NEW for the NEW YEAR!

you can have it if you want it

The CITY Clinic

A Homeopathic WALK IN Clinic – Acute Homeopathic Care + Remedy for $20.00

OPENS January 14th

Mondays and Thursdays ~ 9-12:30

@ the Invisible City – 474 Botsford St. Ste. 202 Newmarket for details

oh yeah

I am creating a Whole NEW way to practice Homeopathy.

Starting February 1/2013 and running through until February 1/2014 I will ONLY be offering group experiences.  Here are what some of the group members have had to say about their experiences:

There’s something magic about exploding the deep and perhaps shame ridden illusion of being alone. That’s what happens in group. You connect with people’s realness which invariably requires your realness, and through that shared authenticity there is intimacy and trust…
Its provocative to engage in this level of conversation. It’s amazing that there is an immediate community based on your highest self instead of all the other roles you play in life. That’s the kicker.

These groups will meet twice monthly,  finding ways to integrate quantum physics principles into our every day lives.

At first I imagined that the group sessions would be awkward and uncomfortable.  I worried that my desire to dig deeper and explore the meaning of my life would stagnate because I would feel compelled to agree with others in the group or, that I would get side-tracked into delving into their questions more than my own.  Instead, our weekly get-togethers have been inspirational and I feel as though I am growing emotionally and spiritually at a faster rate than ever before. The knowledge gained is so empowering and joyful! The relaxed, all-accepting atmosphere is so conducive to soul-searching and it is a refreshing change to the usual environments we find ourselves in.  I would highly recommend Cosmic Keys  group to anyone wondering about the bigger picture and eager to piece together the amazing puzzle of who they really are and why they are here.  

You may register for the groups on my website –  they are offered six times weekly and all are welcome.  You do not need to have been a previous patient to join.

There are a few groups that have a special focus, one is a version of Red Tent for Pregnant and new mothers , another is a youth oriented group with most members falling between 17-24 and lastly a parenting group – how to approach parenting from a Quantum Physics perspective.

Sometimes you know what you want and where you want to be but are just stalled. Using the collective energy of this group my thoughts have become my reality. Having others around who are consciously creating held the space for me to see my own limitless potential        Thank you to each of you and to piper for being our guide in this. 

I am so excited to begin this new, dynamic manner of working with my patients.  The basis of the groups is to find ways to focus on things that please you, delight you, bring you joy and ultimately allow you to access every dream you have ever held.  This is how homeopathy works, reminding you of who you are and how to be the healthiest, happiest person you can be.  The combination of homeopathy with these groups accelerates the momentum of your focus.  Gather your courage and check it OUT.





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