Baby Week!

smiling babeHello, well I have been off in the Land of 100 AWESOME people having adventures.  We have been joyfully having life altering conversations about life, doing some gorgeous art and trying our best to focus on everything we DO want in our lives.  In between sessions I do continue to see patients, some established and some new.  With this in mind I wanted to let everyone know that I am going to have a babe check in on August 7 and 8th.  If you would like me to lay my eyes on your baby – and I do love to see the babes every few months – then please go onto my booking system on my website – and book yourself in for an hour.  Nothing like setting up a couple of days of BLISS well in advance! Hope to see all those brilliant babies in August.

For anyone wondering – I am hosting two Red Tent (mamma and baby) groups – on Tuesdays 12-2, the other Wednesdays 12-2.  If you are interested please let me know, they are popular groups, everyone is eager to find stimulating ways to consider motherhood and it has been fantastic working with women and their children in this realm.


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