Homeopathic Birth Stories

  Homeopathic Birth Story – July 2009

Homeopathy has assisted me in the births and postpartum periods of all three of my children. The remedies I have taken have had a profound effect on me physically, mentally and emotionally. They have assisted me through pregnancy, labour and postpartum healing. Having Piper attend the birth of my third baby was an amazing experience. The remedies I was given during labour helped me move through each stage of labour with the support and care of an amazing woman I greatly admire and trust. Her presence was as valuable as the remedy itself as I faced a most challenging and intense moment before giving birth to my daughter in the comfort of my home, surrounded by a circle of support. Homeopathy is a powerful and valuable tool for a labouring woman, and I am grateful to have found a homeopath to support me and my children through pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Thank you Piper.


Homeopathic Love / Birth Story – July 2009

The concept of a home birth to me, is the meaning of love itself. The gentleness of it all, and the privacy of it, are key to experience the real significance of it. To feel connected to the earth and develop a deep respect for all creation. To re unite all the pieces of who you are, and tie them together in order to manifest a miracle. A single moment, that in little time, marks your heart forever. I don’t know a better kind of love, a better kind of courage, than the one given off by a birthing mother. I felt as if my body, mind and soul said to each other: ” No matter how much we have argued with each other over time, we will come together today as a symbol of life” I say this because at the very moment of my baby’s birth, I had to simply trust in myself, and truly believe that all is well. That maybe i didn’t have to control everything around me, that everything was already planned and taken care off. My body knew exactly what to do, my mind knew exactly what messages to send to me at the time, and my soul simply tied everything together. It couldn’t have been more perfect. Even some unexpected things (that I tried to avoid when  planned the birth during my pregnancy) made the moment special. You don’t see hate, you don’t see pain, you don’t hear wrongness or feel out of place. The birth of my child will always be, the one and only moment that I constantly look back to and remind myself that I CAN DO ANYTHING.

 Blissful Home Birth – January 2010

For sure I will promote homeopathy during pregnancy/postpartum (we didn’t have enough time to call you for pain relief during labour).  I was on lacumium (spelling?) during my pregnancy which I found really helped to ground me and offer me emotional support while I dealt with revelations of past childhood abuse and how it was affecting my life as an adult and a mother. 

Immediately after our son was born, I started taking Arnica (for bruising and swelling) and Belladonna (to help with afterpains).  5 days after our son was born, my bleeding almost completely stopped (something that usually takes several weeks to occur) and my uterus was very low and had shrunk quite a bit – much more than the typical woman, and much more than my first pregnancy when I didn’t use any homeopathy.  Our midwives simply couldn’t believe it!

Grateful to have known about homeopathy this time around.  Such a great experience!

 Mother of Two Shares her Two Different Birth Experiences

I am happy to share my wonderful experiences with homeopathy and childbirth.

 When I had my son Owen in 2003, I had a very traditional hospital birth, and from the outset with my water breaking at home we went from one minor misstep to another – I had too much epidural medication, couldn’t push properly, and ultimately, after four hours of pushing required two sets of forceps to bring Owen into the world.  Not surprisingly he wasn’t happy, and I had an episiotomy and sore nipples (due to his poor latch) for weeks.  I spiralled into a very dark post-partum depression that lasted months.  Owen was colickly until he started getting chiropractic adjustments at 3 weeks of age (what a blessing!!!), but was still fussy after that, and life became pretty overwhelming for a long time.  I found out I was pregnant when Owen turned 1 and was just not ready for the prospect of going through that all again.  So, I decided I would devote myself to changing everything I could leading up and giving birth the second time.  I found a midwife, a doula, I was getting regular chiropractic adjustments, and I found you!  I went into my second labour and delivery with a different mindset and more intimate and better suited sets of supports in the form of both the people around me and the homeopathic remedies I used.  I was early with Owen but went 10 days over with Sydne.  I had an induction remedy which provided to be the constitutional remedy that I needed at the time.  I believe that all of the things I did to get my labour moving had some effect, but I did end up needing to be induced at the hospital.  As disappointing as that was, I had my doula there to support me and help me through.  Following Sydne’s birth, I basked in the effects of the induction/constitutional remedy I had taken which I believe left me mellow and relaxed and unfazed for MONTHS.  This contributed to Sydne’s relaxed state of mind (contrasted with Owen’s and my stressed out early days).   I also took the regimen you prescribed of post-partum homeopathic remedies to help my body heal.  My second birth experience was as a result a very positive one.  I am grateful that Owen and I travelled the journey we did because obviously Sydne and I needed to have the experience that we did.  I am a firm believer in homeopathic remedies and use them all of the time.  The ones that you prescribed for my second birth experience really contributed to the positive experience.  

 Thanks for this opportunity!  Take care,

 , Kathy


Powerful First Birth Experience

In terms of the role homoeopathic played in my labour, I was very grateful that I made the choice to use them. I had a lot of anxiety i needed to work though in my labour and the different remedies help me do that.  I had a huge phobia about vomiting and when my doula called you, you recommended a remedy that might cause me to vomit (i didn’t know that until after) sure enough, after taking the remedy I barfed but it allowed me to move through a wall of anxiety that was getting in the way.  I had an extremely long labour and i was not dilating very fast at all.  Had I used a doctor and gone the conventional route I guarantee I would have had a c section.  Thanks to my midwives, doulas, piper and homoeopathy, I delivered a beautiful, healthy baby boy all on my own (the way it’s supposed to be)

VBAC Success!!

