Remedies for Tongue Tie Release

Babies and the treatment of newborns has always been my speciality.  Homeopathy is completely safe for babies, there are no side effects and you cannot do harm.  If you choose the wrong remedy the only thing that will happen is nothing.  If you choose the right remedy you will likely know immediately as babies are very vital, clear and responsive to the gentle stimulation of homeopathy.


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Here is how to give a tiny baby a remedy:


In a glass jar, put two pellets in 1/2 cup of water. Let the pellets dissolve. Give the baby a teaspoon of the mixture.  Store the water potency in the refrigerator.  Use as needed and then discard when you are finished.  A teaspoon = a dose.

Older babies

You can put pellets directly into their mouths, it is o.k. to touch them.  Do one pellet at a time.  They will roll them around and possibly spit them out but as long as they have held it in their mouths for even a small period of time the remedy will act.  Two pellets = a dose.

Arnica 200C and Hypericum 200C  are the remedies and the potencies you want to give for pain after a tongue tie release.  Give each remedy twice a day for three days following the procedure.  The combination of your magical breast milk and these two homeopathics will speed healing and provide comfort.

I highly recommend using Hahnemann Labs in Berkeley, California – for your homeopathic supplies, their remedies are in poppyseed format and are perfect for babies and children, as well as being of extremely high quality. They are the best!

If you have more questions on using homeopathy for yourself or your babies please email me, I provide email consultants for big and small.




Arnica for Babies, Bumps and Bruises


Arnica is the remedy that helps people understand the power of homeopathic medicine. It is effective, fast acting and has an immediate effect on bumps, bruises, shocks, head injuries and bleeding.  Once you have experienced Arnica or used it for an injured child you will never again be without this little gem on your person.

I recommend Arnica 200C as the most useful potency to have on hand.

Some situations in which I find it most helpful:

Toddlers and Babes

Any time children are learning new skills and having lots of tumbles Arnica is fantastic. It seems that they repeatedly fall on the same spot and create bruises in the same place! A dose (2 pellets ) of Arnica 200C is usually enough to address a simple bruise.  If the fall or injury is a big one – i.e falling down the stairs or from a height – then 2-3 doses spaced apart by about 10 min will be helpful.  You can never overdose with homeopathy.


Car accidents which create bruising, head injuries and shock to the entire body are effectively treated by Arnica.  For this level of injury I would recommend 2 pellets every 15 min. for two hours.  This should calm shaking, fright, pain and bruising.  It is the correct remedy to give for concussions and spinal injuries.  For bruising to soft tissues such as a seat belt bruise across the breast Bellis 200C would be more effective.  Arnica is best suited to injuries such as whiplash and muscular related pain.


Arnica 200C is extremely effective to take in the immediate postpartum for shaking after birth.  It is also very helpful to take as part of your postpartum week regime to  minimize bleeding and swelling of the perineum.  The potency and dosage of this remedy is included in The Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy – as part of the postpartum kit suggestions.

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