Homeopathic Travel Kit

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Wondering what to pack for your summer travels?

Here are my top ten suggestions.

How to take these remedies? A dose is always two pellets – despite the label on the container!

Take two and wait, observe and you will know if you need to repeat.  

  • If things settle down, the crying or discomfort stops then two is enough.  
  • If it reduces the intensity but isn’t gone,  then repeat the remedy.  
  • If it does nothing then you have the wrong remedy.

Aconite 1M

  • after a fright
  • sudden fever in the night
  • sudden ear pain in the night
  • ear pain after a windy day
  • injuries to the eye

Apis 200C

  • all bites that create swelling, redness and heat
  • injuries and swelling around the eyes and all mucus membranes
  • allergic reactions – on all levels from anaphylactic shock to topical eruptions

Anacardium 200C

  • poison oak and poison ivy
  • all itchy, blistery rashes and reactions

Arnica 200C

  • bruises and blunt trauma
  • head injuries
  • shock
  • bleeding
  • overuse of muscles

Arsenicum 200C

  • food poisoning and any symptoms that are similar
  • vomiting and diarrhea
  • nausea
  • restless, anxious, fearful of vomiting
  • anxiety about germs and food safety

Belladonna 1M

  • sudden fevers, especially at 3:00
  • heat stroke – red face, glazed eyes, fever
  • headaches – from the sun, pounding and throbbing with flushed face
  • inflammation – ears, eyes, throat, breast etc.
  • onset of symptoms after doing something out of your comfort zone

Calendula ointment

do a small test patch before applying widely.

  • apply Calendula directly onto open wounds
  • sunburn
  • cuts and burns
  • insect bites

will prevent infection and speed healing

Coffea 200C

  • insomnia after a lot of stimulation or excitement
  • unable to shut off the mind after travel
  • jet lag

Hypericum 200C

  • injuries to the spine, head and tailbone
  • injuries to fingers, toes and tongue
  • puncture wounds – animal bites
  • cat scratches

Phosphoric Acid 200C

  • dehydration
  • headaches from dehydration
  • low energy, flat emotionally
  • after loss of fluids – excessive sweating, diarrhea, vomiting and breastfeeding

If your family has constitutional remedies these are always a good idea to include in your travel kit.  If you need guidance or would like to have a consult to find out more about homeopathic first aid or using constiutional remedies please contact me at http://www.pipermartin.com



Suppression – how it plays out mentally, emotionally and physically…

do more of what makes you happy


Suppression is a big concept in homeopathic medicine.  Physically homeopaths believe that the body is a flow system and discharging is part of the way in which our bodies maintain our health.

North American society is across the board against flow!

No mucus, no sweat, no skin rashes, no fever, no dandruff, no diarrhea,no menstrual cycle, no phlegm….. we suppress it all.  When we choose to do this,  the action our body is attempting is thwarted.   The misdirected force can end up landing on a deeper system.  For example,one of  the most common of these suppression paths would be babies with eczema.  Once the eczema has been routinely suppressed with cortisone ointments,  children develop asthma and respiratory difficulties   The suppression of expression on the skin goes to the next organ of respiration which are the lungs.

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Mentally/emotionally suppression is equally dynamic.  Holding yourself back because you feel responsible for how everyone else is feeling, allowing fear to override your own intuitive sense, trying to please people who you perceive have authority over you – these are some of the reasons people try to hold themselves back and in.  My favorite way to help people challenge these beliefs and actions is to ask them if they would be willing to give their children similar advice.  Would you advise your child to just put themselves last, shove down their feelings and be quiet, stay small?

When you suppress your natural desires, joy and curiosity about life you harm yourself.  Allowing yourself the freedom to acknowledge and pursue what makes you happy will change everything.  It frees up your body, it charges your soul with fresh vitality.

Pay attention - create the Birth you imagine for yourself!

So do you set yourself freeeeee? A homeopathic remedy will prompt you to move towards these two questions:

~ What will make me feel most healthy?

~ What will create a higher level of happiness?

After choosing to engage with homeopathy,  the things you were previously suppressing will be uncorked, you will no longer feel good holding in, holding back or trying to distract yourself from how you feel.  The groups (100 AWESOME PEOPLE!) I am now offering in my practice are a way of identifying how you may be suppressing and focusing on the forward motion.  Celebrating it, naming it, sharing it and calling it on.  If you are interested in doing this level of joyful work please check out my website (www.pipermartin.com) and contact me directly to be placed in a group.



Homeopathic remedies for Withdrawal and Detoxing during Pregnancy

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One request I often hear is “are there remedies to make me stop smoking, eating sugar, drinking coffee, smoking pot etc.?”  The answer is yes.

If you can figure out  why you have those addictions through the homeopathic case taking process,  you can use remedies to support yourself in both getting through the mental/emotional aspect of the addiction as well as dealing with the withdrawal and detoxing physical symptoms of the process.

Nux vomica is one of the remedies that can be used to support people choosing to go off of coffee, marijuana, alcohol and cigarettes.  Nux vomica people tend to use substance to get them through the high pace of their life.  They are usually fast movers, workaholics, highly social with a tendency to overindulge in food, alcohol and other substance.

People that need Nux vomica will experience great irritability, headaches, constipation, morning sickness that feels like a hang over – retching and nausea.  Women attempting to create a better environment for their babies need to wade through these symptoms of detox and homeopathy is a great support as this process occurs.

For more specific information on remedies to take during pregnancy please visit my website – http://www.pipermartin.com and access my on-line e-book – The Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy.

Pregnancy and Allergies

Do you have to think specific positive thoughts about your body in order for your body to be the way you want it to be? No. But you have to not think the specific negative thoughts. If you could never again think about your body and, instead, just think pleasant thoughts — your body would reclaim its place of Well-being.—



 Love this quote from Ester and Jerry Hicks.  Allergies and Pregnancy are an interesting opportunity.  If you don’t feel like over the counter medication is the way you want to go during pregnancy then chances are good you are turning to something alternative.  This is an opportunity to find out that your body is capable of healing itself which is comforting when you are about to face giving birth! 

Some remedy suggestions for acute allergy symptoms:

Euphrasia 200C– this remedy is excellent for people that have most of the sensation in their eyes.  Swollen, red, itchy and watery eyes will be eased with Euphrasia 200C.

Wyethia 200C – this remedy brings ease to people with itchy palates – feel like you want to stick something in your ear to scratch your throat?  this remedy will shift that sensation. 

Remedies can shift your symptoms acutely or on a chronic level.  Allergies will completely disappear forever through constitutional treatment.