Remedies for Tongue Tie Release

Babies and the treatment of newborns has always been my speciality.  Homeopathy is completely safe for babies, there are no side effects and you cannot do harm.  If you choose the wrong remedy the only thing that will happen is nothing.  If you choose the right remedy you will likely know immediately as babies are very vital, clear and responsive to the gentle stimulation of homeopathy.


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Here is how to give a tiny baby a remedy:


In a glass jar, put two pellets in 1/2 cup of water. Let the pellets dissolve. Give the baby a teaspoon of the mixture.  Store the water potency in the refrigerator.  Use as needed and then discard when you are finished.  A teaspoon = a dose.

Older babies

You can put pellets directly into their mouths, it is o.k. to touch them.  Do one pellet at a time.  They will roll them around and possibly spit them out but as long as they have held it in their mouths for even a small period of time the remedy will act.  Two pellets = a dose.

Arnica 200C and Hypericum 200C  are the remedies and the potencies you want to give for pain after a tongue tie release.  Give each remedy twice a day for three days following the procedure.  The combination of your magical breast milk and these two homeopathics will speed healing and provide comfort.

I highly recommend using Hahnemann Labs in Berkeley, California – for your homeopathic supplies, their remedies are in poppyseed format and are perfect for babies and children, as well as being of extremely high quality. They are the best!

If you have more questions on using homeopathy for yourself or your babies please email me, I provide email consultants for big and small.



Why Acute illness is GOOD, really, really GOOD.

Imagine you are a little kid that spends much of your time in the company of your family, in your familiar home and in a routine that is built mainly around you.  To make the transition to a daycare or school requires all kinds of new neurological pathways to evolve and as this happens, children get sick.

Every sight, smell and sensation is unknown in this environment – new care providers, new companions, new food, new touch, new rules, new pace, new ideas –

Children do not mentally hold their stress, they are experts at discharging and will blow all that overload out via mucus, fever, skin rashes, vomit, diarrhea, sweat.  They let it go physically as they adapt and thrive mentally/emotionally.  You can try to ease these transitions in all the ways you know how,  but there is just inevitably growth.  Growth and change are reflected in the body and as parents you need ways of allowing it.

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Homeopathy allows the change, supports the mental/emotional expansion and does not suppress the discharge.  Think of all the suppressants we use on ourselves and our children – in the form of creams, ointments, deodorants and decongestants.  If we allowed our bodies to just do what they are inclined to do – would our level of health change?

You can model this way of being in your body to your kids – take time off when you feel ill, offer yourself comfort and enjoy the mental/emotional relief of having some time to integrate fresh experiences.  Use homeopathy if you feel the illness is out of proportion or stuck in a particular phase.

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The Colicky Screamers

Babies under six months are making many discoveries.  They are growing and changing and expanding in every way possible.  Initially they are learning to breathe and eat in a rhythm that is comfortable so that they can digest and use the nutrients efficiently.  This seems easy to us but consider a few things ~

They are NEW

Babies have never eaten, breathed, been in outer world environments.  Think about the stimulation involved in just your average home – TV, music, cooking, dishwasher, dog barking, kids screaming, people talking, lights, smells, temperature changes etc. etc.

Now imagine a person with no filters or information to screen out this stimulation. Babies usually manage  this one of two ways – by crying or sleeping.

I feel like colic is a combination of these factors –

  • a difficult birth that has resulted in some mechanical aspects being misaligned such as the spine, skull and the jaw.  Chiropractic care is an excellent support in this matter.
  • an overly stimulating environment – this is something to really consider especially with a premature baby.  It is important to give the baby time to calm and feel peaceful before nursing or feeding.  It is then important to hold a steady, calm tone in the room while the baby is eating.  Giving them time to breath and focus, encouraging them and protecting them from distraction.  After they have nursed it is again important not to rush, immediately plunge back into a task or environment.
  • formula that is not being digested properly – unfortunately this is often the case for newborns and if you are not able to nurse then you will have to source out a formula that works for your baby’s body.  The best results I have seen are with homemade formulas – they are far superior to any commercially produced product and easy to make.

alert babe

Remedies for babies that react to stress in their guts ~

Nux vomica 200C – this is one of the most sensitive remedy states for babies.  Their mothers are usually incredibly busy and efficient people, working right up until their due date and craving an intense pace of life.  However, they have babies that cannot tolerate even leaving their bedroom without having a colic attack.  These babies overreact to light, noise and touch.  They start crying and cannot stop.  They are babies with a very small window of tolerance so if the conditions are not to their liking they have a big reaction very quickly.  What they want is quiet, slow, gentle touch, lots of space – they prefer to sleep in their own beds and a minimum of people interacting with them.

