Motherhood as a Process of Expansion

Do you ever notice that when people are contemplating change they only seem to imagine negative impacts and outcomes, rarely the upward shift to positive possibilities ?  This idea of being prepared for the worst is really an undermining state of mind.  What if you prepared for the best?  How would that change your level of hope, the way you spent your time, the way you spent your money?!!

the positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible

Homeopathy is about challenging your mind and body to prepare for the best possible outcomes.  To help you to fine tune your way into the highest flying feelings you can imagine.  This is partly a process of self-discipline,  but also a desire led way of living, to decide that you only want to feel good as much as possible.  Imagine being raised by parents that modeled this self integrity?  The reason homeopathy plays a role in this process is that your own self knows the truth and when you use homeopathy in a constitutional,  clinical manner,  your own body keeps you on track.  Eventually it just becomes the way you think and you pick up the cues when you are off course and easily self correct.

Becoming a mother is a pivotal moment of deciding to either be sucked into the world of fear or checking in with what feels good for you and your child.  It is a moment to expand.  If you aren’t sure how to proceed but you feel the desire, consider homeopathy to help move things along.

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