Old School Ways

Robust health begins in pregnancy. Protect your baby and do not vaccinate yourself with anything. You have the right to be vaccine free and I strongly urge you to maintain that state.

If you have ailments during pregnancy find a homeopath, a nutritionist, a chiropractor and an osteopath that you trust to work through things as they arise.

Challenge yourself to solve mental/emotional problems with a therapist before you have a baby. Establishing a relationship with these professionals before you have a baby gives you access that will provide multifaceted support during your parenting years.

Plan to have a natural birth. Drugs during labour – DO cross the placenta and go into the baby. Newborns do not need drugs and they do cause harm.

Breastfeed your baby for as long as you possibly can. This is protective for both you and your baby in many, many ways and gives you food surety for your child.

Consider ways to stay home with your child as long as possible. Provide a calm, rhythmic environment so that your child feels safe and is given optimal rest and nutrition while they are growing and developing.

These are the basics from pregnancy to age three. If you can extend that to school-age then even better. This investment in time, energy and research will create a solid foundation of health for your children.

I understand that these ideas are not for everyone or that you may feel they are unattainable. That is really up to you, in my experience as a Homeopath and a Mother these basics are important, especially in the early years. Having a baby does mean that your life changes and the way in which you spend your time, money and attention will also shift. Take the time to sort out how to support these little people when they need it the most, it will pay off in the long run for the whole family.

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much love