Anxiety during Pregnancy

Spending time in Nature can alleviate feelings of anxiety during pregnancy.

You can use homeopathy safely and effectively during pregnancy. Unlike most drugs, homeopathic remedies will not have negative side effects for you or your baby. Homeopathy also works on BOTH the physical and the emotional levels.

The way homeopathy works is by assisting you in changing your neural pathways around emotional states. This shift allows for true healing, and the root cause of the issue is addressed. Traditional medicine only seeks to alleviate symptoms, not cure the essence of the problem. So – why choose a remedy over a drug?

  • Curative change
  • Relief from emotional and physical discomfort

For example, Aconite 1M is a remedy that is used to treat panic attacks. The root of this fear is often a previous experience which then sets off a trigger response resulting in a panic attack. Elevated fear, heart palpitations, sweating, restlessness, dissociation and shallow breathing. Two pellets of Aconite 1M will act to immediately soothe these physical responses and reset the mind by reminding the person of their present safety.

A common situation in which a pregnant woman might need this remedy reminder is going into labor. Often, especially if there has been a previous birth trauma, women feel anxious at the first signal of labor. This fear response is an antidote to smooth, flowing labor and will create not only emotional discomfort but slow the progress of the birth. It will also affect the baby as they are highly aware of everything the mother is experiencing.

Taking a dose of Aconite at moments of anxiety reassures everyone that all is well and they can relax and allow things to unfold. It will not interfere with the labor pattern, it will not be contraindicated if you do decide to take drugs during birth and it will provide relief.

There are many remedies to support mental strength and wellness. To find the perfect fit for you consult a Homeopath.