The Monthly Cycle of Self-Care

new pms cycle

For the past several years I have encouraged patients to make notes on a weekly basis of what is happening for them during their cycle.  We tend to pay lots of attention to PMS symptoms because they are often negative and feel out of control but there is  much more to it then that!

You will start to notice as the patterns evolve that each week of your cycle is unique.  Some weeks you will feel social, energetic and full of engagement with the world.

Other weeks you may feel inward and creative and contemplative.

If you start to be specific in how you schedule yourself around your cycle you may feel more at ease.  The first step is to identify how you feel in each week.  Next take the time to think about how you want to play with that – exercise when your energy levels are highest, socialize when you feel your most outward, stock up on good books and art supplies when you are inward.

This is real self-care.

Teach your daughters.

much love



What if the Postpartum Blues were a good thing?

What if all postpartum feelings were normal?

What if your own self is taking advantage of this gap that opens up when you have a baby?

You are vulnerable, open, aware and alive postpartum.  Doesn’t it make sense that information would be available to you in a new way?


Using homeopathy to offer yourself love and support postpartum means the messages will be delivered, not numbed out or pretended away.  Those messages from our own selves can be processed, felt, truly felt and then integrated.

All with a newborn by your side to assist you on keeping your focus on what is vital, alive and forward moving.

Consider this as a possibility.




The Sweet Relief of a Good Cry

crying does not indicate

Crying mothers are a touchy topic.  Somehow mothers think they are supposed to feel only joy, only be smiling and content, only feeling physically blissed out.  The reality is many women are shocked to their core about what just happened.  They have just allowed a human being passage through their bodies, if they are breastfeeding they are keeping a person alive with their breast milk.  This can be stressful and challenging and really emotional.  With all those feelings come tears.

The instinct to hide those tears is strong! Not wanting to appear ungrateful for their life or their babies,  mothers put on their happy faces and keep it together! This is one of the many reasons I started Red Tent (a mother’s group) many years ago.  So that the tears could emerge with the real conversations, leading to the real connections between women in the community.

Giving birth is one of the most alive experiences you will ever have and crying is just simply an expression, an outlet, a discharge of all that emotion.  It is commonly judged and suppressed in our society but what if you could cry and just feel like it was a natural part of the process? Especially in the postpartum, women are tender in so many ways.  That is why the need for a quiet and private postpartum is so important – both the mother and baby need to be buffered from harshness so that those soft, alive feelings can be enjoyed instead of suppressed.

Let it the tears flow and trust that they are leading you somewhere.  Holding in your tears is painful and your body lets you know that – lump in the throat, burning eyes, chest pain… The sweet relief of a good cry ~

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Folliculinum – Re-establishing a menstrual cycle after coming off the PILL!

One of the reasons women seek homeopathic care is that after coming off the birth control pill there can be a period of time of either no menses or very irregular, erratic menses.  There is a remedy called Folliculinum,  made of homeopathic estrogen and it is one of the remedies that I use to help reverse some of the chaos created by the use of the birth control pill.  There are specific potencies of this remedy that have different effects on the body.  Here are some guidelines:

4C – stimulates or brings on menses

7C – is a balancer – if there is an erratic pattern to the menses

9C – is a retardant – for menses that are too frequent

It is best to connect with a classical homeopath to discover the best remedy and potency for you.  I have also done a live broadcast about this remedy on www. – Health and Wellness – The Whole Woman with Piper Martin – that episode is called

The Mean Girl Pill.  On it with my guest, Jenn Pike, we discuss how to recover from hormonal therapies through diet, nutrition and homeopathy – check it out.

Folliculinum – Homeopathic Estrogen – Your Way Back to Yourself

I host an on-line radio program called The Whole Woman and this coming Thursday, June 16th, the topic will be The Mean Girl Pill.  This show is all about how the birth control pill overdoses us with estrogen, creating havoc in our bodies and disconnection in our relationships with other women.  My guest will be Jenn Pike, holistic nutritionist and the owner of Simplicity Yoga – Jenn is an expert in Estrogen dominance and will offer practical, relevant advice regarding supplements, food choices, health and beauty products to go towards or avoid.  This information along with the homeopathic suggestions about Folliculinum will guide you back to your vibrant, healthy body.  Tune in to at high noon on Thursday, June 16th.  If you can’t catch it live tune in anytime and listen to the podcast for FREE on i-tunes.

Create Fertility

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Fertility is really our right as women.  Our bodies are born healthy, vibrant and capable of creating life.  Protect and maintain that balance of your body by avoiding anything that interferes with your hormonal system.   Manipulation of our bodies by outside hormone sources is a major problem – not just on a physical level but also mentally/emotionally.

Controlling your hormonal system for most women means using drugs.  Looking for a quick fix such as homeopathic folliculinum (estrogen) or products sold at the health food store that are for “female hormonal balance” are not going to create long-lasting picture.  You must be willing to engage with yourself as a woman – what is your own natural rhythm, how do you support yourself physically and emotionally, what is your own sense of sexuality v.s what is expected of you?  Most women begin taking the Pill when they are still stepping into this knowledge of themselves as women.  That knowledge gets lost as we use hormones to control our rhythms, our sexual desire and our cycles.

If you want a healthier menstrual cycle, birth control awareness, to understand what PMS is really about, freedom from hot flashes etc. then here are some suggestions.

  • READ –  Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler
  • Eat hormone free meat and dairy products.
  • Avoid cosmetics, hair products etc. that are altering your hormonal picture – choose things that you can not only put on your skin but would be safe to eat.  Then you know it is not harmful.
  • Consult a nutritionist about supplementing to be hormonally in balance – for example evening primrose oil taken therapeutically is a hormonal balancer.
  • Consult a homeopath and clear any hormonal imbalances and then seek to create a new picture of health for yourself.  It is possible.

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Homeopathic Birth Control

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I notice that one of the top searches on this blog is for folliculinum, homeopathic estrogen.  I am not sure if this is due to women seeking alternative options to the birth control pill or if it is because there are so many women suffering from infertility due to an overuse of the synthetic estrogen. 

There is no homeopathic birth control.  What a remedy can do is remind your body how to function in its natural rhythm so that the signs of fertility are obvious and it is easier to use a natural birth control method.  If you have used the birth control pill – especially if over a long period of time, homeopathic folliculinum can be beneficial for you to regain that rhythm and unwind the overdose of estrogen you have been receiving.  You do need to consult with a homeopath to find out which potency of folliculinum is best for you and when and how you should take it.