Pain Relief for Newborns

Homeopathy is an excellent choice for pain relief in newborn care.  It is safe, effective and gentle.  Homeopathy will support the natural healing and pain relief mechanisms that exist within the body.  What this means in real form,  is that the remedy will guide the body to do what it needs most for support.  In a baby this might mean sleeping more, coaxing a parent to let them sleep in a certain position, nursing more or less frequently, having more bowel movements, creating discharges such as mucus.  It may even mean crying as a form of releasing the experience.  All of these subtle adjustments are working with the body towards healing and without those cues the process takes longer.

Birth Shots Dec. 3. 2006 089

Let’s imagine that your baby has had surgery.  The very best relief you can offer your child is breast milk.  It contains natural opiates and offers both mental/emotional reassurance and physical relief.  If this is not an option for the baby then touch and intentional language is also very important.  I believe babies understand everything you say and holding a belief that they are capable and strong will impact them positively.  Using statements like – I know you are going to sail right through this, you have a strong, healthy body, this will pass quickly – will reassure both you and the baby.

Remedies to use immediately after surgery in a general sense include:

  • Arnica 200C – bruising, bleeding, shock and injury to muscles
  • Bellis 200C – bruising to soft tissues
  • Hypericum 200C – injury to nerve rich areas and nerve tissue
  • Aconite 1M – fright and shock
  • Opium 1M – constipation after surgery, excessive effects of narcotic drugs
  • Phosphorus 1M – vomiting from general anesthetic or other allopathic drugs

I prefer high potencies for newborn care as they are the most vital beings and you want to match their vitality with the potency choice of the remedy.

To give a newborn a remedy put two pellets in a 1/2 cup of water.  Give the baby a teaspoon of the mixture.  If the baby is not able to take things by mouth,  pat the mixture on the pulse points.

For specific guidance please feel free to consult with me.  You can set up an email consultation at






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