What if the Postpartum Blues were a good thing?

What if all postpartum feelings were normal?

What if your own self is taking advantage of this gap that opens up when you have a baby?

You are vulnerable, open, aware and alive postpartum.  Doesn’t it make sense that information would be available to you in a new way?


Using homeopathy to offer yourself love and support postpartum means the messages will be delivered, not numbed out or pretended away.  Those messages from our own selves can be processed, felt, truly felt and then integrated.

All with a newborn by your side to assist you on keeping your focus on what is vital, alive and forward moving.

Consider this as a possibility.





Family Expansion


The addition of a second child in the family has this bittersweet component.  There is something very special about the first child that teaches you how to be a parent.  When you are on the brink of shifting all the family dynamics there is often a sense of grief as you expand to include the new babe.  It will all be about more love, even on a physical level your body creates more oxytocin receptors the more children you have – and your first child will now have a small sibling that will adore them, but in that moment before it all evolves there is a little sadness in leaving behind the familiar.

One of the opportunities in this shift is that the partner is usually given a chance to have a greater connection with the older child, perhaps taking over bed times or having special outings to give mother and baby a chance to sleep.  Usually this new love affair is very satisfying to the older child and allows the mother and baby to have some pleasurable time to greet and get to know one another.

If there is jealousy it is challenging because compassion for your first-born and a natural protective stance for your baby are conflicting sensations.  There are a couple of great remedies for the sense of abandonment or competition that may arise as a family expands.

Pulsatilla 200C

  • For a child that is weepy, clingy, can’t allow anyone but mom to put them to bed.
  • Refuses to do anything on their own – eat, dress, go to the bathroom – things they are capable of doing and were previously engaged in.
  • Wants to sleep with parents
  • Has no interest in going to daycare or having any type of babysitter besides parents.
  • Will get fevers and ear infections in this time as a symptom of distress

Medorrhinum 1M

  • Children that react fiercely to a new baby
  • can be violent to the baby, the pets, themselves or their parents
  • bite, use strong language about the baby – “I hate that baby!” etc.
  • wants to stay up late with the parents and get their own time in with them
  • can have severe tantrums and rage attacks – definite intensity to their emotions
  • will regress in terms of eating, toilet training and sleeping
  • lots of mischief when mom is nursing or feeding the baby

There are a range of remedies to assist your family through these types of transitions and if you need further assistance in prescribing feel free to contact me at http://www.pipermartin.com.  I offer both online and in person consultations.







Aversion to your Companion?

Aversion to your husband or wife during pregnancy is a common experience.

It makes sense that a lot of things need to get worked out with a partner during pregnancy. How safe you feel with a person really gets sorted out when you have a baby.

You transform your body, your identity, your ability to work and usually your perspective on the entire world.

Can your partner keep up with this, match it and find the language to support you?


Your ideas of how to be a “good” mother and life partner really also get aired out.  All the old beliefs and expectations come to the surface and you will have the opportunity to decide if they suit the current version of yourself.

Even though you won’t think you can – go OUT, exercise, have a laugh with friends.

Sleep together, take your moments when you can get them.

Get each other food and drinks, let each other sleep in.  Once in awhile let each other be alone in the house.

Allow yourself a full year to make this transition with your partner, remind yourself that you are finding your way together.  It will be necessary to do this every time you have a baby.

Try to be compassionate and gentle with yourself and your companion.   Your children will appreciate it and you will look back on the journey as an interesting time you weathered together.

Please share your insights and if you have further curiosity about homeopathy please check out my website: http://www.pipermartin.com



The Sweet Relief of a Good Cry

crying does not indicate

Crying mothers are a touchy topic.  Somehow mothers think they are supposed to feel only joy, only be smiling and content, only feeling physically blissed out.  The reality is many women are shocked to their core about what just happened.  They have just allowed a human being passage through their bodies, if they are breastfeeding they are keeping a person alive with their breast milk.  This can be stressful and challenging and really emotional.  With all those feelings come tears.

The instinct to hide those tears is strong! Not wanting to appear ungrateful for their life or their babies,  mothers put on their happy faces and keep it together! This is one of the many reasons I started Red Tent (a mother’s group) many years ago.  So that the tears could emerge with the real conversations, leading to the real connections between women in the community.

