The Shriekers – Remedies for Crying Babies

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Some babies seem to prefer to express themselves by crying, shrieking, wailing and flailing! The following remedies are suggested for those babies in order that the crying can be perhaps brought into proportion, that their ability to communicate becomes more easily understood and that they are able to accept consolation from their weary parents!

The Shriekers

Nux vomica, Coffea and Chamomilla – these are the top three shriekers in the materia medica.  They all can cry for different reasons but the thing they have in common is sensitivity.  They all have big reactions to stimulation and they way they express is by very loud and high-pitched scream crying.

Nux vomica – is most commonly seen in premature babies.  They are sensitive to everything – noise, light, touch and engagement.  The tricky thing about them is that they seem to LOVE stimulation and their mothers definitely LOVE stimulation – the problem is that they cannot handle it.  Stimulation creates colic like symptoms and shrieking begins and can last many days.  By stimulation I mean things like visitors, trips out anywhere from the grocery store to the zoo – these babies do best by staying at home with just the immediate family.  Initially they do best by just staying in one room and not even really moving throughout the house.  Seems unbelievable I know, but if you want a calm baby – try it.  Nux vomica will help them become more flexible and allowing of stimulation and gradually their tolerance will increase.

Coffea – has the unusual shrieking reaction from excitement.  Large amounts of stimulating excitement create a baby that is unable to settle down and sleep.  Instead they have insomnia, become overtired and then the crying begins.  Think about how you feel if you have had too much coffee –  nervy, twitchy, overreacting to everything.  Make it quiet and dark.  After excitement allow lots of down time before asking the baby to settle to sleep, a bath can be a great way of calming.  Excitement might be things like Christmas, guests, large outings, lots of noise or people holding/talking to the baby. Coffea helps to speed the process of calming down and is great as an acute remedy for when the situation occurs.

Chamomilla – Chamomilla is usually used during times of teething to sooth crying and insomniac babies, the reason it works so well during this period is that Chamomilla babies have an over reaction to pain.  Their crying comes from reactions to things other babies may not have any response to.  They are very sensitive to touch and how they are handled during episodes of discomfort and since the first two years of life can often involve some sensations such as teething,  the crying and reacting may seem constant.  Chamomilla allows the child to sleep.  Chamomilla children usually like some pretty extreme bouncing and jiggling to perhaps counterbalance the sensations they are feeling, the remedy settles down that need so that the parents may also have a rest!

There are more remedies for crying babes – if you do not spot your baby in this line up please email me – I do email consultations and would be most happy to help!

Silicea – Vaccination Support – Absorption of Nutrients – Strong Healthy Babes

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Silicea is a remedy that is incredibly useful in treating newborns.  It comes in both potentized form and tissue salt form and both have their place in newborn care.

Failure to Thrive

Silicea is a wonderful remedy in a baby that has been called failure to thrive.  This means the baby is not gaining weight or moving forward in a way that is satisfying to the care providers.  This can happen in both formula fed and breastfed babies.  The food is going in but the little body is not absorbing the nutrients.  Silicea will facilitate this process.  It asks the body to take in the nutrients being offered and use them effectively.


Silicea constipation is very obvious – it looks like thick icing.  That is if it comes out at all – the other homeopathic term used to describe a Silicea bowel movement is “bashful stool”.  Basically there is a lot of skid marks in the diaper but no formed stool.  When it does emerge it is thick like icing.

The Silicea Picture 

Silicea babies are typically very fine featured, have large heads and sweaty little feet.  They are sensitive and aware but will often appear yielding, this is the tricky thing about them.  They seem like they are content but they have strong feelings and are one of the most stubborn remedies that exist.  They like things done a certain way – how food is presented, their sleep rituals, how they are being held etc. But they aren’t screamers like Nux vomica babies – they just refuse to move forward unless things are their way.  Changes have to be approached slowly with this baby – the key word is assimilation – you have to allow time and a slow pace for any assimilation to occur.


