The TOP Remedies to Address Fear in Labour….

There are recurring fears that come up as women prepare to open themselves to the opportunity of birth.


Fear of the Pain

  • anxious about the pain from the beginning of pregnancy
  • plans to get an epidural asap
  • nightmares and panic attacks about giving birth
  • history of pain that is triggering – trauma, old surgeries or injuries
  • prone to anxiety

Aconite 1M – use as often as needed before labour,during labour and postpartum.

Fear of losing control/having a bowel movement/vomiting

  • usually these women are very fastidious, in control and on top of things
  • they typically do not like second stage of labour – the out of control pushing
  • they like things neat and tidy so will not usually give birth at home unless they find the idea of the hospital too germy
  • usually go into labour at 1:00 am

Arsenicum 200C – 2 pellets during labour or when they go into labour

Fear of tearing or being cut –

  • previous trauma history – sexual abuse or birth trauma
  • fear of needles
  • hard time speaking up for themselves, are ultra polite when they feel dominated
  • hold in all of their emotions and create infections after birth such as UTI or cesarean incision infections

Staphysagria 200C – 2 pellets during labour and following any surgical incisions from birth

Fear of something happening to the baby –

  • generally very sympathetic
  •  very aware of how everyone in the room is feeling and reactive to anything that is said or observed
  • history of bleeding nose/gums/hemorrhage during pregnancy
  • very fast labours
  • feels very in touch with the baby throughout the pregnancy

Phosphorus 1M – 2 pellets at the start of labour, repeat as needed.

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Midwifery Series #5 -Homeopathic Medicine for FRIGHT! FOR mothers, fathers and babies

The best thing about homeopathy is that it impacts your mental/emotional state – WITHOUT drugging you or your kids.

It reminds you of what is real and helps your body to mirror that truth.  When our bodies get frightened physical symptoms such as shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat,clenching, flushing, shaking, sweating and crying can occur.

Allopathic medicine seeks to shut down the physical experience and make the symptoms disappear.

Homeopathic medicine seeks to address WHY the symptoms are there, and address both the physical and the emotional discomfort.  Homeopaths understand that the body speaks to us in the language of symptoms.  This is especially useful when you have a child that is pre-verbal.  Understanding body cues is key to compassionate care of your baby.  It takes time and careful observation of both yourself and your children,  but these mysteries will be revealed if you persist.

Fear is one of the easier mysteries to see because the expression is so dynamic.  They physical symptoms mentioned above are all quite obvious, especially in a baby or small child.  As adults we tend to compensate and hide these expressions but they are happening regardless of our suppression.

Here is one of the easiest remedies to use for fear and anxiety – helpful for mothers, babies and fathers….

Aconite 1M

This is the top seller in my practice! Aconie works instantly to relieve a panic attack, calm anxiety and settle a person who has been triggered by something frightening.  Aconite relieves symptoms such as;

  • restless pacing
  • heart racing, rapid breath
  • fear of dying
  • claustrophobic in crowds or anywhere
  • fear of birth, fear of the pain of birth
  • transition during birth – feeling as if you were about to die!
  • birth trauma – when a baby has been surrounded by people who fear he/she will die.
  • nightmares after a fright
  • fear in the birth room – fathers and grandparents that feel frightened
  • anxiety after talking about something that upset you
  • anxiety after a fight or anticipating an argument
  • anxiety going into a presentation, dental appointment or performance
  • for babies it appears as – clenching jaw, eyes shut and fists shut, screaming and fearful

Give two pellets of Aconite 1M and wait.  Within just a few minutes you will observe/feel easier breathing, calmer language, a softer body and the fear subsiding.  It reminds you of who you really are and where you are in the present moment.

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Aconite – the Remedy for Panic, Anxiety and Fear

aconite for blog

One of the true strengths of homeopathy is that it addresses both the mental and emotional state of an individual- as well as the physical symptoms.  For example – pain relief in labour is great,  but there is not an allopathic solution to the mental/emotional fear and anxiety that many women experience.  Aconite offers this relief.

The potency I recommend is Aconite 1M – the idea with choosing a potency in homeopathy is to match the intensity of the symptoms with the strength of the remedy.  A 1M dose is considered a high potency and this remedy requires that match in order to be most effective.

It is safe, effective and appropriate to use Aconite 1M for relief of anxiety for children, breastfeeding women and during pregnancy and labour.  It will offer instant results –

if you are experiencing anxiety symptoms such as:

  • heart palpitations
  • restlessness
  • fear of dying
  • tightness in the chest
  • tingling anywhere in the body
  • repetitive fearful thoughts
  • panic attack symptoms
  • feelings of fear – as if you might die!


