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Folliculinum – Re-establishing a menstrual cycle after coming off the PILL!

One of the reasons women seek homeopathic care is that after coming off the birth control pill there can be a period of time of either no menses or very irregular, erratic menses.  There is a remedy called Folliculinum,  made of homeopathic estrogen and it is one of the remedies that I use to help reverse some of the chaos created by the use of the birth control pill.  There are specific potencies of this remedy that have different effects on the body.  Here are some guidelines:

4C – stimulates or brings on menses

7C – is a balancer – if there is an erratic pattern to the menses

9C – is a retardant – for menses that are too frequent

It is best to connect with a classical homeopath to discover the best remedy and potency for you.  I have also done a live broadcast about this remedy on www. VoiceAmerica.com – Health and Wellness – The Whole Woman with Piper Martin – that episode is called

The Mean Girl Pill.  On it with my guest, Jenn Pike, we discuss how to recover from hormonal therapies through diet, nutrition and homeopathy – check it out.

Folliculinum – Homeopathic Estrogen – Your Way Back to Yourself

I host an on-line radio program called The Whole Woman and this coming Thursday, June 16th, the topic will be The Mean Girl Pill.  This show is all about how the birth control pill overdoses us with estrogen, creating havoc in our bodies and disconnection in our relationships with other women.  My guest will be Jenn Pike, holistic nutritionist and the owner of Simplicity Yoga – Jenn is an expert in Estrogen dominance and will offer practical, relevant advice regarding supplements, food choices, health and beauty products to go towards or avoid.  This information along with the homeopathic suggestions about Folliculinum will guide you back to your vibrant, healthy body.  Tune in to http://www.VoiceAmerica.com at high noon on Thursday, June 16th.  If you can’t catch it live tune in anytime and listen to the podcast for FREE on i-tunes.

The Whole Woman – Homeopathy Live – On-Line Radio

On June 16th I will launch The Whole Woman, an on-line live radio program.  I will be on for an hour, once a week from 12-1 pm EST.  If you are not able to listen at that time the shows will be archived to i-tunes so that you can listen any time – for freeeeee!

To tune in:  www.VoiceAmerica.com  you can visit my website and sign up to receive an e-card for each week.  This will contain the information about the show for the upcoming week – topic and guest line up.  I invite you to let me know what you would like to hear in terms of subjects and people you would enjoy hearing speak.

My first show is called The Mean Girl Pill.  I will be discussing the remedy – Folliculinum – homeopathic estrogen – and the way in which I feel hormonal therapies such as the birth control pill create separation between women.  The idea that we are being put on the Pill at an age when we have not yet formed a sense of ourselves and our connection to the earth is making a huge impact on us.  The mental/emotional aspects of being hormonally controlled are not something often discussed and this information is important not just for us but also for our daughters.

Jenn Pike, Holistic Nutritionist will be my guest to discuss the idea of estrogen dominance and how to avoid yet more estrogen exposure through out diets and beauty products.  Jenn will explain why our entire digestive health is dependent on our hormonal system function and how to work towards balance in this regard.

The count down is ON!

Create Fertility

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Fertility is really our right as women.  Our bodies are born healthy, vibrant and capable of creating life.  Protect and maintain that balance of your body by avoiding anything that interferes with your hormonal system.   Manipulation of our bodies by outside hormone sources is a major problem – not just on a physical level but also mentally/emotionally.

Controlling your hormonal system for most women means using drugs.  Looking for a quick fix such as homeopathic folliculinum (estrogen) or products sold at the health food store that are for “female hormonal balance” are not going to create long-lasting picture.  You must be willing to engage with yourself as a woman – what is your own natural rhythm, how do you support yourself physically and emotionally, what is your own sense of sexuality v.s what is expected of you?  Most women begin taking the Pill when they are still stepping into this knowledge of themselves as women.  That knowledge gets lost as we use hormones to control our rhythms, our sexual desire and our cycles.

If you want a healthier menstrual cycle, birth control awareness, to understand what PMS is really about, freedom from hot flashes etc. then here are some suggestions.

  • READ –  Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler
  • Eat hormone free meat and dairy products.
  • Avoid cosmetics, hair products etc. that are altering your hormonal picture – choose things that you can not only put on your skin but would be safe to eat.  Then you know it is not harmful.
  • Consult a nutritionist about supplementing to be hormonally in balance – for example evening primrose oil taken therapeutically is a hormonal balancer.
  • Consult a homeopath and clear any hormonal imbalances and then seek to create a new picture of health for yourself.  It is possible.

for more information on homeopathy please visit my website – http://www.pipermartin.com

Folliculinum and Fertility

Folliculinum is homeopathic estrogen.  Homeopaths use this remedy in a variety of ways.  It can be a consitutional remedy – a state a woman has become as a result of estrogen poisoning.  This can happen through a variety of ways – using birth control pills being one of the most common.  Folliculinum can be used to assist women in regaining their fertility after a long period of using the birth control pills.  This is more of an acute type of treatment.

