Midwifery Series – #1 – ITCHY mamma!

Dolichos Pruriens 200C

  • This remedy will address the intense itching that some women experience during pregnancy.
  • This remedy is for itching both with and without visible eruptions.
  • Itching is worse at night
  • Itching is worse on the feet or begins on the feet, for some women it covers their bodies.
  • This level of itching prevents good rest and can drive people crazy.  They are compelled to itch incessantly but it does not bring relief.
  • This remedy has a tissue affinity for the liver so it will support the liver if this is the root cause of the itching.

Give two pellets and wait – the intensity and the frequency of the itchiness will subside in the 1:10 time frame.  This means that if the pregnant woman has been itchy for 10 days then within 1 day there will be a change.

If you have further questions about using or prescribing this remedy and would like some guidance please feel free to connect with me. I am an expert in the field of homeopathy and midwifery care.



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