In older children the resistance to change is very obvious – change of season requiring change of clothing and shoes, a move, a dietary change, change in the family dynamic.  These will all be met with varying degrees of resistance and there is no resistance like a mineral remedy resistance.  They can settle in for the long haul – they just simply need the time and information to take it in and make it their own.  They like to observe before they jump in, have time to think and discuss, they are not flexible when it comes to new things so work that into your planning.

Vaccination Support

Silicea is constitutionally averse to anything going into their bodies, they don’t particularly like touch, they will react to having their hair cut, nails trimmed and to any invasive physical process.  This includes vaccination, they are one of the most common remedies I see having a vaccination reaction.  It is offensive to them and the resistance will get much worse after a vaccine.  I know the mental/emotional aspects of vaccination reactions are not something that is normally discussed but the nature of my work allows me to observe this part of humans – as well as the physical responses.  It is also one of the reasons I urge parents to consider waiting until they have a true sense of their child before vaccinating.  A symptom such as an increase in resistance is a big deal in life but difficult to assess in a baby.


Silicea can be given initially in tissue salt form – especially if it is for a physical concern such as constipation.

Silicea 200C is the potency I tend to use for constitutional prescribing in babies and children.

I am offering email consultations via my website – if you would like specific guidance in using this remedy for your family.

Sepia and Nux Vomica – Friends of the Pregnant Woman!


Remedies have relationships and belong to families.  This is one way of organizing and understanding how remedies may work together.  Sepia and Nux vomica are two such remedies.


Sepia is a very hormonally based remedy and hence the reason it shows up a lot during pregnancy.  Sepia women feel hormonal changes strongly, each shift such as menarche, the birth control pill, pregnancy, breastfeeding and menopause create imbalance and difficulty for the Sepia woman.  During pregnancy Sepia women may experience some of the following symptoms:

  • aversion to their husband – this is a strong aversion – including the smell of their husband
  • aversion to their children – general impatience and feeling of being overwhelmed
  • exhaustion
  • lack of tone – sensation as if the baby is falling out
  • prolapse – bladder, rectum or uterus
  • craving for vinegar
  • stasis – varicose veins, hemorrhoids, constipation and cold hands and feet
  • desire for vigorous exercise but too tired to do so
  • aversion to breastfeeding – would prefer to go to work and this is their main conflict – knowing breastfeeding is a good choice for the baby but lacking the desire to sit and do it.

Nux Vomica

Nux vomica is the acute remedy of Sepia.  This means if a person is constitutionally a Sepia type,  then Nux vomica will work well for acute complaints – symptoms that are temporary and passing through.

For example

  • morning sickness in pregnancy – this feels like being hung over – dry heaves, retching, headache and BAD mood
  • withdrawal from coffee, tea, drugs or alcohol – headache, constipation and BAD MOOD
  • impatience in traffic, at work, with families – extreme lack of tolerance and patience – translates in labour as a premature urge to push
  • short-tempered
  • headaches
  • constipation – with urging but little output
  • very sensitive to noise, light, stimulation and big reactions when overstimulated.
  • babies that cannot handle stimulation, especially premature babies

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Aconite – the Remedy for Panic, Anxiety and Fear

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One of the true strengths of homeopathy is that it addresses both the mental and emotional state of an individual- as well as the physical symptoms.  For example – pain relief in labour is great,  but there is not an allopathic solution to the mental/emotional fear and anxiety that many women experience.  Aconite offers this relief.

The potency I recommend is Aconite 1M – the idea with choosing a potency in homeopathy is to match the intensity of the symptoms with the strength of the remedy.  A 1M dose is considered a high potency and this remedy requires that match in order to be most effective.

It is safe, effective and appropriate to use Aconite 1M for relief of anxiety for children, breastfeeding women and during pregnancy and labour.  It will offer instant results –

if you are experiencing anxiety symptoms such as:

  • heart palpitations
  • restlessness
  • fear of dying
  • tightness in the chest
  • tingling anywhere in the body
  • repetitive fearful thoughts
  • panic attack symptoms
  • feelings of fear – as if you might die!


Two pellets of Aconite 1M. Repeat as needed. You cannot overdose.

