100 AWESOME People… the beginning

ImageI have been pretty consumed with putting into motion the nine incredible groups that have gathered.  We have all met once and have begun our second round and I can only speak for myself when I reflect on what has rippled out from those provoking and stimulating meetings.  

  • a desire to remember who we really are – who we know ourselves to be, either from childhood memories or parts of ourselves that feel just right.  Acknowledging that awareness out loud is bringing more solidity to it and also a level of accountability because once you know something and admit it out loud AND it is witnessed – you can never go back.
  • understanding that we have come together in perfect, fitting, matching groups.  I love watching people have the conversations that they have been longing for.
  • momentum !! a  huge reason why working in a group is so wonderful, the collective energy of working with a group of like minded people is exciting, fresh and inspiring.  

I have begun the registrations for the new session which begins in April, if you are interested please contact me early as I am anticipating many, many people becoming addicted to these gatherings and open spots may be hard to come by.

with LOVE



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