The Homeopathic Pregnancy ~ Ottawa Birth Centre workshop

The Homeopathic Pregnancy

led By Piper Martin B.Ed., DS Hom.Med

Classical Homeopath



  • March 21st, 10-4 pm
  • Ottawa Birth Centre , 2260 Walkley Road
  • $200.00 – please register on-line @

Piper Martin has been practicing homeopathic medicine, attending births and educating midwives for the past 15 years.  She is capable of translating homeopathic information into recognizable, clinical, experience to support you in truly knowing how to use homeopathy in pregnancy, labour and postpartum care.  

You will receive:

Two E-Books – The Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy and Birth Kit Essentials as well as her new illustrated workbook – The Homeopathic Pregnancy

We will cover ten remedies that will refresh your practice – their practical use during pregnancy, labour and postpartum. We will have time for specific questions and discovery of your own.

Register at – – upon receipt of your payment you will receive the confirmation of your place as well as two e-books to contemplate before the workshop.


Homeopathy + Babies

crashed out babe and dad

1.  Homeopathy addresses mental/emotional aspects of birth and pregnancy –  what other medicine can provide that for a baby?

2.  Allows parents to be keen observers of their children, becoming familiar with and giving attention to the normal, vibrant state of their child and acknowledging that state frequently.  This includes finding language to describe aspects of their bodies and emotions,  and in turn teaching that language to your children.

3.  Using homeopathy sends the message to your children that you believe in their healthy, capable bodies.  Imagine growing up hearing that your parents believe you are perfectly capable to listening to, responding to and healing your own body? What would come out of a belief like that ?

4.  The pellets are small, children enjoy taking them, they cause no side effects and they are very affordable.  You can easily build a home pharmacy and have access to it day and night.

5.  Piper Martin is a Classical Homeopath that specializes in the care of Pregnant women and Babies.  She offers parents affordable care and acute support for all of her clients with babies.  To book an appointment for your baby please visit

How to gather homeopathic information about babies….

To gather the information you need about a newborn or baby here are some places to land.  


  • skin, brightness of eyes, movement, mood and how this baby communicates
  • comfort levels – where is the baby most comfortable – with whom and in what position
  • nursing – does the baby want to nurse and sleep the entire time even when it is age appropriate for them to be awake?
  • does the baby react to the mother talking about emotional subjects – specifically their birth

Information from the mother

  • how did she feel during her pregnancy – physically and emotionally
  • ask her to tell her birth story in detail
  • how does the mother feel while nursing?
  • does the baby have any fears and are they related to the birth?
  • what is the context this baby lives in – the feeling of the home?

If the mother is anxious – feeling stressed or unsupported this is where some of your energy needs to be directed.  Help her find perspective on the need for help and loving care for herself, in turn the baby will feel more at ease.  Both mothers and babies usually need the same remedy and are having a similar emotional experience with different expressions.  This co-creative experience they have, being pregnant, giving birth and then starting to build their life together can be very deeply effected by the use of homeopathy at this time.  Homeopathic medicine can assist in establishing healthy, hopeful neural connections between mothers and babies and doing that work together is a wonderful experience.  


Consider a woman that has needed Pulsatilla throughout pregnancy – weepy, nauseous and in need of much reassurance during her pregnancy.  Unsure of her decisions – should she have a home birth, who should she have there, will she be alright, what about the baby…? Pulsatilla has been used to turn the baby from a breech position and the labour began with two days of “false labour”. Stopping and starting, becoming regular and then stringing out.  Once Pulsatilla was given the contractions became rhythmical and consistent.  Postpartum,  Pulsatilla women feel unsure, fearful that the baby is not receiving enough milk, that something may be wrong or that she is afraid to be left alone with the baby.  The baby responds by being fretful, crying when the mother is anxious and inconsistent in her responses to nursing, swaddling, sleep routines and nothing the mother tries seems to work.  This baby is responding to the irresolute vibe of her mother.  Pulsatilla will help the woman land in her body, in her role as  the mamma and with this little boost of confidence, the baby will feel safe and settle in.  

Fall Homeopathy Workshops – Remedies for Birth and Homeopathy for Newborns

smiling babe

Homeopathy for Birth

Saturday, October 19th

12-5 pm

in the Invisible City, 474 Botsford St. Newmarket, ON


Explore how you can use homeopathy for your own birth or for your clients.  Piper Martin is an experienced homeopath, attending births for over 15 years.  She has used homeopathy in a wide variety of settings and will be using her clinical experience to add richness and texture to the homeopathic teachings.

  • Dosage, Potency and Remedy selection.
  • Homeopathic Birth Kit
  • Homeopathic remedies for first stage, second stage and third stage of labour.

Homeopathy for Newborns and Babies

Saturday, November 9, 2013


in the Invisible City, 474 Botsford St. STE 202, Newmarket, ON


Treating newborns  means considering them in a new way.  Homeopathy is extremely effective for babies and can be a very connected experience for mothers and babies to travel together.

  • We will take a look at Lac Humanum, a remedy made from breast milk.
  • Remedies for Birth trauma
  • Remedies for Breast feeding challenges.

You do need to pre-register.  Please email me at and I will be happy to reserve your space.



