The Conscious Choice to Vaccinate

Vaccination is a Choice – Make it a Conscious One

Join Piper Martin B.Ed., DS Hom.Med, Classical Homeopath for an in depth discussion on the vaccination decision.

• Learn how to use homeopathy to support your child through or in place of vaccination.

 • Hear real life accounts of children who have had a vaccination reaction.

• Access resources and support for your family Make an informed choice – take a look at your decision making process and meet other parents in the community with questions and information.

September 18th – 10:30-Noon Foster Family Chiropractic, Newmarket Investment: $20.00 per person Information booklet included. Please pre-register as this lecture fills quickly. 905-898-8098 or

Homeopathy and Vaccination of Newborns

Homeopathic medicine is available to support your baby in place of vaccination. Educate yourself – it is worth it.  The children I see who have not been vaccinated are healthy, grounded and tend to move through illness quickly and easily.

The best approach to using homeopathy for newborn care is to consult with a homeopath that specializes in working with children.  The homeopath will take your child’s case and come up with their constitutional remedy. 

The Constitutional remedy is the remedy that matches them mentally, emotionally and physically. That may seem impossible to know at a young age but a skilled homeopath will assess a baby through observation and through understanding the details of the mother’s pregnancy, birth and postpartum.  Once a constitutional remedy has been established your groundwork is done.  The Constitutional remedy is the first one to use if:

  1. an acute illness such as whooping cough is going around
  2. you know your child has been exposed to an acute illness
  3. your child begins to experience the symptoms of an acute illness

An important thing to remember is that just because you are exposed to an illness does not mean you will get it.  Strengthening and supporting your body will assist you in having an amazing immune system.  One powerful way to do this is to use homeopathy acutely and constitutionally.  There are homeopathic remedies for every illness that children are vaccinated against.   There are also homeopathic remedies to support children working through a vaccine reaction. 

 Find a homeopath that has experience with acute prescribing and allow your child to develop the strength they were born with.  For more information on homeopathy and vaccination please visit my website or attend a vaccination lecture – .  Lastly – it is NOT the law to vaccinate your child in Canada.  Every child is allowed to attend any daycare or school – public and private without being vaccinated.  You must sign a form and submit it to public health – beyond that there is no process for exemption.  It is our right in Canada to refuse vaccination.