Midwifery Series #2 – Cesarean Birth Recovery

To care for a woman following a cesarean birth is a tender mission.  She needs both physical and mental/emotional support. Using homeopathic remedies immediately following a cesarean means that she will be able to integrate the experience faster and allow her focus to be on her and her baby.

Staphysagria 200C

  • two pellets immediately following birth allows a woman to pass gas and then be allowed to EAT.
  • two pellets for UTI from catheterization
  • two pellets for infection in the cesarean incision
  • two pellets for anger following a cesarean – does not need to be immediately following the birth, can be at any point following a cesarean.  Feeling of being traumatized by the birth, feeling as if violated, feeling of being dominated, feeling of having no choice, feeling of being a victim.  Anger may only show up on behalf of someone else – another friend who has a cesarean, their baby etc. Anger may only appear in dreams.
  • very sensitive to rudeness, to being touched, to feeling of powerlessness.
  • trembling when talking about a birth experience, shaking from anger.
  • Bell’s palsy from anger or a cesarean birth.

This remedy is the most important remedy to consider for homeopathic induction of a VBAC woman.  It will clear the pathway of any previous trauma or anger and allow the new experience to be fresh.  Two pellets will be enough to do this work.

IF you have specific questions about using this remedy please contact me for guidance.



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