Pulsatilla 200C- when and why to use this remedy

Pulsatilla is a very common remedy to see in pregnancy, labour and postpartum.  If a remedy works well for you in pregnancy – i.e. it addresses your morning sickness, then it is highly likely that will also be useful for induction, to augment labour or to support any breastfeeding challenges.  Pulsatilla is a remedy that appears to follow a woman from pregnancy to postpartum and often it will be the first remedy to consider should the baby need a remedy.

Pulsatilla emotionally looks like:

  • weeps easily
  • looks for comfort and reassurance and allows this
  • indecisive
  • emotional about other children, fear of them feeling abandoned
  • looks to those around her for guidance instead of tapping into her own

Physically this translates as:

  • discharges that are yellow, thick and emerging from eyes, nose, ears – newborn goopy eyes
  • craves touch no matter what – even while in transition prefer to be cuddled and touched
  • morning sickness that changes day by day – different triggers, different times, different reactions to food.
  • indecisiveness is reflected in the baby assuming many positions during pregnancy and often goes breech, labour that starts and stops and is experienced all through the body – contractions in legs, bum, back, abdomen, unable to commit to the labour taking Pulsatilla will create a regular rhythm to the labour and is the gesture of commitment that is needed to progress.
  • goes into labour only when children are in bed or being cared for – reluctant to really be in labour without the midwives, husband, mother, support team that she has assembled all around her – within sight
  • very changeable milk supply and supply that is easily effected by food, company, upset, discharges etc.


Pulsatilla is a plant remedy, made of the wind flower – it blooms in the spring and softly blows in the wind – a way to remember its soft, changeable nature and being a plant its reaction to and awareness of its environment.


  • use Pulsatilla for babies if you have a baby with separation anxiety – by that I mean if you cannot walk out of a room without the baby weeping.
  • This is such a useful remedy for siblings that may be feeling jealous and becoming very weepy and whiny as a means of expressing their feelings.  Pulsatilla will reassure them of their stability in the family.

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3 thoughts on “Pulsatilla 200C- when and why to use this remedy

  1. My baby is 6 months old. From birth, I have not been able to leave her. I mean, I can’t even go to the bathroom or she’s a ball of tears. I’d like to try Pulsatilla on her to treat for the abnormal separation anxiety but I can’t find anywhere that will say how much and how often? Should I do 200? How many times per day? And for how long?


    1. HI
      your baby is having a normal reaction, its more how she chooses to express her discomfort and babies have a wide variety of ways. The weeping is specific to Pulsatilla. My suggestion is to give one dose of Pulsatilla 200C (a dose always = 2 pellets) and respond as much as you can to her asking for connection. I observe as a homeopath and as a parent that responding to a child’s emotional request as often as possible creates very confident children, they believe that when they ask for help, help is available. That’s a pretty good way to feel in the world and the Pulsatilla will just remind them of that reality.


      1. Ok. Thank you. I would pretty much consider myself an attachment parent so I’m all about responding to her needs. She has been attached to me since birth or perhaps rather I to her! I know all babes are different but never experienced this extreme with my others. She doesn’t even sleep unless I’m laying with her and even then she is awake ever 15-30mins, even at night, almost as if to make sure I’m still there. It’s been a challenge to say the least. With other kids and a full schedule, it’s getting hard to maintain this schedule of being with her all day to nap and all night to sleep. I really need to cook, clean, do laundry, etc. Lol. Thanks for the response. I’ll try it.


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