The Extra Boost

When your child is in need of an extra boost it’s time to give them a dose of their constitutional remedy.  The constitutional remedy is one remedy that will address their mental, emotional and physical concerns. After a thorough case taking this is the remedy that is identified as the best fit for their specific body. It is a great tool for those seeking a way to maintain optimal health for their families. Knowledge of the constitutional remedy also assists in understanding which acute remedies will work best for that individual. 

How do you know when to give the constitutional remedy? Take a look at these areas…


  • Anytime you see that a child is coming down with an acute ailment it is time for a dose of their constitutional remedy. This may be after an exposure, a large milestone, a transition or a season in which they tend to dip in their immunity. 
  • Recovering from an infection or an injury.


  • If you vaccinate your child, giving them their remedy before and afterwards is one way to assist their body in adapting to the components of a vaccine. 


  • any problems getting to sleep or staying asleep including anxiety around going to bed.
  • energy patterns – is your child more tired than usual, and are they having energy highs and lows?

Food and Drink

  • appetite and thirst – is your child high or low in their appetite and what do they seem to be craving? Children are interesting in that they will often ask for and crave foods that are high in the nutrients they currently need for their stage of growth and development. Pay attention and support these cravings. 


  • school pressure – during exams or presentations
  • social challenges
  • anxiety on any topic


  • what is the tone and level of health of the child’s environment
  • Who is in the child’s immediate environment every day and what effect do they have on the person?

PRO Tip: Always Bring the constitutional remedies when you Travel. 

To learn more about constitutional remedies for your family please book a consult with me at

An Invitation to Speak up

I was hiking today and considering what it would be like to approach the subject of vaccination in the new town I have landed in.  I was wondering how to gracefully enter into this conversation without causing fear or guilt or confusion.  The crux of the  matter is that I just wish to offer people some perspective that is not very widely shared.

Having been in private practice for 17 years and predominantly seeing babies and children has allowed me a perspective that doctors and medical people do not have.  I have had the chance to get to know these people on a mental, emotional and physical level and observe what the difference is between a vaccinated body and an unvaccinated body.  There is a difference.  I am curious if other parents and alternative practitioners would be willing to offer their perspective on this topic.

Please offer your insight and observations as the care provider, parent or health practitioner of unvaccinated children.  Put it into words.  I KNOW there are others that share my perspective and I am curious….

Summer 2011 543
unvaccinated vibrant 16 yr. old

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The Tide is Turning….. Vaccinations are getting the attention they deserve

cherrio face

I love all the debate action happening on the vaccination topic. It’s a hot button for a lot of people and the reason behind all that emotion ? Fear.

These kinds of intense conversations are long overdue – they should be a hotly debated topic instead of a passively accepted norm.  Its time to expand and evolve our thinking about our bodies and how we move through the world – maybe we will start to understand on a different level how magnificent our bodies really are.

As a Homeopath,  I have a different perspective then other medical practitioners as I see all the children who are NOT vaccinated. They are the healthiest people in my practice. I have been in practice for 16 years and have observed children grow up, travel, be exposed to school and life and still – they continue to be the healthiest people in my practice.

Why does it make a difference in health to avoid vaccines? I think that families that choose this way of living , are as a result,  more mindful of quality of food, rest, stimulation and provide alternative kinds of care to their children.  Perhaps the simple fact that a lot of family doctors hassle parents about not vaccinating makes them want to avoid going to the doctor.  This lack of care allows them to seek out alternatives to antibiotics and drug therapies that are so casually provided to babies and young children.

I have had a lot of inquiries about homeopathic vaccine protocols and here is my response: this is not homeopathy. Why assume your child will be susceptible to a disease before they even encounter it? Why believe that your child will not be able to manage it if they do happen to accept it into their bodies?

If and when they do get a disease,  then there are homeopathic remedies to treat it. But it is not necessary or useful to give a remedy until the person has symptoms to prescribe on. Doesn’t that make sense?

I feel like a change is coming, vaccination lectures are always our most popular  seminars,  so many people have thoughts and questions on this topic. You aren’t alone in you’re wondering and it’s really o.k. to explore ideas and options before you make decisions.  Trust yourself.

Homeopathy and Vaccination – Lecture – March 2nd – 7-9 pm!

March 2nd, 2012 at The Invisible City Classical Homeopath, Ashley Magiera will lead a discussion on Homeopathy and Vaccination.  Making this decision is quite a process for new parents to navigate and we have found it very beneficial to provide an environment for conversation, questions and information sharing.  Ashley will add her considerable knowledge to the discussion – providing homeopathic support and advice regarding new ways to look at your child’s body and well-being.

The Invisible City – 474 Botsford Street, Suite 201 – Newmarket, ON

March 2, 2012 – 7-9pm



Investment:  $20.00 per person – comprehensive booklet included~ babes in arms always welcome.


The Conscious Choice to Vaccinate

Vaccination is a Choice – Make it a Conscious One

Join Piper Martin B.Ed., DS Hom.Med, Classical Homeopath for an in depth discussion on the vaccination decision.

• Learn how to use homeopathy to support your child through or in place of vaccination.

 • Hear real life accounts of children who have had a vaccination reaction.

• Access resources and support for your family Make an informed choice – take a look at your decision making process and meet other parents in the community with questions and information.

September 18th – 10:30-Noon Foster Family Chiropractic, Newmarket Investment: $20.00 per person Information booklet included. Please pre-register as this lecture fills quickly. 905-898-8098 or

Homeopathy and Vaccination of Newborns

Homeopathic medicine is available to support your baby in place of vaccination. Educate yourself – it is worth it.  The children I see who have not been vaccinated are healthy, grounded and tend to move through illness quickly and easily.

The best approach to using homeopathy for newborn care is to consult with a homeopath that specializes in working with children.  The homeopath will take your child’s case and come up with their constitutional remedy. 

The Constitutional remedy is the remedy that matches them mentally, emotionally and physically. That may seem impossible to know at a young age but a skilled homeopath will assess a baby through observation and through understanding the details of the mother’s pregnancy, birth and postpartum.  Once a constitutional remedy has been established your groundwork is done.  The Constitutional remedy is the first one to use if:

  1. an acute illness such as whooping cough is going around
  2. you know your child has been exposed to an acute illness
  3. your child begins to experience the symptoms of an acute illness

An important thing to remember is that just because you are exposed to an illness does not mean you will get it.  Strengthening and supporting your body will assist you in having an amazing immune system.  One powerful way to do this is to use homeopathy acutely and constitutionally.  There are homeopathic remedies for every illness that children are vaccinated against.   There are also homeopathic remedies to support children working through a vaccine reaction. 

 Find a homeopath that has experience with acute prescribing and allow your child to develop the strength they were born with.  For more information on homeopathy and vaccination please visit my website or attend a vaccination lecture – .  Lastly – it is NOT the law to vaccinate your child in Canada.  Every child is allowed to attend any daycare or school – public and private without being vaccinated.  You must sign a form and submit it to public health – beyond that there is no process for exemption.  It is our right in Canada to refuse vaccination.