yawning babe

One of the best things you can actually DO to influence a baby’s sleep is to allow them to sleep more.

Be HOME for nap time. Do NOT expect your baby to sleep well at night if you have spent large parts of the day out doing errands and toting the baby along.

SLOW down your own pace of life and fall into the rhythm of your baby.  Your baby will be healthier, sleep better and feel more relaxed the more you go at their pace.

Try to honour those napping hours and you may find you become addicted to the quiet yourself…

When you are home use simple cues that let the babe know it is their dedicated rest time.

For example: when it is time to sleep ~

  • tell the babe it is sleep time
  • close the blind
  • hold them close and sing the same song
  • lay them down and say sweet dreams…
  • leave the room

Simple, EASY and repetitive.  If you are nursing then nurse them , and then while they are still awake go through your sleep ritual, allow them to learn how to put themselves to sleep – I would say the optimal window for this learning is between 3-5 months.  Any earlier and they are just too little, falling sound asleep on the breast most times.  Any older and they tend to be moving off the bed or standing up in a crib and forgetting to lay back down.

What I know from experience in my home and in my practice,  is that the more babies sleep during the day,  the more they sleep at night.  If you allow them real rest time during their day then the nights tend to be more peaceful.  What I mean by this is perhaps 4 golden hours in a row –

Be easy on yourself about this, there is nothing you are doing wrong, you will find your way together and usually if you slow things down, babies are more then willing to share their sleepy time with you!

If you feel your baby is overstimulated by an outing, then try a dose of Coffea 200C. Two pellets of this homeopathic remedy will help them to calm down and settle in for the night.  A good thing to stock up on over the Holiday season.

For more specific information on using homeopathy with babies please check out my e-books, available on


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