Vaccination is YOUR choice.

In Canada,  vaccination is your constitutionally protected right. Despite all the misleading advertising,  you have the right to investigate and decide if you want to vaccinate your child.  There are no schools or daycare that can force you to vaccinate, they must allow your child entry,  whether they are vaccinated or not.  If there is an outbreak of a disease when your child is enrolled in the school, your child will be asked to stay home.  That is the only condition of choosing not to vaccinate.

You are also asked to get an Act of Conscience form signed by a notary and it will be added to your child’s file for the duration of their school experience.  Public Health has these forms.

Do not be pushed into doing something you are not prepared to do, take your time, find  the information that is right for you and your family and then decide.  There are others around you that are going through the same process,  homeopaths and naturopaths are good sources of information.  Seek them out.

I am happy to consult and provide support if you have questions on the topic of vaccination.  I have three vaccine free children – all abundantly healthy and have worked with families of unvaccinated children for the past 18 years.  The idea of homeopathic vaccination is not a valid way to approach this topic.  It does not make sense to give a remedy unless it is indicated.  This is an idea that may be comforting to parents that do not want to vaccinate but want to do something! There are many more valid ways to support an immune system – please consult with me if you want specific guidance.


Piper Martin

Classical Homeopath



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