Homeopathy Classes for Children – Fall 2022

I am planning a homeopathy course for children. Imagine if from an early age children understood the direct connection between how they feel and how their physical body expresses symptoms.

Materia medica can be dynamic and engaging as we will link the substances, plants and animals of the earth to the remedy pictures.

Practicing the art of really listening and perceiving information from others, is a life skill that is becoming lost in the intensity of the online world.

The natural curiosity of children is an easy bridge to homeopathic knowledge.

Children are full of knowledge, observations and a desire to be purposeful. Homeopathy can provide a landing place for all of these skills.

Children can begin with first aid, pet care and acute ailments. We can lay the foundation for homeopathic knowledge, materia medica and case taking. Throughout the program, we will be learning anatomy and physiology, emotional language and the many clues humans give about the remedies they need.

All children will be welcome to join, classes will be held for one hour once a week on Zoom. Recordings and notes will be available for each session.

This course will launch in the fall of 2022. Please contact me if you have questions or would like to reserve a space for your children.




Homeopathic Travel Kit

A Homeopathic travel kit can be well stocked with all that you need to navigate sunburn, stomach upset or jet lag.  Here are some suggestions on what to pack:

  • Belladonna 1M – ailments from the sun and heat – heat stroke, headaches, nausea and vomiting from sun exposure.
  • Arsenicum 200C – nausea/vomiting and diarrhea, food poisoning or any symptoms that seem like food poisoning.
  • Phosphoric acid 200C – dehydration, loss of fluids – much-needed after an Arsenicum state! or excessive sweating or nursing. Especially helpful for children who are incredibly sensitive to dehydration.
  • Coffea 200C – jet lag and insomnia from over excitement. The feeling as if you’ve had too much coffee.
  • Nux vomica 200C – stomach upset and constipation, headaches and dry heaves, feeling as if you are hung over.yellow camper

These are my top five for a travel kit.  If you would like to expand on this list and have specific things you would like to cover feel free to consult with me.  To book a consult please visit my website: http://www.pipermartin.com.


Homeopathic Travel Kit

yellow camper

Wondering what to pack for your summer travels?

Here are my top ten suggestions.

How to take these remedies? A dose is always two pellets – despite the label on the container!

Take two and wait, observe and you will know if you need to repeat.  

  • If things settle down, the crying or discomfort stops then two is enough.  
  • If it reduces the intensity but isn’t gone,  then repeat the remedy.  
  • If it does nothing then you have the wrong remedy.

Aconite 1M

  • after a fright
  • sudden fever in the night
  • sudden ear pain in the night
  • ear pain after a windy day
  • injuries to the eye

Apis 200C

  • all bites that create swelling, redness and heat
  • injuries and swelling around the eyes and all mucus membranes
  • allergic reactions – on all levels from anaphylactic shock to topical eruptions

Anacardium 200C

  • poison oak and poison ivy
  • all itchy, blistery rashes and reactions

Arnica 200C

  • bruises and blunt trauma
  • head injuries
  • shock
  • bleeding
  • overuse of muscles

Arsenicum 200C

  • food poisoning and any symptoms that are similar
  • vomiting and diarrhea
  • nausea
  • restless, anxious, fearful of vomiting
  • anxiety about germs and food safety

Belladonna 1M

  • sudden fevers, especially at 3:00
  • heat stroke – red face, glazed eyes, fever
  • headaches – from the sun, pounding and throbbing with flushed face
  • inflammation – ears, eyes, throat, breast etc.
  • onset of symptoms after doing something out of your comfort zone

Calendula ointment

do a small test patch before applying widely.

  • apply Calendula directly onto open wounds
  • sunburn
  • cuts and burns
  • insect bites

will prevent infection and speed healing

Coffea 200C

  • insomnia after a lot of stimulation or excitement
  • unable to shut off the mind after travel
  • jet lag

Hypericum 200C

  • injuries to the spine, head and tailbone
  • injuries to fingers, toes and tongue
  • puncture wounds – animal bites
  • cat scratches

Phosphoric Acid 200C

  • dehydration
  • headaches from dehydration
  • low energy, flat emotionally
  • after loss of fluids – excessive sweating, diarrhea, vomiting and breastfeeding

If your family has constitutional remedies these are always a good idea to include in your travel kit.  If you need guidance or would like to have a consult to find out more about homeopathic first aid or using constiutional remedies please contact me at http://www.pipermartin.com



Remedies for the SUN !


