Homeopathic Walk IN clinic for Babies – Every Thursday morning 9-11am


I am so delighted to announce that I am holding a Walk IN clinic for babies.

babe with mustache

Together with Denise Martin, we will be offering homeopathic and breastfeeding support to babies and their mammas.  Any range of acute complaints can be addressed from sticky eyes to breastfeeding challenges.  I also offer free homeopathic inductions to anyone who is in need.  The care is sincere, professional and loving.

Every Thursday morning – 9-11am.  This time is blended with Red Tent, allowing mothers to connect with other parents in a relaxed environment.

Walk IN fees are 20.00 cash

Remedies are included in the fee if it is in stock – which it usually is!

The Walk In clinic is located at 474 Botsford St., Ste. 202 Newmarket

Looking forward to my work this morning!

If you want more information about what is happening in the Invisible City, please visit my website – http://www.pipermartin.com


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