Silicea – Vaccination Support – Absorption of Nutrients – Strong Healthy Babes

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Silicea is a remedy that is incredibly useful in treating newborns.  It comes in both potentized form and tissue salt form and both have their place in newborn care.

Failure to Thrive

Silicea is a wonderful remedy in a baby that has been called failure to thrive.  This means the baby is not gaining weight or moving forward in a way that is satisfying to the care providers.  This can happen in both formula fed and breastfed babies.  The food is going in but the little body is not absorbing the nutrients.  Silicea will facilitate this process.  It asks the body to take in the nutrients being offered and use them effectively.


Silicea constipation is very obvious – it looks like thick icing.  That is if it comes out at all – the other homeopathic term used to describe a Silicea bowel movement is “bashful stool”.  Basically there is a lot of skid marks in the diaper but no formed stool.  When it does emerge it is thick like icing.

The Silicea Picture 

Silicea babies are typically very fine featured, have large heads and sweaty little feet.  They are sensitive and aware but will often appear yielding, this is the tricky thing about them.  They seem like they are content but they have strong feelings and are one of the most stubborn remedies that exist.  They like things done a certain way – how food is presented, their sleep rituals, how they are being held etc. But they aren’t screamers like Nux vomica babies – they just refuse to move forward unless things are their way.  Changes have to be approached slowly with this baby – the key word is assimilation – you have to allow time and a slow pace for any assimilation to occur.


In older children the resistance to change is very obvious – change of season requiring change of clothing and shoes, a move, a dietary change, change in the family dynamic.  These will all be met with varying degrees of resistance and there is no resistance like a mineral remedy resistance.  They can settle in for the long haul – they just simply need the time and information to take it in and make it their own.  They like to observe before they jump in, have time to think and discuss, they are not flexible when it comes to new things so work that into your planning.

Vaccination Support

Silicea is constitutionally averse to anything going into their bodies, they don’t particularly like touch, they will react to having their hair cut, nails trimmed and to any invasive physical process.  This includes vaccination, they are one of the most common remedies I see having a vaccination reaction.  It is offensive to them and the resistance will get much worse after a vaccine.  I know the mental/emotional aspects of vaccination reactions are not something that is normally discussed but the nature of my work allows me to observe this part of humans – as well as the physical responses.  It is also one of the reasons I urge parents to consider waiting until they have a true sense of their child before vaccinating.  A symptom such as an increase in resistance is a big deal in life but difficult to assess in a baby.


Silicea can be given initially in tissue salt form – especially if it is for a physical concern such as constipation.

Silicea 200C is the potency I tend to use for constitutional prescribing in babies and children.

I am offering email consultations via my website – if you would like specific guidance in using this remedy for your family.


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