Allowing your child to be Sick

I know this is a radical notion right now but acute illness is a good thing.

We need to discharge and the most efficient way we have to do this is through common colds and flu.

As a homeopath, I perceive that physical discharges change our emotional state. An easy example would be the feeling of allowing yourself a good cry vs the feeling of holding that in. Children need access to physically discharging their stress, overstimulation and environmental toxicities that they may encounter in a day.

When we allow discharges to occur and use homeopathy to facilitate the process the child has relief on an emotional level and can expand into the next version of themselves. If we block that process and hinder the regulation of the body, deeper pathology can occur. For example, if a child develops eczema and the skin is treated with a steroid topical ointment then the rash will disappear. However, what happens next is that the deeper organ of respiration is affected and the child will commonly develop asthma. Allowing a short-term discharge is much healthier on every level for all humans.

Illness has a role to play in our human lives. If an acute sickness in your family is creating distress for you then consider inviting in more support. You need a group of care providers that understand this is a normal part of life and know how to facilitate it for your family. The main way in which I provide this in my practice is to establish each person’s constitutional remedy and then, if they become ill, I am available to support them acutely. Having a good sense of their body in a healthy state allows me to understand and even predict which remedies they may need acutely. This can all be done with virtual support and the homeopathic remedies that you will have available in your own medicine cabinet.

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