How to gather homeopathic information about babies….

To gather the information you need about a newborn or baby here are some places to land.  


  • skin, brightness of eyes, movement, mood and how this baby communicates
  • comfort levels – where is the baby most comfortable – with whom and in what position
  • nursing – does the baby want to nurse and sleep the entire time even when it is age appropriate for them to be awake?
  • does the baby react to the mother talking about emotional subjects – specifically their birth

Information from the mother

  • how did she feel during her pregnancy – physically and emotionally
  • ask her to tell her birth story in detail
  • how does the mother feel while nursing?
  • does the baby have any fears and are they related to the birth?
  • what is the context this baby lives in – the feeling of the home?

If the mother is anxious – feeling stressed or unsupported this is where some of your energy needs to be directed.  Help her find perspective on the need for help and loving care for herself, in turn the baby will feel more at ease.  Both mothers and babies usually need the same remedy and are having a similar emotional experience with different expressions.  This co-creative experience they have, being pregnant, giving birth and then starting to build their life together can be very deeply effected by the use of homeopathy at this time.  Homeopathic medicine can assist in establishing healthy, hopeful neural connections between mothers and babies and doing that work together is a wonderful experience.  


Consider a woman that has needed Pulsatilla throughout pregnancy – weepy, nauseous and in need of much reassurance during her pregnancy.  Unsure of her decisions – should she have a home birth, who should she have there, will she be alright, what about the baby…? Pulsatilla has been used to turn the baby from a breech position and the labour began with two days of “false labour”. Stopping and starting, becoming regular and then stringing out.  Once Pulsatilla was given the contractions became rhythmical and consistent.  Postpartum,  Pulsatilla women feel unsure, fearful that the baby is not receiving enough milk, that something may be wrong or that she is afraid to be left alone with the baby.  The baby responds by being fretful, crying when the mother is anxious and inconsistent in her responses to nursing, swaddling, sleep routines and nothing the mother tries seems to work.  This baby is responding to the irresolute vibe of her mother.  Pulsatilla will help the woman land in her body, in her role as  the mamma and with this little boost of confidence, the baby will feel safe and settle in.  


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