Giving birth is one of the most alive experiences you will ever have and crying is just simply an expression, an outlet, a discharge of all that emotion.  It is commonly judged and suppressed in our society but what if you could cry and just feel like it was a natural part of the process? Especially in the postpartum, women are tender in so many ways.  That is why the need for a quiet and private postpartum is so important – both the mother and baby need to be buffered from harshness so that those soft, alive feelings can be enjoyed instead of suppressed.

Let it the tears flow and trust that they are leading you somewhere.  Holding in your tears is painful and your body lets you know that – lump in the throat, burning eyes, chest pain… The sweet relief of a good cry ~

For more information on homeopathy and using it to guide you through those tender times please visit my website – http://www.pipermartin.com



Be Available

If you are physically present with your children be available to them.  Have you ever noticed the effect of just lying or sitting on the couch when they are in the room with you? It is usually pure delight, wanting to cuddle in, chat or just share the activity they are involved in.

mom laughs

Grant them this access every single day.  This is a wonderful foundation for your life with teenagers.   The casual conversations that occur will be so important to you both.

much love


The Deeper Work of Parenting



Join Piper Martin for three evenings to practice focusing your best energy into your family life.

  • Focusing in this way will change the tone of your home.
  • Changing the tone and holding the tone will effect the level of happiness of everyone present.
  • This is simple, fun and very very effective.

the deeper work of parenting

Session starts Sept. 16, 23 and 30th – 7-9pm

100.00 per person

in the Invisible City – 474 Botsford St. Newmarket

Full details available on my website – http://www.pipermartin.com



Homeopathy + Babies

crashed out babe and dad

1.  Homeopathy addresses mental/emotional aspects of birth and pregnancy –  what other medicine can provide that for a baby?

2.  Allows parents to be keen observers of their children, becoming familiar with and giving attention to the normal, vibrant state of their child and acknowledging that state frequently.  This includes finding language to describe aspects of their bodies and emotions,  and in turn teaching that language to your children.

3.  Using homeopathy sends the message to your children that you believe in their healthy, capable bodies.  Imagine growing up hearing that your parents believe you are perfectly capable to listening to, responding to and healing your own body? What would come out of a belief like that ?

4.  The pellets are small, children enjoy taking them, they cause no side effects and they are very affordable.  You can easily build a home pharmacy and have access to it day and night.

5.  Piper Martin is a Classical Homeopath that specializes in the care of Pregnant women and Babies.  She offers parents affordable care and acute support for all of her clients with babies.  To book an appointment for your baby please visit http://www.pipermartin.com

NEW for the NEW YEAR!

you can have it if you want it

The CITY Clinic

A Homeopathic WALK IN Clinic – Acute Homeopathic Care + Remedy for $20.00

OPENS January 14th

Mondays and Thursdays ~ 9-12:30

@ the Invisible City – 474 Botsford St. Ste. 202 Newmarket

http://www.pipermartin.com for details

oh yeah

I am creating a Whole NEW way to practice Homeopathy.

Starting February 1/2013 and running through until February 1/2014 I will ONLY be offering group experiences.  Here are what some of the group members have had to say about their experiences:

There’s something magic about exploding the deep and perhaps shame ridden illusion of being alone. That’s what happens in group. You connect with people’s realness which invariably requires your realness, and through that shared authenticity there is intimacy and trust…
Its provocative to engage in this level of conversation. It’s amazing that there is an immediate community based on your highest self instead of all the other roles you play in life. That’s the kicker.

These groups will meet twice monthly,  finding ways to integrate quantum physics principles into our every day lives.

At first I imagined that the group sessions would be awkward and uncomfortable.  I worried that my desire to dig deeper and explore the meaning of my life would stagnate because I would feel compelled to agree with others in the group or, that I would get side-tracked into delving into their questions more than my own.  Instead, our weekly get-togethers have been inspirational and I feel as though I am growing emotionally and spiritually at a faster rate than ever before. The knowledge gained is so empowering and joyful! The relaxed, all-accepting atmosphere is so conducive to soul-searching and it is a refreshing change to the usual environments we find ourselves in.  I would highly recommend Cosmic Keys  group to anyone wondering about the bigger picture and eager to piece together the amazing puzzle of who they really are and why they are here.  