For my first birth I had it all planned – or so I thought.    Birth plan in hand I arrived — and one induction, doctor water break, emergency c-section later I left the hospital.   Although the c-section, was very disappointing my recovery was very quick I believe largely in part to the homeopathics Piper advised I take.     

 Although I was thrilled with my son I was sad about my birth experience and  knew there could be more.    With my daughter I was better prepared.   Although I realized that things don’t always go as planned I was better prepared to take control..    As I said I had seen Piper previously and when I was almost two weeks overdue (and almost as late as my doctor would allow) I saw her again.    She is wonderful.       I took the remedies at about 5:00 pm and my daughter was born at 1:00 am.    I couldn’t believe how fast it worked.    My labour was fast and efficient and my daughter was VBAC with no problems.     The experience was wonderful and I am sure this is due to the induction.

Beautiful Zoe Arrives

After a long, medicated labour with my first child I was sure that I wanted to try and have a more natural “stress-free” labour with my second.  I met with Piper a few times before my due date and we were able to determine my constitutional remedy as well as address my fears about my upcoming labour.  I had a midwives appointment on my due date and I was already 3 cm dilated and 80% effaced – no stress yet!!  My contractions started shortly after my appointment and were coming hard and fast – only to subside later in the afternoon.  I took my constitutional remedy and went to bed only to be woken up an hour and a half later in transition.  We called the midwives and our doula who were going to come to the house but things progressed so quickly that we called them back and told them to go straight to the hospital.  Our little “porkchop” Zoe Angelina was born 20 minutes after arriving at the hospital weighing in at 10 pounds.  It was amazing to me that after only 2 hours of active labour and 2 pushes, she came so much easier than her brother.  I felt amazing after Zoe was born and she was so alert and ready to nurse.  I am so thankful to Piper for all that she helped me accomplish  – I really wasn’t sure I had it in me!!”

In Love with Labour

I am so excited to share my experiences with homeopathy in pregnancy, labour and induction with you!  Not sure where to start…..
I must admit that with my first son (Jonah) who is now 2 years old, I was apprehensive to use homeopathy throughout my pregnancy.  I just didnt know enough about it and therefore didnt trust it.  It wasnt until during my labour that I suddenly became open to the idea (desperate to feel better during a long and painful induced labour!!!) I ended up taking Aconite to help me ease into the labour and embrace the pain, as I was fighting it prior to this.  I found that my whole demeanour shifted and it became evident to both my labour support person, my husband and my midwife, that I became much calmer.  I did end up with an epidural during this labour, however I believe that the aconite and other remedies that I took helped to get me past the anxiety and fear I was feeling.  I now understand that my chances of ending up with a c-section were great, due to it being my first baby and having been induced early for medical reasons, however I believe that the remedies I took helped me to stay calm and relaxed and to deliver my son myself without the aid of anyone else!!!
I just gave birth to my second son 3 weeks ago.  Since I saw the positive results that homeopathy played during my first labour, I became open and trusting of homeopathy both throughtout my pregnancy and labour.  I used several remedies throughout the pregnancy to help with everything from nausea to nasal congestion to anxiety.  I found that they not only helped, but I began to have full faith in the effects of remedies for everything in my life.  My second labour was about 3 hours long and was completely drug free!  I took several remedies throughout the labour and believe that they contributed to helping me achieve a natural birth.  I feel so proud of myself for having done this and feel so fortunate for the support I received both throughout my pregnancy and in labour from my sister (labour coach and midwife), my husband, my entire family (including my mother who was in the room with me during the birth of both of my sons), my midwives and Piper.


Navigating Birth with Homeopathy

What a difference my two births were, the first without the use (or time) for Homeopathic remedies and the second with only Homeopathy by my side.  I did not have any option with my son, as I was induced and passed over to the care of the nurses and doctors.  My midwife & Doula remained with me, but the events were out of their hands now.  Needless to say, it was a long, painful labor and a hard birth.  I was able to hold my son for a couple of minutes before I was rushed into surgery (D&C).  Not what I had envisioned at all.

 Then came the pregnancy of my daughter which was full of trauma at about the 6 month mark but with Piper’s help and guidance (lots of remedies) I was able to deal with everything and know in my heart that she was healthy.  The pregnancy progressed perfectly and this time by water broke!  I had my remedies on my bedside table and started the program as soon as my water hit the sheets.  My labor and birth were magical, I had the homeopathy kit and my husband made sure that I was taking everything as needed.  Yes, there was pain but for a short breath really.  My midwife was incredible and guided me through everything so I could have a natural birth and celebrate the birth of my daughter with a smile and not a scream. 

 Thank you to Piper for all her knowledge and passing over the belief that Homeopathy is truly a natural science that works. 


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