek out alternatives to antibiotics and drug therapies that are so casually provided to babies and young children.

I have had a lot of inquiries about homeopathic vaccine protocols and here is my response: this is not homeopathy. Why assume your child will be susceptible to a disease before they even encounter it? Why believe that your child will not be able to manage it if they do happen to accept it into their bodies?

If and when they do get a disease,  then there are homeopathic remedies to treat it. But it is not necessary or useful to give a remedy until the person has symptoms to prescribe on. Doesn’t that make sense?

I feel like a change is coming, vaccination lectures are always our most popular  seminars,  so many people have thoughts and questions on this topic. You aren’t alone in you’re wondering and it’s really o.k. to explore ideas and options before you make decisions.  Trust yourself.

Remedies to navigate the Truth about babies and sleep

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When we hold babies to an adult sleep pattern they do not seem to get it – they want to sleep all day and nurse all night, they cat nap, they wake frequently and the adults don’t feel rested. It is another way babies challenge us to adapt and change and stretch.  Here are some suggestions to support you while you make the transition to adapt:


~ try to settle a child to sleep before you see the sleep cues, catching them about 10-15 min. before they begin rubbing eyes or crying is the optimal time to put them to sleep, so back up the bedtime or nap by just a few minutes for greater ease.

~ make your sleep cues simple and repetitive – i.e:  sing the same song, pull the blind, lay them down, say the same thing to them each time – simple things that let the baby know it is rest time.


~ a lot of women feel anxious about not getting enough sleep or feel anxiety as the night approaches in anticipation of what is going to happen. A remedy such as Arsenicum 200C is a good support for anxiety that comes from these kinds of thoughts. It is part of the process that  children take us through to ask us to adapt, you need to minimize your outings, your social time, your work or cleaning to rest more and have more space to cope when sleepless nights occur.  Arsenicum people typically have a high level of organization, a big TO DO list and don’t feel happy unless everything is in its place. This is hard to maintain on little sleep and the remedy will create some focus in different directions such as chilling with your baby.  Take two pellets once a week for a month, it is safe to take while breastfeeding and you should notice a change in the level of anxiety and thinking on this topic.


~ the calmer, happier and more relaxed you feel the better your children will feel.  Try not to judge your babies as good or bad sleepers, they are just in the process of adapting to our rhythms and fitting into the timing of your household.


For more in depth information on babies, sleep and homeopathy please join us on February 20th, 10-12 for a workshop on the Truth about Babies and Sleep, presented by Piper Martin and Denise Martin. In the Invisible City, 474 Botsford St. Newmarket, ON – 20.00 cash, babes in arms most welcome.

When to Try Homeopathic Induction

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The best time to try a homeopathic induction is when you are due.

The main reason women go overdue is because of fear.  The remedies will bring down the intensity of the fear so that you can go into labour.  The fear may be about birth, about postpartum, becoming at mother, breastfeeding, your body, your existing family, your finances etc. etc. etc. etc.  Identifying the fear and taking a remedy to match it will be what allows you to go into labour.

These thoughts are not unrelated to what is happening or not happening in your body.

  • Attempting to take remedies and move things forward before you are due is just an exercise in frustration. Homeopathy cannot override your body like a drug, so it cannot force you or your baby into labour.
  • When you do take a remedy and it is the correct match for you,  it will work in 24 hours.  It will be just as if you have gone into labour on your own, a gradual movement towards birth, nothing overpowering or intense.
  • When I do homeopathic inductions with patients the only reason I would give a remedy before 40 weeks is if there is some indication that the woman or her baby are no longer tolerating the pregnancy.  Physical signals such as a true lack of sleep, high blood pressure or swelling are such indicators.

If you want to use homeopathy to induce labour you have a couple of options:

  • Take your constitutional remedy if you have seen a homeopath and know what your remedy is. This is always an excellent starting point.
  • Buy my e-book(s)The Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy and Birth Kit Essentials –  available on my website – – they deal specifically with remedies for induction.
  • I do homeopathic inductions for free via the phone, in person or skype.  Please contact me if you need additional support.  This is something I feel strongly that all women should have access to!

The Remedy Follows you……

Remedies can have a wide scope – this means a single remedy can address many different symptoms that occur throughout the pregnancy, labour and postpartum period.

If a remedy has worked for you during pregnancy or as an induction tool , then it is likely that that remedy will work for you and your baby – should you need homeopathic support.


If you need more specific guidance regarding remedy pictures and dosage I have two resources – one is to search for specific remedies on this blog.  I am usually writing about them in relation to pregnancy, labour or babies.  The second is to access two e-books I have available for purchase on my website – – The Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy and Birth Kit Essentials.

The Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy is a 30 page book that guides you through pregnancy, labour and postpartum – as well as some information on Lac Humanum, homeopathic mothers milk.

