Homeopathic Consults, Conversations and Mentoring Available via Email




I have created something NEW!


I am available to do homeopathic consulting with both current and new patients via email.

You can write to me from any time zone, in any language and with any issue you would like to resolve.

Homeopathic Inductions are still available for free and always will be.

Quantum Physics Conversations

Want to re-frame something old? Write it out and we will make it NEW.


New Homeopaths, Naturopathic doctors, Midwives and Doulas are invited to deepen their knowledge and use of homeopathy by working with me via email. You can submit cases, questions and queries to me and I will help you expand your expertise.

To access any or all of these options please go to my website – http://www.pipermartin.com and follow two easy steps:

  • Choose a payment option – 20.00 for a single consult or 100.00 for a month of unlimited consulting.
  •  Write.
  • Receive Answers.

xo Piper


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