you are worth it all

I LOVE it when languages encourages and sets the tone for the situation. Women in labour need language that fits.

One of the things that I pay close attention to is the language a woman is using during her pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

It is a clear view of how she is feeling and how the thoughts in her mind are manifesting through her body.

Here are some indicators of remedies and their corresponding language:


“Help me”

“Please take it out”

“I don’t want to move, it makes me have contractions”

  • I would suggest Pulsatilla to support the woman in engaging in her own birth.
  • Pulsatilla leads the woman and reminds her of what she is capable of.


“This is killing me”

“I am going to die!”

  • Aconite is for women that get frightened and truly believe they are about to die.
  • The remedy settles the intensity of the fear and allows the woman to be present – especially useful during transition and during precipitous births.

If you are eating up homeopathic knowledge like candy and want to learn more feel free to contact me for mentoring!



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