If going off birth control is one of your goals and you are not sure how to manage your cycle to either get pregnant or avoid pregnancy I would suggest taking a look at a book called Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler.  She has developed a practical guide to really understanding how your body cycles – your individual body because not everyone has 28 day cycle – and how to read the signs and symptoms it communicates to you.  Through this understanding you will be able to work with your body rather than using a drug to dominate and control your body.

The birth control pill does effect your fertility.  It does create imbalances that have long-term effects.  Even if you do not actively have symptoms from taking the pill it is effecting you both mentally/emotionally and physically.  I am also beginning to see that the birth control pill can have a strong physical effect on the reproductive health of female children.

Choose to connect with your body, learn how your fertile self operates and work with your fertility – it is a gift.

The Pill and Disconnection

Taking the pill disconnects women from their bodies and their own personal rhythms.  It creates a mistrust in themselves and in their body’s ability to heal itself.  The next time you hear about a young woman being offered the pill to correct “hormone imbalances” shout OUT!   The Pill creates more hormone imbalance then our own bodies could ever create. 

Start talking about the process of menses in a positive manner – read

The Red Tent – the most striking thing is how they honoured THEMSELVES – cycling together as women and taking time away from their normal, incredibly busy lives to rest, integrate information and rejuvenate their bodies.  They were fertile, alive and connected to the earth – just by taking this simple cue from their own bodies.  We need to learn to listen.

Homeopathy and Birth Control

There are homeopathic remedies to help women have regular, rhythmical cycles that are hormonally balanced.  Homeopathic prescribing helps your body establish a cycle that is regular, that lasts a predictable amount of time and is pain-free.  YES, it is possible to have a period without pain. 

Hormonal imbalances may also show up as skin outbreaks, low sex drive, poor lubrication during sex, chronic yeast infections, pain during ovulation, fertility issues, headaches and bowel changes around menses.  Homeopathic prescribing can assist your body in shifting into hormonal balance which will have a cascade effect on your body.  Regaining this balance will allow all these other pieces to fall into place effortlessly. 

Lastly homeopathy is an excellent choice to make the transition from long-term birth control pill use.  It will help you to regain the rhythm of your own cycle and re-establish your fertility patterns, cervical mucus and sex drive.  Homeopathic folliculinum is one of the remedies especially useful in this regard and I encourage you to seek more information on this remedy found within this site.

Homeopathy and PMS

In practice I view complaints about  PMS as a socially acceptable opportunity for women to get angry.  It is about the only time it is o.k. for women to get irritable and express themselves in what is viewed as a negative fashion.  Many women save it all up for that time of the month.  What would happen if you were regularly “allowed” to speak your mind, say what you need and what you want on a daily basis? 

Give yourself some permission TODAY and practice it regularly – see if that shifts your PMS.  There are remedies such as Folliculinum that support hormonal balancing after interference from the birth control pill and other estrogen based drugs but the mental/emotional aspects of PMS usually have quite a bit to do with suppression.  Not suprising considering the birth control pill and other forms of birth control are all about suppression.  It makes sense that if you suppress yourself physically it will also show up on a mental/emotional level.  Consider what you are not saying or doing in your life that you would like to say or do and then go ahead and do it anyway.

Folliculinum and The Birth Control Pill

Homeopathic estrogen is called Folliculinum.  Folliculinum was created by Melissa Assilem, a British Homeopath.  One of the most common uses of Folliculinum is to assist women that are coming off of the birth control pill.  To restore their bodies on a physical and mental/emotional level.  The Pill is one of the ways we are taken away from our natural rhythms and this disruption carries over into the mental/emotional sphere as we start to lose a sense of who we are and what we want.  Some of the symptoms that show up when you need a dose of Folliculinum include:

  • spotting, pain and ovarian cysts, all worse during ovulation
  • PMS – swollen, painful breasts, migraines, nausea and vomiting, weepy, depressed, indecisive, panic attacks and mood swings.
  • fibroid
  • polycystic ovaries
  • ovarian cysts

Mental/Emotional Picture

  • feels controlled by another
  • living out another’s expectations
  • no sense of what she wants or who she is
  • drained
  • lives only to give it away to everyone else – energy, time and attention

Think long and hard before taking the birth control pill as it impacts women in many  more ways then just as a method of birth control.  I often see women with difficulty getting pregnant after being on the pill.  After having their contraception controlled they they then go on to have their conception, labour and postpartum controlled.  Get a sense of your own body and its  rhythms and work with it. 

Check out – Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Welcher – an excellent resource to connect back to yourself if you have been “away”.  Treat yourself with love and honour your body.