Common Situations that would match this remedy:

  • fear during labour – especially if a previous birth has been traumatic.
  • Old fears that return – This applies to any situation in which an individual has experienced trauma and when placed in a similar situation feels frightened and anxious.
  • fear of starting something new – first day of school, new job etc.
  • social anxiety – fear of crowds
  • overwhelmed sensations – a lot of new aspects being assimilated at once
  • fear of pain
  • fear in newborns – babies that clench their jaws, eyes closed and fists – after a traumatic birth

If you would like more guidance feel free to check out my website – and see what I can offer you.

Arnica for Babies, Bumps and Bruises


Arnica is the remedy that helps people understand the power of homeopathic medicine. It is effective, fast acting and has an immediate effect on bumps, bruises, shocks, head injuries and bleeding.  Once you have experienced Arnica or used it for an injured child you will never again be without this little gem on your person.

I recommend Arnica 200C as the most useful potency to have on hand.

Some situations in which I find it most helpful:

Toddlers and Babes

Any time children are learning new skills and having lots of tumbles Arnica is fantastic. It seems that they repeatedly fall on the same spot and create bruises in the same place! A dose (2 pellets ) of Arnica 200C is usually enough to address a simple bruise.  If the fall or injury is a big one – i.e falling down the stairs or from a height – then 2-3 doses spaced apart by about 10 min will be helpful.  You can never overdose with homeopathy.


Car accidents which create bruising, head injuries and shock to the entire body are effectively treated by Arnica.  For this level of injury I would recommend 2 pellets every 15 min. for two hours.  This should calm shaking, fright, pain and bruising.  It is the correct remedy to give for concussions and spinal injuries.  For bruising to soft tissues such as a seat belt bruise across the breast Bellis 200C would be more effective.  Arnica is best suited to injuries such as whiplash and muscular related pain.


Arnica 200C is extremely effective to take in the immediate postpartum for shaking after birth.  It is also very helpful to take as part of your postpartum week regime to  minimize bleeding and swelling of the perineum.  The potency and dosage of this remedy is included in The Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy – as part of the postpartum kit suggestions.

For more information on the use of homeopathy and how to treat your children effectively please visit my website at


you are worth it all

I LOVE it when languages encourages and sets the tone for the situation. Women in labour need language that fits.

One of the things that I pay close attention to is the language a woman is using during her pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

It is a clear view of how she is feeling and how the thoughts in her mind are manifesting through her body.

Here are some indicators of remedies and their corresponding language:


“Help me”

“Please take it out”

“I don’t want to move, it makes me have contractions”

  • I would suggest Pulsatilla to support the woman in engaging in her own birth.
  • Pulsatilla leads the woman and reminds her of what she is capable of.


“This is killing me”

“I am going to die!”

  • Aconite is for women that get frightened and truly believe they are about to die.
  • The remedy settles the intensity of the fear and allows the woman to be present – especially useful during transition and during precipitous births.

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The Tide is Turning….. Vaccinations are getting the attention they deserve

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I love all the debate action happening on the vaccination topic. It’s a hot button for a lot of people and the reason behind all that emotion ? Fear.

These kinds of intense conversations are long overdue – they should be a hotly debated topic instead of a passively accepted norm.  Its time to expand and evolve our thinking about our bodies and how we move through the world – maybe we will start to understand on a different level how magnificent our bodies really are.

As a Homeopath,  I have a different perspective then other medical practitioners as I see all the children who are NOT vaccinated. They are the healthiest people in my practice. I have been in practice for 16 years and have observed children grow up, travel, be exposed to school and life and still – they continue to be the healthiest people in my practice.

Why does it make a difference in health to avoid vaccines? I think that families that choose this way of living , are as a result,  more mindful of quality of food, rest, stimulation and provide alternative kinds of care to their children.  Perhaps the simple fact that a lot of family doctors hassle parents about not vaccinating makes them want to avoid going to the doctor.  This lack of care allows them to seek out alternatives to antibiotics and drug therapies that are so casually provided to babies and young children.

