Chill Pill

A relaxing day last summer, wandering around a beach on the Pacific ocean.

How does homeopathy impact mental health? Here is one example-

It can be kind of tricky to tell the difference between anticipatory anxiety and just good planning.  When you operate at a fast pace your life tends to become more disciplined and organized, more predictable in some ways.  I think we really believe we can manage the chaos.  But it always bubbles up! Here are a few clues I have noticed that might be a signal of anticipatory anxiety

  • Sleeplessness – specifically waking and feeling your mind racing with thoughts and plans
  • A sensation of a knot in the stomach or bloating of the stomach
  • Shallow breathing
  • The feeling of not being present or really listening to anyone
  • Snappy – is a specific kind of irritability when you are feeling hypervigilant – like too many balls in the air
  • The feeling of tension and tightness both physically and emotionally – no spontaneity 
  • Realizing that you are often rushing your children 

If these factors are maintained and assimilated, it eventually becomes the version of you that is normal.  Until you are ready to move on, maybe you get a glimpse of a deep breath and a touch of waking on your own schedule on vacation.  Then the craving intensifies, you want to feel that way often but you can’t always be on vacation.  How to make it happen?

This is where homeopathy points you in the direction you want to move towards. Homeopathy reminds you of who you really are. The case-taking is therapeutic and the remedy keeps you focused on how you want to feel. Your body will respond to the encouragement. Your life will change. Make an appointment.