Sepia and Nux Vomica – Friends of the Pregnant Woman!


Remedies have relationships and belong to families.  This is one way of organizing and understanding how remedies may work together.  Sepia and Nux vomica are two such remedies.


Sepia is a very hormonally based remedy and hence the reason it shows up a lot during pregnancy.  Sepia women feel hormonal changes strongly, each shift such as menarche, the birth control pill, pregnancy, breastfeeding and menopause create imbalance and difficulty for the Sepia woman.  During pregnancy Sepia women may experience some of the following symptoms:

  • aversion to their husband – this is a strong aversion – including the smell of their husband
  • aversion to their children – general impatience and feeling of being overwhelmed
  • exhaustion
  • lack of tone – sensation as if the baby is falling out
  • prolapse – bladder, rectum or uterus
  • craving for vinegar
  • stasis – varicose veins, hemorrhoids, constipation and cold hands and feet
  • desire for vigorous exercise but too tired to do so
  • aversion to breastfeeding – would prefer to go to work and this is their main conflict – knowing breastfeeding is a good choice for the baby but lacking the desire to sit and do it.

Nux Vomica

Nux vomica is the acute remedy of Sepia.  This means if a person is constitutionally a Sepia type,  then Nux vomica will work well for acute complaints – symptoms that are temporary and passing through.

For example

  • morning sickness in pregnancy – this feels like being hung over – dry heaves, retching, headache and BAD mood
  • withdrawal from coffee, tea, drugs or alcohol – headache, constipation and BAD MOOD
  • impatience in traffic, at work, with families – extreme lack of tolerance and patience – translates in labour as a premature urge to push
  • short-tempered
  • headaches
  • constipation – with urging but little output
  • very sensitive to noise, light, stimulation and big reactions when overstimulated.
  • babies that cannot handle stimulation, especially premature babies

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Aversion to your Companion?

Aversion to your husband or wife during pregnancy is a common experience.

It makes sense that a lot of things need to get worked out with a partner during pregnancy. How safe you feel with a person really gets sorted out when you have a baby.

You transform your body, your identity, your ability to work and usually your perspective on the entire world.

Can your partner keep up with this, match it and find the language to support you?


Your ideas of how to be a “good” mother and life partner really also get aired out.  All the old beliefs and expectations come to the surface and you will have the opportunity to decide if they suit the current version of yourself.

Even though you won’t think you can – go OUT, exercise, have a laugh with friends.

Sleep together, take your moments when you can get them.

Get each other food and drinks, let each other sleep in.  Once in awhile let each other be alone in the house.

Allow yourself a full year to make this transition with your partner, remind yourself that you are finding your way together.  It will be necessary to do this every time you have a baby.

Try to be compassionate and gentle with yourself and your companion.   Your children will appreciate it and you will look back on the journey as an interesting time you weathered together.

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Nausea and Vomiting – Homeopathic Solutions

It is not necessary to suffer through nausea and vomiting.  Remedies are safe to take during pregnancy and can significantly impact the intensity and frequency of the symptoms you experience. 

 The following five remedies are the most commonly used to eliminate nausea and vomiting.  For more in depth information please access my on-line e-book – The Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy available on my website – 

 Take two pellets of the remedy that most closely matches your symptom picture.  If there is a shift then just wait, the symptoms may not return at all.  If you feel you are dipping again then you can repeat the dose.  A dose is 2 pellets.  Please take a look at How to Take a Homeopathic Remedy– available on this blog site. 

Nux vomica 200C– great remedy for morning sickness that feels like a hangover.  Retching, constipation, irritability and headaches.  Especially helpful for women working on addictions and experiencing withdrawal symptoms from alcohol or pot. 

Sepia 200C– a good alternative if Nux looked like it fit but did not quite work.  Symptoms  present as:  distant with husband, worse nausea around the dinner hour, hates  meat, especially the smell, exhausted, dragged down feeling. 

Ipecacuanha 200C – this is homeopathic  Ipecacuanha.  do not confuse it with the medical version of Ipecacuanha.  This is for constant nausea.  Nothing makes it better, even vomiting only gives a brief relief.  Worse in the morning when first rising.

Tabacum 200C –  Violent vomiting with a cold sweat, pale, chilly.  Waves on nausea made worse by the least motion.  Desire to spit.  Worse from smell of tobacco. 

Cocculus 200C – This remedy has a sensation like motion sickness.  It is nausea that is worse from any motion – especially cars, boats, planes etc.  Aversion to food and drink – metallic taste in the mouth.  Hungry but can’t figure out what she wants to eat.