The Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy – E- Book Excerpt

The Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy
Chapter Two : Remedies for Your Birth
Remedies Commonly Used For Homeopathic Induction
“I do many homeopathic inductions each week. It is very possible to induce labour
safely with homeopathy. Using a remedy to initiate labour will be as if you started
labour naturally on your own.
This chapter contains some descriptions of remedy states, choose a remedy that
most closely matches the symptoms you are experiencing at the present time. These
are remedy pictures that I see most frequently in practice. If nothing seems to fit I
encourage you to seek professional homeopathic care to find your remedy match.
Dosage and Frequency
Take two pellets of the most indicated remedy and wait 24 hours. If there is going to
be a shift it will begin within that time.
You cannot induce labour before you are due. Wait until your due date to try a
Pulsatilla is a remedy that comes up frequently during pregnancy. It has a special affinity
for the female reproduction organs and hormonal system. Pulsatilla is a state which
creates feelings of uncertainty and a gradual understanding that there is level of
commitment needed to create and give birth to a baby.
During labour, Pulsatilla women often take a few days of false labour before committing
to engaging in the contractions and allowing the process of birth to happen. The dilemma
for a Pulsatilla woman is facing the challenge of engaging or escaping. Once that decision
has been made she will work smoothly through labour.
The central fear for women in a Pulsatilla state is being abandoned. This
fear may be aggravated by the following situations:
• Her husband at work when she needs him
• Her midwife going on vacation or even off call
• Her mother unable to be by her side
• Impending separation of her other children when she has to go to the hospital.
In order to ensure that she feels cared for a Pulsatilla woman will be soft and
accommodating to the suggestions of others and suppress her own feelings and desires in
order to be liked and supported.
Fear that the baby will be harmed in some manner during the birth – feels generally
unwilling to take responsibility for making her own choices, usually prefers to ask the
opinions of others and follow their guidance.
This is a big part of the reason she needs all those other people to be present – should she
need advice or guidance. There is a lot of uncertainty in a Pulsatilla state.
Remedy Picture
• Baby may have been in a breech position at one point during the
pregnancy or moved into many different positions, as if she/he
could not make up their mind.”
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