Remedies to navigate the Truth about babies and sleep

sleepy babe

When we hold babies to an adult sleep pattern they do not seem to get it – they want to sleep all day and nurse all night, they cat nap, they wake frequently and the adults don’t feel rested. It is another way babies challenge us to adapt and change and stretch.  Here are some suggestions to support you while you make the transition to adapt:


~ try to settle a child to sleep before you see the sleep cues, catching them about 10-15 min. before they begin rubbing eyes or crying is the optimal time to put them to sleep, so back up the bedtime or nap by just a few minutes for greater ease.

~ make your sleep cues simple and repetitive – i.e:  sing the same song, pull the blind, lay them down, say the same thing to them each time – simple things that let the baby know it is rest time.


~ a lot of women feel anxious about not getting enough sleep or feel anxiety as the night approaches in anticipation of what is going to happen. A remedy such as Arsenicum 200C is a good support for anxiety that comes from these kinds of thoughts. It is part of the process that  children take us through to ask us to adapt, you need to minimize your outings, your social time, your work or cleaning to rest more and have more space to cope when sleepless nights occur.  Arsenicum people typically have a high level of organization, a big TO DO list and don’t feel happy unless everything is in its place. This is hard to maintain on little sleep and the remedy will create some focus in different directions such as chilling with your baby.  Take two pellets once a week for a month, it is safe to take while breastfeeding and you should notice a change in the level of anxiety and thinking on this topic.


~ the calmer, happier and more relaxed you feel the better your children will feel.  Try not to judge your babies as good or bad sleepers, they are just in the process of adapting to our rhythms and fitting into the timing of your household.


For more in depth information on babies, sleep and homeopathy please join us on February 20th, 10-12 for a workshop on the Truth about Babies and Sleep, presented by Piper Martin and Denise Martin. In the Invisible City, 474 Botsford St. Newmarket, ON – 20.00 cash, babes in arms most welcome.


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