Homeopathy Classes for Children – Fall 2022

I am planning a homeopathy course for children. Imagine if from an early age children understood the direct connection between how they feel and how their physical body expresses symptoms.

Materia medica can be dynamic and engaging as we will link the substances, plants and animals of the earth to the remedy pictures.

Practicing the art of really listening and perceiving information from others, is a life skill that is becoming lost in the intensity of the online world.

The natural curiosity of children is an easy bridge to homeopathic knowledge.

Children are full of knowledge, observations and a desire to be purposeful. Homeopathy can provide a landing place for all of these skills.

Children can begin with first aid, pet care and acute ailments. We can lay the foundation for homeopathic knowledge, materia medica and case taking. Throughout the program, we will be learning anatomy and physiology, emotional language and the many clues humans give about the remedies they need.

All children will be welcome to join, classes will be held for one hour once a week on Zoom. Recordings and notes will be available for each session.

This course will launch in the fall of 2022. Please contact me if you have questions or would like to reserve a space for your children.