I have had a lot of inquiries about homeopathic vaccine protocols and here is my response: this is not homeopathy. Why assume your child will be susceptible to a disease before they even encounter it? Why believe that your child will not be able to manage it if they do happen to accept it into their bodies?

If and when they do get a disease,  then there are homeopathic remedies to treat it. But it is not necessary or useful to give a remedy until the person has symptoms to prescribe on. Doesn’t that make sense?

I feel like a change is coming, vaccination lectures are always our most popular  seminars,  so many people have thoughts and questions on this topic. You aren’t alone in you’re wondering and it’s really o.k. to explore ideas and options before you make decisions.  Trust yourself.

Remedies to navigate the Truth about babies and sleep

sleepy babe

When we hold babies to an adult sleep pattern they do not seem to get it – they want to sleep all day and nurse all night, they cat nap, they wake frequently and the adults don’t feel rested. It is another way babies challenge us to adapt and change and stretch.  Here are some suggestions to support you while you make the transition to adapt:


~ try to settle a child to sleep before you see the sleep cues, catching them about 10-15 min. before they begin rubbing eyes or crying is the optimal time to put them to sleep, so back up the bedtime or nap by just a few minutes for greater ease.

~ make your sleep cues simple and repetitive – i.e:  sing the same song, pull the blind, lay them down, say the same thing to them each time – simple things that let the baby know it is rest time.


~ a lot of women feel anxious about not getting enough sleep or feel anxiety as the night approaches in anticipation of what is going to happen. A remedy such as Arsenicum 200C is a good support for anxiety that comes from these kinds of thoughts. It is part of the process that  children take us through to ask us to adapt, you need to minimize your outings, your social time, your work or cleaning to rest more and have more space to cope when sleepless nights occur.  Arsenicum people typically have a high level of organization, a big TO DO list and don’t feel happy unless everything is in its place. This is hard to maintain on little sleep and the remedy will create some focus in different directions such as chilling with your baby.  Take two pellets once a week for a month, it is safe to take while breastfeeding and you should notice a change in the level of anxiety and thinking on this topic.


~ the calmer, happier and more relaxed you feel the better your children will feel.  Try not to judge your babies as good or bad sleepers, they are just in the process of adapting to our rhythms and fitting into the timing of your household.


For more in depth information on babies, sleep and homeopathy please join us on February 20th, 10-12 for a workshop on the Truth about Babies and Sleep, presented by Piper Martin and Denise Martin. In the Invisible City, 474 Botsford St. Newmarket, ON – 20.00 cash, babes in arms most welcome.

When to Try Homeopathic Induction

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The best time to try a homeopathic induction is when you are due.

The main reason women go overdue is because of fear.  The remedies will bring down the intensity of the fear so that you can go into labour.  The fear may be about birth, about postpartum, becoming at mother, breastfeeding, your body, your existing family, your finances etc. etc. etc. etc.  Identifying the fear and taking a remedy to match it will be what allows you to go into labour.

These thoughts are not unrelated to what is happening or not happening in your body.

  • Attempting to take remedies and move things forward before you are due is just an exercise in frustration. Homeopathy cannot override your body like a drug, so it cannot force you or your baby into labour.
  • When you do take a remedy and it is the correct match for you,  it will work in 24 hours.  It will be just as if you have gone into labour on your own, a gradual movement towards birth, nothing overpowering or intense.
  • When I do homeopathic inductions with patients the only reason I would give a remedy before 40 weeks is if there is some indication that the woman or her baby are no longer tolerating the pregnancy.  Physical signals such as a true lack of sleep, high blood pressure or swelling are such indicators.

If you want to use homeopathy to induce labour you have a couple of options:

  • Take your constitutional remedy if you have seen a homeopath and know what your remedy is. This is always an excellent starting point.
  • Buy my e-book(s)The Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy and Birth Kit Essentials –  available on my website – – they deal specifically with remedies for induction.
  • I do homeopathic inductions for free via the phone, in person or skype.  Please contact me if you need additional support.  This is something I feel strongly that all women should have access to!