Birth Kit Essentials is a list and description of the ten remedies I use most often during labour.  Includes potency and dosage information.

Should you have additional questions please feel free to email me – I am always happy to share information and support women and their families.



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One of the best things you can actually DO to influence a baby’s sleep is to allow them to sleep more.

Be HOME for nap time. Do NOT expect your baby to sleep well at night if you have spent large parts of the day out doing errands and toting the baby along.

SLOW down your own pace of life and fall into the rhythm of your baby.  Your baby will be healthier, sleep better and feel more relaxed the more you go at their pace.

Try to honour those napping hours and you may find you become addicted to the quiet yourself…

When you are home use simple cues that let the babe know it is their dedicated rest time.

For example: when it is time to sleep ~

  • tell the babe it is sleep time
  • close the blind
  • hold them close and sing the same song
  • lay them down and say sweet dreams…
  • leave the room

Simple, EASY and repetitive.  If you are nursing then nurse them , and then while they are still awake go through your sleep ritual, allow them to learn how to put themselves to sleep – I would say the optimal window for this learning is between 3-5 months.  Any earlier and they are just too little, falling sound asleep on the breast most times.  Any older and they tend to be moving off the bed or standing up in a crib and forgetting to lay back down.

What I know from experience in my home and in my practice,  is that the more babies sleep during the day,  the more they sleep at night.  If you allow them real rest time during their day then the nights tend to be more peaceful.  What I mean by this is perhaps 4 golden hours in a row –

Be easy on yourself about this, there is nothing you are doing wrong, you will find your way together and usually if you slow things down, babies are more then willing to share their sleepy time with you!

If you feel your baby is overstimulated by an outing, then try a dose of Coffea 200C. Two pellets of this homeopathic remedy will help them to calm down and settle in for the night.  A good thing to stock up on over the Holiday season.

For more specific information on using homeopathy with babies please check out my e-books, available on

HOW do you want your Birth to Feel?

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How do you want your birth to feel? This may seem irrelevant but it is the KEY.

Land on a feeling – and I suggest you go general with this – so – things like steady, present, in my body, sure...

Once you get the language, then start to practice. This is the most valuable prenatal work you can do.

Access every single way you can evoke that feeling in your life.

Once you get a hold of it and are able to maintain it, you begin to go in and out of it, you crave it and create it – you will notice that things in your life are now matching this feeling. You are creating situations that feed your desire. This is a biochemical event, a real, physical happening in your body.

So if your thoughts effect your body and your life – how could this impact a baby and a birth? 

This pathway is accessible, free, available at any time. Therapies such as homeopathy and chiropractic support this kind of neurological event int he brain. The remedies remind and suggest that you find your way back to the path. When you get off track, don’t worry, once you feel the goodness of that feeling – you won’t easily forget.

It is who you were born to be. It is the knowing and optimistic state of the child you were, believing in your body and being o.k. with doing something new and fresh.

Homeopathic Induction- How long does it take? How does it work?

Induction of labour using homeopathic remedies is a completely SAFE option for nudging your body into labour.  The remedies are safe for both you and your baby.  There are not any remedies that are unsafe, remedies cannot be contraindicated when other medications are being administered and the only effect of taking the wrong remedy is that NOTHING will happen.

Now that all those questions are out of the way – how does it work?

When I give remedies to induce labour there are two aspects I consider:

1. What is the fear holding this woman or this baby back? This is the biggest reason women do not go into labour. Identifying the fear at the core level and then taking a remedy to lift the intensity of it, is how women go into labour after a remedy.

2.  Position of the baby – this is another way to induce labour – if the baby is posterior or breech then giving a remedy to correct the position will initiate labour because of the perfect pressure that creates on the cervix.

How LONG does it take to work?

There is no point in taking a remedy until you are 40 weeks.  Homeopathy cannot override your body.

I have had women go into labour within 5 min. of taking a remedy but the normal range I work with is 24 hours.  Within 24 hours something will be starting, you will fully be in labour or you will have had the baby.  The remedy only suggests to your body that you go ahead and do what you need to do and so when you do get going, it will be just as if labour has begun on its own.

How do you know which remedy to take?

Two options:

1.  I do homeopathic inductions  for free – you can book a time to see me or book a telephone induction.

2.  Access my e-book – The Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy which outlines several remedy pictures for induction along with a host of other valuable information including remedies for labour and postpartum recovery.

if you need guidance or want to access my services please visit my website –

Pulsatilla 200C- when and why to use this remedy

Pulsatilla is a very common remedy to see in pregnancy, labour and postpartum.  If a remedy works well for you in pregnancy – i.e. it addresses your morning sickness, then it is highly likely that will also be useful for induction, to augment labour or to support any breastfeeding challenges.  Pulsatilla is a remedy that appears to follow a woman from pregnancy to postpartum and often it will be the first remedy to consider should the baby need a remedy.

