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The Homeopathic Midwife is a professional online program for anyone who would like to learn how to use homeopathy during labour, pregnancy and postpartum.  This program is taught in five sessions with a clinical, practical approach and will expand your mind, your practice and your relationships.  Freshen up your work by learning something new and dynamic.   Please visit my website – for a look at a detailed course outline, fees and registration.  


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Homeopathy in Action~

I am going to share a few heartfelt testimonials from women I have worked with over the years so that you can hear from a grassroots perspective how homeopathy can impact your life.

“I believe that homeopathy has kept my children and I both healthy and happy.  I found homeopathy after already delivering my son at the hospital, despite wanting and trying for a home birth.

For my next two pregnancies, I used homeopathy to battle all sorts of pregnancy related issues, from morning sickness, to nasal and sinus congestion, to turning a breech and then a transverse baby.  Homeopathy supported two home births following my son, and both home births were most lovely experiences I could have ever wished for.  With remedies, we were able to make my contractions more effective, relieve back labour, and promote milk supply.  Both my daughters were born in a warm, loving, quiet environment, surrounded by those who loved them and they thrived from the moment they were born.


As my children grow and play, I find we are able to manage when we get sick with ease.  We use homeopathy to help heal bad bumps and bruises more quickly, to turn fevers around more quickly, and to avoid flu like symptoms (sniffles and coughs) from escalating into more serious issues like bacterial infections, such as ear or throat infections.  I believe with homeopathy, my children are vital, strong and healthy!”


Birth and Body Memory

Our bodies hold information and release it to us in the perfect way.  During birth there seem to be certain points in which our bodies will either move ahead or wait for us to understand the piece of information it is holding.

What if you could open up this dialogue and reassure your body as it hesitates and wonders? Remedies are the bridge between you and your body.

snuggled mom and babe

Induction is about fear.  When I do a homeopathic induction I am inquiring about fear.  This is the block.  The remedy merely acts to keep you present, allow you to grow bigger then your fear and move you forward.  Each remedy has its own specific fear.  When I speak to someone about an induction I am asking all the details about the fear, how it came about, where it has popped up most strongly etc.  This fear is big enough to stop or stall labour.  This is the missing element of medicine.  We can numb out pain but there is nothing to address fear during labour, postpartum or pregnancy.  This fear is translated to our babies.  Is it not important to consider?

To read more about homeopathy and your pregnancy please refer to my e-book – The Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy available on my website –


How to Align your Head and your Body for your Birth


If you want to create a birth experience that matches your heart consider the following suggestions:

  • allow yourself care providers – midwives, doctors and doulas that match your philosophy of giving birth. Ideally you feel happy spending time with them – loved and cared for.
  • place of birth is a location that feels safe.  You can imagine being naked there, being observed, moving around, spending time in the bathroom, the lighting and doorways are suitable and the temperature is adjustable for you.
  • during pregnancy cocoon yourself – be unavailable for negative stories, TV shows and books.  Be disciplined in what you allow into your mind as you create this vision – just keep asking yourself – “what do I want to create?”
  • think about language that resonates with you – do you like the word contractions, dilation, bloody show etc.  Can you find language that is more encouraging for your body and ask your partner and care providers to use this language?
  • remember that BOTH you and your babe are co-creating this experience.  Trust that the way it unfolds may not make perfect sense in the moment,  but the vast opportunity that exists in birth can come across in many ways.  TRUST yourself and your baby.
  • using homeopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture and nutrition helps you to communicate more deeply with your body both physically and emotionally.  In this way the guidance about what you need will be more specific, they are all ways to access your own sense of self –

Remedies for Nervous Fathers, Grandparents or Children during Birth

Aconite, Monkshood
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I am often asked if there are any remedies to support fathers or other people attending the birth.  I think it is vitally important that the people who are with a woman during labour feel grounded and present, otherwise I think it is difficult to offer support to the woman who is giving birth.

One of the best remedies to help a father resist being sucked into fear is Aconite 1M. This remedy works especially well for men that may have experienced a traumatic birth previously.  This old experience has a way of reappearing when a similar situation is in play.  When that happens all the feelings of fear and trauma can be as intense as they were the first time – especially if the traumatic birth has never been discussed or resolved.  Aconite is specifically for:

  • an old fear that is triggered by a similar situation
  • panic attacks – restless, breathless, sweaty, heart pounding
  • dissociation
  • out-of-body sensations – numbness, tingling in body
  • feeling of claustrophobia

Some other remedies to consider include:






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