Stock up on Belladonna 1M for heat stroke, Phosphoric Acid 200C for dehydration and Nat. mur 200C for headaches and fever blisters from the sun.

Belladonna 1M

this is a remedy for the following symptoms;

  • throbbing headache
  • fever
  • flushed, dark red face
  • dry heat
  • comes on suddenly and intensely (and will leave the same way)
  • radiating heat from head and core
  • glazed eyes
  • thirsty for lemonade
  • symptoms get worse at 3:00 pm – meaning usually the person feels hotter
  • doesn’t want to be moved or touched
  • overexposure to sun or stimulation

2 pellets, wait and observe in a 1:10 time frame.  If the person has been feeling that way for 60 min then within 6 min. you should see a shift.  The individual does not have to have every symptom, but the general themes of heat, redness and intensity should match.

Phosphoric Acid 200C

This is a remedy to treat dehydration or any loss of bodily fluids.  For example, a woman nursing and being in the sun may result in dehydration as there are extra demands on her fluid levels from both her own body and her baby’s body.  A Phosphoric acid picture may also arise from:

  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • blood loss
  • sweating
  • nursing

When a person is in a Phosphoric Acid state they are :

  • emotionally flat, apathetic
  • indifferent, wants to ignore everything happening
  • ailments from grief, emotional turmoil, loss of fluids
  • headache – as if there was a weight pressing on head
  • hair loss
  • craving for fruit, fruit juice and carbonated water.

Natrum Muriaticum 200C and tissue salts

Natrum Muriaticum is a remedy that generally does not prefer to sit out in the sun.  When this natural guidance is not followed then a Nat mur person will have a reaction to an excessive amount of sun.

  • cold sores with or after sunburn
  • headaches from the sun, must wear hat and dark glasses
  • extremely thirsty for cold water
  • nat mur tissue salts are helpful to restore the water/salt balance after dehydration.

If you would like more specific guidance with homeopathy please feel free to contact me via my website – http://www.pipermartin.com




Arnica for Babies, Bumps and Bruises


Arnica is the remedy that helps people understand the power of homeopathic medicine. It is effective, fast acting and has an immediate effect on bumps, bruises, shocks, head injuries and bleeding.  Once you have experienced Arnica or used it for an injured child you will never again be without this little gem on your person.

I recommend Arnica 200C as the most useful potency to have on hand.

Some situations in which I find it most helpful:

Toddlers and Babes

Any time children are learning new skills and having lots of tumbles Arnica is fantastic. It seems that they repeatedly fall on the same spot and create bruises in the same place! A dose (2 pellets ) of Arnica 200C is usually enough to address a simple bruise.  If the fall or injury is a big one – i.e falling down the stairs or from a height – then 2-3 doses spaced apart by about 10 min will be helpful.  You can never overdose with homeopathy.


Car accidents which create bruising, head injuries and shock to the entire body are effectively treated by Arnica.  For this level of injury I would recommend 2 pellets every 15 min. for two hours.  This should calm shaking, fright, pain and bruising.  It is the correct remedy to give for concussions and spinal injuries.  For bruising to soft tissues such as a seat belt bruise across the breast Bellis 200C would be more effective.  Arnica is best suited to injuries such as whiplash and muscular related pain.


Arnica 200C is extremely effective to take in the immediate postpartum for shaking after birth.  It is also very helpful to take as part of your postpartum week regime to  minimize bleeding and swelling of the perineum.  The potency and dosage of this remedy is included in The Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy – as part of the postpartum kit suggestions.

For more information on the use of homeopathy and how to treat your children effectively please visit my website at http://www.pipermartin.com