The Homeopathic Midwife


The Homeopathic Midwife is an online professional training program.  If you would like to receive information about the course please send me your information. A brief course outline is listed below, you may also visit my website for detailed information. http://www.pipermartin.com 

The focus of The Homeopathic Midwife is experiential learning, figuring out how to use homeopathic remedies during pregnancy, labour and postpartum. It is appropriate for anyone with a desire to learn. The program is specifically relevant for Midwives and Midwifery students. Homeopathy students, Doulas and Naturopathic Doctors may also find this information beneficial if they are attending births in this capacity. The program is divided into five modules and is paced to occur over a five month period of time.

You will receive:

  • written and audio versions of the materials
  • email access to consult with Piper Martin throughout the five months of your program
  • As you finish each section you will be asked to complete a clinical assignment to solidify your assimilation of the material. The completion of these segments will result in a certificate of completion at the conclusion of the program. Please note that these assignments are experiential and practical.

The fee for this program is 1500.00 CDN funds.

A brief outline of the program is as follows:

Session OneHomeopathic Case Taking Skills

  • Learn how to gather the information you need to prescribe accurately.  This will be demonstrated in a variety of settings.
  • Selection of dosage and potency, which homeopathic pharmacies to use and time frames for prescribing.
  • Creation of a Homeopathic birth kit
  • Homeopathic philosophy and development of language to have an effective informed choice discussion.

Session TwoMateria Medica aka Descriptions of the Remedies

  • Remedies are divided into categories of plants, animals and minerals so that you may study the remedy descriptions with classification.
  • Each remedy description is specifically oriented towards its use in pregnancy, labour and postpartum care.
  • Information will be accompanied by relevant clinical notes and clues when possible so that the connection between the written description and the real life client can be made as easily as possible.

Session ThreeHomeopathy for Pregnancy

  • Common ailments of pregnancy that may benefit from homeopathic support are included in this segment.  Symptoms such as morning sickness, dehydration, iron levels,acute illness and accidents are all covered,  as well as emotional states such as anxiety and fear around upcoming births.
  • Discussion will include treatment for previous birth trauma, VBAC women and sexual abuse survivors.

Session Four – Homeopathy for Labour

  • Case taking in labour, how to translate what you observe into a remedy prescription.
  • Homeopathic induction – so amazing!
  • Homeopathic augmentation, remedies for first, second and third stage of labour – both physical and mental/emotional treatment.

Session Five – Homeopathic Postpartum Care

  • Remedies for the immediate postpartum – retention of urine, shaking, dissociation etc.
  • Homeopathic postpartum kit for the week following labour
  • Using homeopathy to support breastfeeding – milk supply and mastitis treatment, anxiety regarding breastfeeding
  • Birth trauma recovery and emotional support for mothers.
  • Surgical healing

I will look forward to hearing from everyone who co-created this new experience.



What if the Postpartum Blues were a good thing?

What if all postpartum feelings were normal?

What if your own self is taking advantage of this gap that opens up when you have a baby?

You are vulnerable, open, aware and alive postpartum.  Doesn’t it make sense that information would be available to you in a new way?


Using homeopathy to offer yourself love and support postpartum means the messages will be delivered, not numbed out or pretended away.  Those messages from our own selves can be processed, felt, truly felt and then integrated.

All with a newborn by your side to assist you on keeping your focus on what is vital, alive and forward moving.

Consider this as a possibility.





Apis ~like a bee sting


Apis 200C is a brilliant remedy to have in your home.  It is incredibly useful for challenges such as:

  • swelling – allergic reactions, bug bites,  pregnancy induced or emotional responses to crying – especially of the face and eyes
  • jealousy – PMS time & PREGNANCY is the PEAK!
  • hives – from allergic reactions, stress, upset, heat
  • eruptions with swelling, heat and itch
  • right-sided affections
  • bug bites of any kind (including bee stings) that swell, turn red, itch and sting.
  • hives with asthma
  • clumsy during PMS
  • chatty, busy and industrious
  • warm-blooded – better from application of cool water
  • no thirst
  • edema in pregnancy, especially in the immediate postpartum – any location in the body.  Will cause the woman to sweat and pee the excess fluid away.

To complement Apis 200C use Nat mur 6X tissue salts.  This will encourage the restoration of the water/salt balance in the body.

To learn more about homeopathy, for online consults or e-books for Pregnancy and Labour guidance please visit my website – http://www.pipermartin.com.