Pulsatilla emotionally looks like:

  • weeps easily
  • looks for comfort and reassurance and allows this
  • indecisive
  • emotional about other children, fear of them feeling abandoned
  • looks to those around her for guidance instead of tapping into her own

Physically this translates as:

  • discharges that are yellow, thick and emerging from eyes, nose, ears – newborn goopy eyes
  • craves touch no matter what – even while in transition prefer to be cuddled and touched
  • morning sickness that changes day by day – different triggers, different times, different reactions to food.
  • indecisiveness is reflected in the baby assuming many positions during pregnancy and often goes breech, labour that starts and stops and is experienced all through the body – contractions in legs, bum, back, abdomen, unable to commit to the labour taking Pulsatilla will create a regular rhythm to the labour and is the gesture of commitment that is needed to progress.
  • goes into labour only when children are in bed or being cared for – reluctant to really be in labour without the midwives, husband, mother, support team that she has assembled all around her – within sight
  • very changeable milk supply and supply that is easily effected by food, company, upset, discharges etc.


Pulsatilla is a plant remedy, made of the wind flower – it blooms in the spring and softly blows in the wind – a way to remember its soft, changeable nature and being a plant its reaction to and awareness of its environment.


  • use Pulsatilla for babies if you have a baby with separation anxiety – by that I mean if you cannot walk out of a room without the baby weeping.
  • This is such a useful remedy for siblings that may be feeling jealous and becoming very weepy and whiny as a means of expressing their feelings.  Pulsatilla will reassure them of their stability in the family.

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Homeopathy for Induction and Birth Workshop

Homeopathy Workshop

Remedies for Induction and Labour

led by Piper Martin, B.Ed., DS Hom.Med

Classical Homeopath

September 22, 2014 – 10-4pm


maternity 1

Learn how to use homeopathy to induce labour and accurately chose remedies for birth. We will enjoy the discovery of materia medica – remedy pictures that describe the physical, mental and emotional pictures of women in pregnancy and labour.  This discovery will assist you in choosing the best fitting remedy to support the woman in her birth experience.  Discussion will include how to choose potencies, dosage and remedies.

All materials included and additional support following the workshop is available as you take this information into your life.

Please contact Piper directly at to register.

Workshop to be held at the Invisible City – 474 Botsford St. Ste. 202 Newmarket, ON

More details available on my website –

Breech Babes

Pulsatilla is a remedy that makes a suggestion to a baby to turn head down.   That is actually how the remedy works.  It gently suggests that anatomically it is easier to make an entrance in a head down, anterior position, this is just how most babies fit best through the pelvis.  Variations of this position usually create a period of waiting in labour as the baby makes its way to an optimal fit.

The reason homeopathy is so incredibly safe to take in pregnancy and labour , is that the only way it works is WITH the body. Working with the knowledge each person possesses, it reminds mothers and babes of the simple design of the body.

breech baby

This footling breech babe – born au natural!

IF f there is a reason for a breech position – like the placenta has grown in a way that is blocking a position change or the cord has become looped in a way that will be restricted with a turn, then the baby just will not move.  NO remedy will override the wisdom of the body and this includes the mother’s body and the baby’s body.  I also would assume that there are some babies that just know that they are meant to be born breech.  Every body is unique.

The remedy will make the suggestion and if it is accepted, the baby will turn within 24 hours.  Interestingly mothers rarely seem to feel the turn, even if this is happening late in the pregnancy.
This provides me with additional evidence that the simplicity of the body just feels normal – nothing invasive is happening, no real effort is made – it is simply a suggestion that is being carried out by the baby.

The remedy for a breech position is Pulsatilla 200C.  Take two pellets, that is all you need.

Pulsatilla mothers often are in an emotional state in which they are having difficulty landing on a solid plan for their birth, they may be debating home or hospital, frequently have people attending the birth they do not particularly want present and are focused on how to make everyone around them happy.  They may even feel unsure about their ability to give birth and feel unprepared to make that commitment. The indecisiveness is reflected in the baby – the baby moves into many positions or lands in a breech position,  which in turn takes the decision making process away from the mother and into the hands of a surgeon.

Taking Pulsatilla will strengthen the mother’s ability to be steady in her choices and ultimately reassure the baby that she is by his side as they have a birth experience together.

Lastly, you do not have to worry that taking Pulsatilla and turning the baby will induce labour.  Again this is a situation in which homeopathy CANNOT override your body and you will only go into labour if the time is right for everyone.

If you have specific questions about Pulsatilla or using homeopathy in your pregnancy please visit my website –