Baby Week!

smiling babeHello, well I have been off in the Land of 100 AWESOME people having adventures.  We have been joyfully having life altering conversations about life, doing some gorgeous art and trying our best to focus on everything we DO want in our lives.  In between sessions I do continue to see patients, some established and some new.  With this in mind I wanted to let everyone know that I am going to have a babe check in on August 7 and 8th.  If you would like me to lay my eyes on your baby – and I do love to see the babes every few months – then please go onto my booking system on my website – and book yourself in for an hour.  Nothing like setting up a couple of days of BLISS well in advance! Hope to see all those brilliant babies in August.

For anyone wondering – I am hosting two Red Tent (mamma and baby) groups – on Tuesdays 12-2, the other Wednesdays 12-2.  If you are interested please let me know, they are popular groups, everyone is eager to find stimulating ways to consider motherhood and it has been fantastic working with women and their children in this realm.

100 AWESOME People… the beginning

ImageI have been pretty consumed with putting into motion the nine incredible groups that have gathered.  We have all met once and have begun our second round and I can only speak for myself when I reflect on what has rippled out from those provoking and stimulating meetings.  

  • a desire to remember who we really are – who we know ourselves to be, either from childhood memories or parts of ourselves that feel just right.  Acknowledging that awareness out loud is bringing more solidity to it and also a level of accountability because once you know something and admit it out loud AND it is witnessed – you can never go back.
  • understanding that we have come together in perfect, fitting, matching groups.  I love watching people have the conversations that they have been longing for.
  • momentum !! a  huge reason why working in a group is so wonderful, the collective energy of working with a group of like minded people is exciting, fresh and inspiring.  

I have begun the registrations for the new session which begins in April, if you are interested please contact me early as I am anticipating many, many people becoming addicted to these gatherings and open spots may be hard to come by.

with LOVE


Suppression – how it plays out mentally, emotionally and physically…

do more of what makes you happy


Suppression is a big concept in homeopathic medicine.  Physically homeopaths believe that the body is a flow system and discharging is part of the way in which our bodies maintain our health.

North American society is across the board against flow!

No mucus, no sweat, no skin rashes, no fever, no dandruff, no diarrhea,no menstrual cycle, no phlegm….. we suppress it all.  When we choose to do this,  the action our body is attempting is thwarted.   The misdirected force can end up landing on a deeper system.  For example,one of  the most common of these suppression paths would be babies with eczema.  Once the eczema has been routinely suppressed with cortisone ointments,  children develop asthma and respiratory difficulties   The suppression of expression on the skin goes to the next organ of respiration which are the lungs.

legs in hammick

Mentally/emotionally suppression is equally dynamic.  Holding yourself back because you feel responsible for how everyone else is feeling, allowing fear to override your own intuitive sense, trying to please people who you perceive have authority over you – these are some of the reasons people try to hold themselves back and in.  My favorite way to help people challenge these beliefs and actions is to ask them if they would be willing to give their children similar advice.  Would you advise your child to just put themselves last, shove down their feelings and be quiet, stay small?

When you suppress your natural desires, joy and curiosity about life you harm yourself.  Allowing yourself the freedom to acknowledge and pursue what makes you happy will change everything.  It frees up your body, it charges your soul with fresh vitality.

Pay attention - create the Birth you imagine for yourself!

So do you set yourself freeeeee? A homeopathic remedy will prompt you to move towards these two questions:

~ What will make me feel most healthy?

~ What will create a higher level of happiness?

After choosing to engage with homeopathy,  the things you were previously suppressing will be uncorked, you will no longer feel good holding in, holding back or trying to distract yourself from how you feel.  The groups (100 AWESOME PEOPLE!) I am now offering in my practice are a way of identifying how you may be suppressing and focusing on the forward motion.  Celebrating it, naming it, sharing it and calling it on.  If you are interested in doing this level of joyful work please check out my website ( and contact me directly to be placed in a group.




Is it possible to be the visionary and the actionary of your own life? Not only possible, it’s the way most of you intended it to be. It’s the best of all worlds. What can be more exhilarating than to find a dream from the contrast, to fixate on the dream and let it give you pleasure as it grows, and then to watch Law of Attraction bring it into manifestation while you help with your action? Does it get any better than that? You didn’t think so as you made the decision to come forth into these physical bodies. You said, “This is the best time in all eternity for a Creator to Create.”
— Abraham
Excerpted from the workshop in Kansas City, KS on Sunday, September 27th, 1998 # 689
Our Love,
Esther (and Abraham and Jerry)

Is it possible …

Birth and Body Memory

Our bodies hold information and release it to us in the perfect way.  During birth there seem to be certain points in which our bodies will either move ahead or wait for us to understand the piece of information it is holding.

What if you could open up this dialogue and reassure your body as it hesitates and wonders? Remedies are the bridge between you and your body.

snuggled mom and babe

Induction is about fear.  When I do a homeopathic induction I am inquiring about fear.  This is the block.  The remedy merely acts to keep you present, allow you to grow bigger then your fear and move you forward.  Each remedy has its own specific fear.  When I speak to someone about an induction I am asking all the details about the fear, how it came about, where it has popped up most strongly etc.  This fear is big enough to stop or stall labour.  This is the missing element of medicine.  We can numb out pain but there is nothing to address fear during labour, postpartum or pregnancy.  This fear is translated to our babies.  Is it not important to consider?

To read more about homeopathy and your pregnancy please refer to my e-book – The Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy available on my website –