The Shriekers – Remedies for Crying Babies

crying babe

Some babies seem to prefer to express themselves by crying, shrieking, wailing and flailing! The following remedies are suggested for those babies in order that the crying can be perhaps brought into proportion, that their ability to communicate becomes more easily understood and that they are able to accept consolation from their weary parents!

The Shriekers

Nux vomica, Coffea and Chamomilla – these are the top three shriekers in the materia medica.  They all can cry for different reasons but the thing they have in common is sensitivity.  They all have big reactions to stimulation and they way they express is by very loud and high-pitched scream crying.

Nux vomica – is most commonly seen in premature babies.  They are sensitive to everything – noise, light, touch and engagement.  The tricky thing about them is that they seem to LOVE stimulation and their mothers definitely LOVE stimulation – the problem is that they cannot handle it.  Stimulation creates colic like symptoms and shrieking begins and can last many days.  By stimulation I mean things like visitors, trips out anywhere from the grocery store to the zoo – these babies do best by staying at home with just the immediate family.  Initially they do best by just staying in one room and not even really moving throughout the house.  Seems unbelievable I know, but if you want a calm baby – try it.  Nux vomica will help them become more flexible and allowing of stimulation and gradually their tolerance will increase.

Coffea – has the unusual shrieking reaction from excitement.  Large amounts of stimulating excitement create a baby that is unable to settle down and sleep.  Instead they have insomnia, become overtired and then the crying begins.  Think about how you feel if you have had too much coffee –  nervy, twitchy, overreacting to everything.  Make it quiet and dark.  After excitement allow lots of down time before asking the baby to settle to sleep, a bath can be a great way of calming.  Excitement might be things like Christmas, guests, large outings, lots of noise or people holding/talking to the baby. Coffea helps to speed the process of calming down and is great as an acute remedy for when the situation occurs.

Chamomilla – Chamomilla is usually used during times of teething to sooth crying and insomniac babies, the reason it works so well during this period is that Chamomilla babies have an over reaction to pain.  Their crying comes from reactions to things other babies may not have any response to.  They are very sensitive to touch and how they are handled during episodes of discomfort and since the first two years of life can often involve some sensations such as teething,  the crying and reacting may seem constant.  Chamomilla allows the child to sleep.  Chamomilla children usually like some pretty extreme bouncing and jiggling to perhaps counterbalance the sensations they are feeling, the remedy settles down that need so that the parents may also have a rest!

There are more remedies for crying babes – if you do not spot your baby in this line up please email me – I do email consultations and would be most happy to help!


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