Mag Phos 200C – Mag Phos is specifically sensitive to arguments and discord in the home.  If there is a lot of tension between family members or if there has been a blow up, then the Mag Phos baby will get a stomach ache.  Since there are as many receptors for emotion in the gut as there are in the brain, this makes perfect sense.  Babies have emotion and respond to the feeling in their environment.  Mag Phos is a chilly remedy and cold can trigger their pain, they respond well to the colic hold – applying light pressure on the abdomen – carrying the baby over one arm.  They will also relax with heat, so warm baths, warm wrapping and warm rooms will help.

Lycopodium 200C – Lycopodium is a liver remedy, babies that need this have bloated, full, tight abdomens.  They are typically hit with pain between 4-8pm.  They are voracious nursers and often have the hiccups.  Once they are burped they improve but they do tend to cry often, waking up from sleep is difficult for them and involves a lot of tears.  Lycopodium babies are not smiley, they do not want to be held by anyone but their mothers and they are irritable.

Colocynthis 200C – this remedy is for babies that draw up their legs in an attempt to bend double.  They scream in excruciating pain and like Mag Phos they are better from pressure and warmth.  If Mag Phos does not alleviate the pain try Colocynthis.

Chamomilla 200C – Chamomilla is one of the remedies most reactive and sensitive to pain in the materia medica.  They are aggravated after nursing and wake every hour throughout the night with pain.  The only thing that seems to relieve them is driving in the car or being constantly carried and bounced.  Nothing brings relief for very long, they are shriekers and will scream, get overheated and start reacting to everything including touch or any comfort the parents try to offer.

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Remedies to Heal from Circumcision

I know that some babies experience circumcision and I want to suggest a few remedies that can ease pain and speed the healing process.  I would suggest nursing the baby ASAP after the procedure, for emotional comfort, the healing dimensions of breast milk and pain relief.

In addition to breast milk I suggest that you tell the baby what is happening both before and after the surgery.  For the mothers, please make sure this is a choice you and your partner have made together.


Remedies that are specifically indicated for healing this type of delicate tissue:

  • Staphysagria 200C – 2 pellets twice a day for three days
  • Bellis 200C – 2 pellets twice a day for three days
  • Hypericum 200C – 2 pellets twice a day for three days
  • Arnica 200C – 2 pellets twice a day for three days.
  • Aconite 1M for mothers and babies that are nervous or frightened.  2 pellets before the procedure.

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Homeopathic Walk IN clinic for Babies – Every Thursday morning 9-11am


I am so delighted to announce that I am holding a Walk IN clinic for babies.

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Together with Denise Martin, we will be offering homeopathic and breastfeeding support to babies and their mammas.  Any range of acute complaints can be addressed from sticky eyes to breastfeeding challenges.  I also offer free homeopathic inductions to anyone who is in need.  The care is sincere, professional and loving.

Every Thursday morning – 9-11am.  This time is blended with Red Tent, allowing mothers to connect with other parents in a relaxed environment.

Walk IN fees are 20.00 cash

Remedies are included in the fee if it is in stock – which it usually is!

The Walk In clinic is located at 474 Botsford St., Ste. 202 Newmarket

Looking forward to my work this morning!

If you want more information about what is happening in the Invisible City, please visit my website –


Homeopathy + Babies

crashed out babe and dad

1.  Homeopathy addresses mental/emotional aspects of birth and pregnancy –  what other medicine can provide that for a baby?

2.  Allows parents to be keen observers of their children, becoming familiar with and giving attention to the normal, vibrant state of their child and acknowledging that state frequently.  This includes finding language to describe aspects of their bodies and emotions,  and in turn teaching that language to your children.

3.  Using homeopathy sends the message to your children that you believe in their healthy, capable bodies.  Imagine growing up hearing that your parents believe you are perfectly capable to listening to, responding to and healing your own body? What would come out of a belief like that ?

4.  The pellets are small, children enjoy taking them, they cause no side effects and they are very affordable.  You can easily build a home pharmacy and have access to it day and night.

5.  Piper Martin is a Classical Homeopath that specializes in the care of Pregnant women and Babies.  She offers parents affordable care and acute support for all of her clients with babies.  To book an appointment for your baby please visit

Baby Week!

smiling babeHello, well I have been off in the Land of 100 AWESOME people having adventures.  We have been joyfully having life altering conversations about life, doing some gorgeous art and trying our best to focus on everything we DO want in our lives.  In between sessions I do continue to see patients, some established and some new.  With this in mind I wanted to let everyone know that I am going to have a babe check in on August 7 and 8th.  If you would like me to lay my eyes on your baby – and I do love to see the babes every few months – then please go onto my booking system on my website – and book yourself in for an hour.  Nothing like setting up a couple of days of BLISS well in advance! Hope to see all those brilliant babies in August.

For anyone wondering – I am hosting two Red Tent (mamma and baby) groups – on Tuesdays 12-2, the other Wednesdays 12-2.  If you are interested please let me know, they are popular groups, everyone is eager to find stimulating ways to consider motherhood and it has been fantastic working with women and their children in this realm.