Two pellets of Aconite 1M. Repeat as needed. You cannot overdose.

Common Situations that would match this remedy:

  • fear during labour – especially if a previous birth has been traumatic.
  • Old fears that return – This applies to any situation in which an individual has experienced trauma and when placed in a similar situation feels frightened and anxious.
  • fear of starting something new – first day of school, new job etc.
  • social anxiety – fear of crowds
  • overwhelmed sensations – a lot of new aspects being assimilated at once
  • fear of pain
  • fear in newborns – babies that clench their jaws, eyes closed and fists – after a traumatic birth

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Birth and Body Memory

Our bodies hold information and release it to us in the perfect way.  During birth there seem to be certain points in which our bodies will either move ahead or wait for us to understand the piece of information it is holding.

What if you could open up this dialogue and reassure your body as it hesitates and wonders? Remedies are the bridge between you and your body.

snuggled mom and babe

Induction is about fear.  When I do a homeopathic induction I am inquiring about fear.  This is the block.  The remedy merely acts to keep you present, allow you to grow bigger then your fear and move you forward.  Each remedy has its own specific fear.  When I speak to someone about an induction I am asking all the details about the fear, how it came about, where it has popped up most strongly etc.  This fear is big enough to stop or stall labour.  This is the missing element of medicine.  We can numb out pain but there is nothing to address fear during labour, postpartum or pregnancy.  This fear is translated to our babies.  Is it not important to consider?

To read more about homeopathy and your pregnancy please refer to my e-book – The Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy available on my website –


The Basics – Homeopathy and your Newborn Babe

Homeopathy is safe for babies.  

Use homeopathy to help your baby make a smooth transition.  Remedies can assist with:

  • traumatic births – forceps, vacuum and c-sections all have an effect on the baby.  Simple remedies like Arnica and Aconite are incredibly effective for soothing head trauma, bruising, shock and fear.
  • breastfeeding challenges – homeopathy will address milk flow issues, mastitis, latching difficulties and failure to thrive in babes.
  • skin ailments – use homeopathy to ease the way through diaper rashes, eczema and cradle cap.
  • discharge from the eyes – breast milk is the most amazing medicine you have right at hand for this – but if you need a little extra support then homeopathy works beautifully to help babies move mucus from their eyes, out through their nose.

Using homeopathy from the beginning keeps your baby clear on how capable their bodies are.  Babies respond quickly and easily to homeopathic remedies, they are easy to administer and it is magical to watch the effect.  There are no side effects and you can feel good about addressing not only physical aspects of your babe but supporting them mentally/emotionally from the start.

To read more about using homeopathy for newborns please refer to my online e-book –

The Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy – available on my website –

Separation of Mothers and Babies

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When I see an older child with separation anxiety there has inevitably been separation at the birth.  This casualness we have about routinely separating mothers and babies in the first few hours of life is a problem.  It does impact people.  It does create distress which can have both physical and mental/emotional outcomes.  We are so trained to accept the protocols and rules of hospitals and taught that doctors “have our best interests at heart” that we don’t speak up.  What is really the risk of shouting out against those rules?

Over time I have heard many stories about women not being allowed to touch, hold or nurse their babies after birth.  This may be due to real or anticipated complications with the baby or it may be as simple as they want to “observe” the baby.  The part that stays with the mothers is the loss of connection after the birth.  IF it stays with the mothers, it also stays with the babies.  SPEAK UP.  It is the ONLY way things will change.

Letters written to hospitals are taken very seriously – write your thoughts and feelings, even if it is months later to the hospital, let them know they need to shift their policies and protocols.  Commit to what you feel passionate about.

Remedies for Your Newborn

Babies that are born with any degree of trauma could hugely benefit from two simple remedies.  Arnica 200C and Aonite 1M .  Both of these remedies are particularly useful in the following situations:

  • bruising from forceps, vacuum or malpresentation.
  • resuscitation of any kind
  • internal fetal monitoring – scalp clip
  • born into a room in which there is fear – i.e:  presence of meconium, unreassuring fetal heart tones, hemorrhage etc. 
  • separation of mothers and babies
  • cesarean births
  • families that were not prepared for spontaneous home births

Two pellets of Arnica 200C followed by two pellets of Aconite 1M for mother, baby and anyone else that is feeling shaken will ground everyone and clear any feelings of fear and anxiety.  This may need to be repeated every hour for the first few hours until nursing has been established and all is well and calm.  Check out  for high quality homeopathic remedies that come in poppy seed pellet format – these work fabulously for newborns.