The Basics – Homeopathy and your Newborn Babe

Homeopathy is safe for babies.  

Use homeopathy to help your baby make a smooth transition.  Remedies can assist with:

  • traumatic births – forceps, vacuum and c-sections all have an effect on the baby.  Simple remedies like Arnica and Aconite are incredibly effective for soothing head trauma, bruising, shock and fear.
  • breastfeeding challenges – homeopathy will address milk flow issues, mastitis, latching difficulties and failure to thrive in babes.
  • skin ailments – use homeopathy to ease the way through diaper rashes, eczema and cradle cap.
  • discharge from the eyes – breast milk is the most amazing medicine you have right at hand for this – but if you need a little extra support then homeopathy works beautifully to help babies move mucus from their eyes, out through their nose.

Using homeopathy from the beginning keeps your baby clear on how capable their bodies are.  Babies respond quickly and easily to homeopathic remedies, they are easy to administer and it is magical to watch the effect.  There are no side effects and you can feel good about addressing not only physical aspects of your babe but supporting them mentally/emotionally from the start.

To read more about using homeopathy for newborns please refer to my online e-book –

The Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy – available on my website –


How daydreaming will improve your breastfeeding experience…..

Do you have an adrenaline addiction?  A constant state of being “ON”?  I find this is one of the major factors that interfere with mothers and babes having a successful breastfeeding relationship.  It is very difficult to go from being ON in your pace and lifestyle to then dedicating hours and hours to sitting, connecting, nursing and being present.

Be present with the BLISS

This can often drive new mothers crazy!  What’s the solution?

Practice being quiet and doing NOTHING.

  • Yoga Nidra
  • Meditation
  • Daydreaming time
  • Go to bed 15 min. early and just chill.
  • Sit and Stare

sounds strange?  it will make a difference when it comes time to sit down and be present every 2 hours with a babe.

This is the first connection your baby makes on earth.  Be there for it.



The Super Mother – Tandem Nursing and Nursing While Pregnant

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If you decide to tandem nurse or nurse during pregnancy you need to show yourself some serious LOVE.

LOVE in the form of:

  • BEAUTIFUL, nutritious food
  • QUIET space
  • PEOPLE who believe in what you are doing and appreciate the effort it takes

If you have access to these aspects then you can feel confident that your body and your mind will be able to share the considerable gift of giving your children amazing nutrition, love and connection.  I love thinking about how the babies who share milk are connected, what goes on between them at the breast and  how that carries into their lives.

Homeopathic Medicine for Postpartum Depression

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Homeopathy is an excellent choice if you are experiencing postpartum depression because it is safe for you and your breastfed baby. Homeopathic medicine  works in a deeply curative way.  The difference in using homeopathic medicine to treat depression is that you will be asked to consider why you are feeling low – it is not just put down to a hormonal shift and treated as a temporary thing.  I commonly see Postpartum depression in situations such as:

  • women that are sexual abuse survivors that have had a c-section or a traumatic birth
  • women that are recovering memory of sexual abuse through their birth experience
  • women having a third baby, something about three seems to tip the edge of feeling out of control
  • women that are depressed in their “normal” lives but keep themselves too busy to feel
  • women that have used substance, work, exercise other coping measures that are not as available in the postpartum time
  • women with challenging relationships – now they are vulnerable and more aware of the position they are in
In all of these situations women need guidance, to discover what it is that is creating the distress and then a plan to find their way back.  Homeopathic case taking fits the bill.  It takes you through your life to understand how patterns are created and re-inforced and understanding the how and why you got into that state really feels hopeful.  The remedy will help you get to the root of the issue so that it does not linger and then continue to pop up in your life.  Try to see postpartum as an opportunity, your body sees this as an opening, no numbing agents, time to think, being in your body – lots of big issues such as self-care, nurturing and survival instincts are activated.  Go towards it, find support – homeopaths, therapists, nutritionists – think about how you would support your child if he/she was going through a depression and provide yourself with that same loving care.

The MOTHER of all Eating Issues


This week on the Whole Woman I will be discussing The Mother of All Eating issues – Lac Humanum – a homeopathic remedy made from breast milk.  This food is the thing that unites us all as humans, connects us to the earth and invites us into our bodies.  How do we maintain this instinctual movement towards food that both nourishes us physically but also makes us feel happy, alive and vital?  How do we nourish ourselves as mothers to provide this for our children?  Food goes way beyond the physical aspects of what we eat and how much we gain, food is about love, connection and nurturing.  We are all capable of this communication with our own bodies – what if we considered teaching this way of being to our children?  Lac Humanum is a remedy I use often for addictions – to food, drugs, alcohol, TV – we are always searching to return to that feeling of bliss – what if it came through a real practice of self-love? The Whole Woman – is recorded live on Thursdays at High Noon – .  You can sign up to receive podcasts via my website at

Breastfeeding Interruptions – Helping Babies make their way back to the Breast

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Breastfeeding can be interrupted between mothers and babies for a variety of reasons.  Most commonly it is never well established after a separation at birth and it can take time and patience to remind your body and the baby of this nursing relationship.  There are homeopathic remedies to support this kind of transition and this in addition to some serious bed/skin to skin time with the mamma can help things resume smoothly. 

It is first important to deal with the reason for the separation and SPEAK to your baby about the events that occurred.  Explain the whole story to your baby, including how you felt.  If you have a strong reaction to speaking about the events then chances are your child does also.  Often babies will cry when the mothers and I are talking about the birth story – particularly if it has been traumatic.  This is your starting point for using homeopathy.  It is possible to clear the charge of the story for both you and your baby. 

To address the separation and interruption in breastfeeding it is important to look at how you feel when you nurse.  Are you frightened that the baby is not gaining enough weight, tense, in pain, anxious or angry?  Once you can identify how you feel you can use a remedy to shift that.  Most likely the feeling is coming from events that are unresolved from the birth or the separation.  Set yourself up for success.  Have friends/family bring food, get into bed with your baby and start fresh.  Talk about your experience and think about how you have co-created it with your baby so you can understand what you need/want to bring forward and what you want to leave behind. 

For specific information on choosing remedies and using homeopathy with newborns please visit my website – and access my on-line e-book – The Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy.

Separation of Mothers and Babies

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When I see an older child with separation anxiety there has inevitably been separation at the birth.  This casualness we have about routinely separating mothers and babies in the first few hours of life is a problem.  It does impact people.  It does create distress which can have both physical and mental/emotional outcomes.  We are so trained to accept the protocols and rules of hospitals and taught that doctors “have our best interests at heart” that we don’t speak up.  What is really the risk of shouting out against those rules?

Over time I have heard many stories about women not being allowed to touch, hold or nurse their babies after birth.  This may be due to real or anticipated complications with the baby or it may be as simple as they want to “observe” the baby.  The part that stays with the mothers is the loss of connection after the birth.  IF it stays with the mothers, it also stays with the babies.  SPEAK UP.  It is the ONLY way things will change.

Letters written to hospitals are taken very seriously – write your thoughts and feelings, even if it is months later to the hospital, let them know they need to shift their policies and protocols.  Commit to what you feel passionate about.