You may register for the groups on my website -www.pipermartin.com –  they are offered six times weekly and all are welcome.  You do not need to have been a previous patient to join.

There are a few groups that have a special focus, one is a version of Red Tent for Pregnant and new mothers , another is a youth oriented group with most members falling between 17-24 and lastly a parenting group – how to approach parenting from a Quantum Physics perspective.

Sometimes you know what you want and where you want to be but are just stalled. Using the collective energy of this group my thoughts have become my reality. Having others around who are consciously creating held the space for me to see my own limitless potential        Thank you to each of you and to piper for being our guide in this. 

I am so excited to begin this new, dynamic manner of working with my patients.  The basis of the groups is to find ways to focus on things that please you, delight you, bring you joy and ultimately allow you to access every dream you have ever held.  This is how homeopathy works, reminding you of who you are and how to be the healthiest, happiest person you can be.  The combination of homeopathy with these groups accelerates the momentum of your focus.  Gather your courage and check it OUT.




How Super Charged is your Vaccination Decision?!

In Canada you have the choice to vaccinate your child.  You can do it partially, fully or not at all.  You can still send your child to school and daycare and there are no situations in which you can be denied entry to these institutions if you chose not to vaccinate.  If anyone tells you otherwise it is false information.

Making this choice when babies are two months old can be very charged.  By charged I mean that talking about it evokes huge emotion in both yourself and those you talk to about it.  Fear and Anger tend to be the two emotions I see arising most commonly.  What if you could move past those giant sensations into a place of calm to make choices?  It is just the beginning of many choices you will be asked to make for the tiny human in your care.  Naturally we want to make the right decision.  I have a hard time with any decisions that feel bad.  If I feel bad, scared or angry about a choice then I step back and reassess.

I feel my way towards a better choice.  There are about a million possibilities in the world and it is very likely that there is a way that will suit you.  Going against your intuition and sense of rightness as a mother is a bad idea.  Trust yourself, feel your way, read the cues from your child.  Making decisions from a perspective of fear or pressure is a set up for feeling bad.  You are then communicating to your child that it is not o.k. to trust how you feel, you are modeling that you should suppress your inner knowing and just do what you are told or what everyone else is doing.  Consider coming to a lecture in your community, it really helps to know that other parents are considering this decision, asking questions and seeking information.

Join Ashley Magiera, Classical Homeopath on October 17th ~ 7-9 pm for a conversation on approaching this decision and finding a way to navigate health choices that feel right for your family.  This lecture will be held at The Invisible City, 474 Botsford St. Newmarket, ON – $25.00 per person, includes comprehensive handouts and information about using homeopathy to support your child.   

To register please email:  intheinvisiblecity@gmail.com or call: 905-252-8929.

Babes in Arms always welcome.

Blending Family Life and what makes you OH! so Happy!

I have a strong dedication to my own level of happiness.  One of the things that I had to accept and create anew was that once I had three children my time to do nothing seemed to vanish.  Il bel far niente – the Beauty of Doing Nothing has always been my strong suit.

Chilling, Reading, Imagining ~ I never knew they were the things that kept me sane.

Now living in a house of vibrant boy energy I have to actively, consciously create that time – sliding in moments between the laundry, cooking, work, cleaning and mothering.  

I practice leaving tasks undone so that I can pop out to my studio, go for a bike ride, lay on my bed and drift for a while.  Without these moments I feel like a whirling dervish.  All activity and “doing”, productive and like I got shit done but also edgy, tight and lacking in a sense of ease and humor.

I understand now that while you are nursing you are being forced to sit down, relax, drink some water, connect with your babe.  Those mini breaks serve so many, many purposes.  People use smoking in the same manner – its my time to take a break, not talk to anyone, sit down….

Give yourself moments – 5 minutes of sitting on the porch in the sun, have a few sips of tea before you hear MOMMMMM! Soak it up.