10 thoughts on “Homeopathic Induction

  1. gudiyachettu

    hi, I have a question,hope you can help me out.
    I am in my 7th month of pregnancy now.
    I have started taking homeopathic tissue salts kali phos 6x,ferrum phos 6x and calc phos 6x .

    During the 9th month,I plan to take mag phos 6x and kali phos 6x along with CAULOPHYLLUM 30c every fourth day.
    Just want to know if I am on the right track with this ?
    Also do I need to include anything else to this ?

    I have taken only homeopathic medication my whole life and I want homeopathy to help me through my labour too !
    fingers crossed.

    Any help is highly appreciated .
    God Bless !


    1. Hello, I think the tissue salts are all good – you only need to take Caulophyllum if you need it. Trust that your body will know when to go into labour, it is initiated by the baby and the remedy won’t create that situation until you are both ready for action. If you go overdue your body may need a little support but I really only use Caulophyllum to move along a labour that is already happening – that seems like the time it works the best. Let me know if you need more direction and hope you have a great birth!


      1. gudiyachettu

        Thank you so much for the reply.I really appreciate it.
        I would love to attend your classes if it was in my state. Do you have prenatal classes located in oregon?
        Regarding caulophyllum,I think your advice is great. It makes sense.
        Once again thanks a bunch,
        warm wishes
        God Bless!


  2. Hello!

    I’m 40wks 1 day today. Is there a polycrest Rx for induction or would you need to do an intake to tell me which Rx would be best for me to take to assist my body and my baby move towards labour?

    Thank you for your time :))


    1. Hello,
      it would be best if we were to connect on the phone to do an induction for you specifically. Go on my website and see if there is a slot open next week and book yourself in. I do inductions for free and we can do it over the phone in about 30 min. You can only book an hour on the site so that is fine, if you can’t find anything just email me and I will find you a spot. My website is http://www.pipermartin.com. I have also done a podcast on The Whole Woman on Induction called the Easy Way Out – you can access that for free on my website or on i-Tunes.


  3. Hello,
    I was hoping you could help me with a few questions! First of all I am on baby #6. The past 5 have ALL been 2 weeks over AND posterior! I know I need to flip this one too bc all I feel are a bunch of feet/hands tickling my tummy! The midwife has given me all the positions to flip baby and I see a chiro (which never helped in the past baby flipping) I have always adored being prego and I am sadly just incredibly miserable right now, and this isn’t how I want to feel on our last one!! I’m almost 35 weeks along and can’t stand the thought of waiting until 40 weeks let alone 42! My last one was the only baby that came on her own, I went into labor on the 15th day past my edd. Also I have measured 2 weeks further than my edd several times and in the past I’ve always measured EXACT! (we weren’t planning this pregnancy as my hubby had a vasectomy in nov 2012, we became prego in feb they think) So… I’m thinking I could be further along… I definitely feel further along! Anyway… I spend much of my day crawling on my hands and knees, doing the cat/cow, and swaying my booty… but I did that with all prev pregnancies too, to no avail!
    My question: What can I take now to help turn baby? I’ve read Kali Carb 200CC, but all I can find around here to get it quickly is 30CC. Also I have not started but in past took caulophyllum and another one I can’t remember the name of. Obviously it didn’t get me going into labor on time… or even a little earlier than normal… the only thing I did differently to try to get me going into labor on my last baby was I used a breast pump for 15 minutes on each side for 45 minutes. I went into labor the next morning… that could be bc I was so late or maybe the pumping helped. Not sure.

    Any advice or help you could give would be fantastic! I am just in so much pain with my back and so tired I am just ready to hold this sweet baby in my arms!!! Thank you kindly,


    1. Good morning,
      To turn a posterior babe Kali carb 200C is the remedy, if you can only get your hands on a 30C you can take it like this – 2 pellets every 30 min. for three doses. You can choose to nudge the baby into a better position at any point and that different pressure on your cervix may be enough to get labour going. Remedies will not put you into labour unless you and the baby are ready so there is nothing to fear. A better position will just mean some comfort and hopefully a less lengthy pregnancy. If you do go overdue then just email me – http://www.pipermartin.com and both me and my associate offer homeopathic inductions for free via phone or skype once your are 40 weeks. If you have more questions just let me know. Warmly, Piper


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