The Homeopathic Babe – How the Feeling in Your House Ripples to Your Baby

The one thing I know about babies is that they are feelers.  They feel atmosphere, tension in the air, joy in the room and the complete range of emotions that are swirling around them.  This is how they navigate the world before spoken language is within their grasp.

Having children and being conscious about what they are experiencing is great motivation to get your shit together.  Spend the time to find out what makes you happy and allow your children to see you doing, saying and being joyful.  Instead of worrying about how much time you spend arguing, crying, moping etc, focus on doing anything and everything that provokes real joy.  This is different then the perceived – this is what “good families” do activities.

Picnics work well for family dining

For example, we were strongly encouraged to sit down as a family and eat dinner together when I was a child.  I actually hated it and got up from the table every night saying I had a stomach ache, the tension around the table made me feel stressed and eating on top of stress made me unhappy.  When I had my own children I began by thinking and feeling we should sit down and eat together because that is what families do.  When I forced this I ended up feeling the same way I did as a child.  Instead we are casual in our dining, if we all sit together it is because we want to, as they get older this tends to happen more naturally and with ease.  Sometimes people eat at different times or even in different rooms but no one has a stomach ache.  Re-connect to what you really need and want, what makes you happy and what is right for your family.  Your children will enjoy the benefits of this work.

The Homeopathic Babe – Diaper Rash and Thrush

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Air Time!

To treat Diaper rash in a simple way try first giving your babe lots of air time.  Find a warm, perhaps sunny spot in your home, lay out a change mat and allow your baby to just spend time diaper free.  Spend time in this way 2-3 times throughout the day, allowing their skin to be free of the moist, heated environment of the diaper.  If you are breastfeeding and able to apply breast milk to their skin do this – it is full of antibodies and will  positively affect their skin, especially if there are open spots and cracks.

Diaper Creams

Do your best to AVOID diaper creams.  Diaper creams tend to be pure chemicals – petroleum or zinc and these are not the components your baby needs to heal their skin.   They do not need to be applied every time you change a diaper.  If you have a sensitive baby they may also be reacting to the commercial diaper wipes.  You can find natural products or simply use wash clothes with warm water.


A thrush or yeast based diaper rash usually looks like small, raised red bumps on the skin.  This can come out of yeast being passed on by the mamma or antibiotic use during birth or postpartum.  The mother and babe should be taking acidophilus daily until this clears.  There are specific homeopathic remedies that are very helpful in clearing thrush – for more specific information on this please see below.


If you feel the need for an ointment try Calendula ointment – a homeopathic products made of marigold flowers.  It will prevent infection and speed the healing of the top layer of skin.  Try a test patch before you apply it to make sure that it is compatible with your baby.  If you baby is reacting to it then you can administer the same remedy in a pellet – Calendula 30C – 2 pellets twice a day will have the same beneficial effect.

To learn more about using homeopathy with your baby please refer to my on-line e-book – The Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy with a special newborn section.

The Homeopathic Babe – Pink Eye, Goopy Eyes and other crusty stuff

Babies will often discharge mucus through their eyes.  Although it is a positive for the body to express and discharge, ideally the mucus will come out of the nose instead of the eyes.  Remedies can redirect the flow from the eyes to the nose quite easily and there will be no need for antibiotic drops or trips to the doctor.  Breast milk squirted directly in the eye is my number one recommendation for young babies that are still receiving breast milk.  Breast milk is FULL of antibodies and will quickly and easily address inflammation in the eye.

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There are three main remedies for eyes that become red, discharge mucus and get crusted during sleep.

Pulsatilla 200C

Pulsatilla eyes are changeable, it will look better, then terrible then clear – all in the span of one day.  The mood will follow this – with the babe being weepy, then happy and then weepy again.  Through it all they prefer lots of affection and close contact with their parents.  The discharge tends to be thick and yellow – if there is mucus emerging from the nose it will be similar.

Medorrhinum 1M

Medorrhinum babies are stomach sleepers, they are night people, prefer to sleep in later in the morning and stay up late into the night.  They are quite intense little people – being very clear about what they like or dislike and have strong wills and forceful ways of expressing this.  Medorrhinum babies tend to get very bad diaper rashes – the kind that blisters, opens and is like red-hot fire.  The eye goop is more green than yellow and they can simultaneously be seen as snuffly babies – they sound like Darth Vader when they are sleeping from the time they are born, as if they are constantly stuffed up.

Mercurius 200C

Mercurius babies have green eye discharge, green nose discharge and often slimy, loose stool.  They drool and sweat and seem to want to find lots of ways to expel from their bodies.  They are very sensitive babies – there is a small window of time, temperature and environment in which they feel best and if that is not happening they have BIG reactions.  Reactions as if they are being killed.  This remedy state is often connected to any invasive procedure such as vaccination.

For more specific information on using homeopathy for babes please visit my website – and check out my on-line e-book – The Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy with a special section for baby care.