The Sweet Relief of a Good Cry

crying does not indicate

Crying mothers are a touchy topic.  Somehow mothers think they are supposed to feel only joy, only be smiling and content, only feeling physically blissed out.  The reality is many women are shocked to their core about what just happened.  They have just allowed a human being passage through their bodies, if they are breastfeeding they are keeping a person alive with their breast milk.  This can be stressful and challenging and really emotional.  With all those feelings come tears.

The instinct to hide those tears is strong! Not wanting to appear ungrateful for their life or their babies,  mothers put on their happy faces and keep it together! This is one of the many reasons I started Red Tent (a mother’s group) many years ago.  So that the tears could emerge with the real conversations, leading to the real connections between women in the community.

Giving birth is one of the most alive experiences you will ever have and crying is just simply an expression, an outlet, a discharge of all that emotion.  It is commonly judged and suppressed in our society but what if you could cry and just feel like it was a natural part of the process? Especially in the postpartum, women are tender in so many ways.  That is why the need for a quiet and private postpartum is so important – both the mother and baby need to be buffered from harshness so that those soft, alive feelings can be enjoyed instead of suppressed.

Let it the tears flow and trust that they are leading you somewhere.  Holding in your tears is painful and your body lets you know that – lump in the throat, burning eyes, chest pain… The sweet relief of a good cry ~

For more information on homeopathy and using it to guide you through those tender times please visit my website – http://www.pipermartin.com



Dreaming – What Support do you need to be a Happy Mother?

Paternò - Happy WOMEN'S DAY to all
Image by ciccioetneo via Flickr

If you were going to allow yourself to dream of unlimited support – what would you create?

Imagine what makes you feel happy and then imagine receiving, experiencing or enjoying that every day.  How would this effect your time as a mother?

Our children are KEEN observers.  They are receiving the information when we are happy, sad or mad – despite how we may believe we are hiding those emotions.

They will also receive the information that my mother loves herself enough to do things that make her happy.

Like most children my kids are not happy when I am leaving the house, they prefer to have me home and within arms reach at all times.  However, when I say I am going to yoga they let me go easily.  Why? Because consistently I have told them that yoga makes me happy and when I come home I will feel happier.  They can support that.

Take some steps to start dreaming of support you would like to receive.   If you can imagine it,  it is possible.  Try not to block it with “reality” or “the problem is…” Just imagine what you want and then be open to receiving it.

Have fun!

The Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy – Review

Piper –
I want to say thank you!  I bought your Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy.  I was 10 days past my due date and my midwife had recommended having a consultation with you, although we are in New York, she had worked with another woman who consulted with you and was able to get her labor going after the consultation.   I wanted to get a jump-start to our consultation so I bought the guide.   I went into labor the next day and did not make our meeting, but during the middle of my 32 hour labor I got very scared and my labor stalled.  I was so afraid that I believe mentally I was slowing down the labor.  I remember reading in the guide about stalled labors.  I asked my midwife to look on my computer for the guide and she did and went out and bought me two of the remedies and gave them to me every 15 minutes.  I am convinced that those remedies gave me the self-confidence and courage to get going again.  Before taking the remedies I was refusing to do anything that made my contractions speed up, after I took them I was fully on board and working with my midwife to get the labor moving again.  I delivered my 8lb son 5 hours after I started taking the remedies.  Thank you!  Your guide was invaluable to me.
Rachel New York, NY
To purchase your own copy of a Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy please visit my website – http://www.pipermartin.com

Postpartum Sleep Disorders

Sleep can become a huge issue after having a baby –

Sleep like a Baby
  • anxiety about not getting any sleep
  • unable to get to sleep
  • unable to return to sleep after being woken
  • unable to nap because there is too much to do!

Help is on the way – homeopathic remedies are fabulous for addressing these issues.  In the immediate postpartum one of the reasons women may not be able to sleep is in homeopathic terms – ailments from excitement.  Birth is a pretty intense, life altering event and it is reasonable to expect that it might take a few days and nights to process what just happened!  The remedy for this state is Coffea 200C . The sensation of this remedy is as if you have had too much coffee and you are literally vibrating with joy, excitement and an almost strung out kind of feeling.  You can take homeopathic remedies safely after birth, while you are breastfeeding, while you are taking other medications.  The remedy will help you facilitate the integration of the experience on a physical level so you are able to rest.

For more detailed information on homeopathy and the postpartum please refer to my website – http://www.pipermartin.com and my on-line e-book –

The Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy.