Crying Babies ~ Teething

I wonder why the process of getting teeth is easy for some babies and really challenging for others.  Some children just wake up with a new tooth!

bandana baby

Others seem to “work” on getting a tooth for months.  If you are in this situation anytime between six months and two years old than here are some remedy suggestions to ease the pain and the transition:

Pulsatilla 200C

Pulsatilla children need an abundance of comfort, reassurance and snuggles.  Anytime they are uncomfortable they need to be held, carried and sleep next to their mothers.  They may have moments of play and good moods but then will slip back into weepy and whining.

  • weepy
  • clingy
  • soft – they aren’t screamers, just soft, whiny crying
  • need constant physical contact
  • extra, extra, extra nursing time
  • low appetite and thirst while teething
  • may get thick, yellowish discharges with teething – from eyes, ears or nose

Chamomilla 1M

Perhaps the most famous of the teething remedies.  It does work like magic when you have a person who is a fit for the remedy.  These children are pretty easy to identify because of a few dramatic factors:

  • very, very reactive to pain
  • capricious – ask for a drink and then hurl it across the room, ask to be picked up but the adult MUST walk, bounce or jiggle them exactly as they want to be held.
  • one cheek red
  • green stool

Calcarea Carbonica 200C

This is a baby that has a slow pace for teeth, and bones.  They are slow to crawl, walk or get teeth.  They like to observe and take their time with the next step.  When they are teething they will appear to be taking months to push a tooth through the gums.

  • head sweaters – their head is often sweaty while nursing or sleeping.
  • cradle cap
  • often have thrush as babies
  • they are not as weepy as the other remedies but their sleep will be greatly disturbed and they will need to nurse very often during the night.
  • will eat sand, chalk, pencils, paper
  • can get Belladonna fevers while teething – dry heat, radiating out from head, flushed with glazed eyes.

If none of these remedy descriptions fit your child then don’t despair – there are many  more! Please contact me for online consultations regarding the best match for your baby.






The Homeopathic Babe – Crying and Shrieking, Teething and Pain

The next remedy in my remedy series for babies is Chamomilla.

Echte Kamille (Matricaria recutita)
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Chamomilla is a remedy that is extremely sensitive and reactive to PAIN.

Chamomilla babies react to pain by SHRIEKING.

They are CAPRICIOUS – unable to figure out what they need or want.  They seem to want to be held but MUST BE MOVING! They might want to nurse but pull off shrieking every 2 minutes, want a toy then fling it away etc.

WORSE FROM TOUCH – the last thing a Chamomilla baby wants is your finger in their mouth.  This will make them angry and the shrieking will increase.  They are sensitive to pain and touch definitely aggravates the sensations.

FACE will have one red cheek.

Chamomilla can be used for anything causing pain in which the person is reacting as I have described above.  With regard to babies this usually occurs during teething and ear infections.

What will Chamomilla do?  Ease the pain and allow them to SLEEP.

Try 2 pellets of Chamomilla 1M one time.  If it works then just leave it alone, if it works then wears off you can give another dose.  If it doesn’t change anything then you have the wrong remedy.  If you thought it was Chamomilla but it didn’t work then the next remedy to consider would be either Nux vomica or Coffea.  More on those remedies in upcoming posts.

There are teething “combinations and formulas”  available at the health food store.  If those work it is because one of the remedies in it is the remedy your baby needs.  If you can figure out which one it is and give it in a higher potency in a single dose it will have a much more dynamic and lasting effect.

If you have specific questions on homeopathy and babies please take a look on my website at my e-book – The Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy which contains a section on newborn and baby homeopathic care.  My website –