The Cough that goes on and on and on


I have been seeing a lot a particular kind of cough in my practice lately – one that tends to go on and on.  After experimenting with a few different remedies – Spongia, Drosera etc. I hit upon Tuberculinum 200C and it seemed to do the trick.

I recommend only giving one dose (two pellets) or putting the 2 pellets in 1/2 cup of water and giving a teaspoon of the mixture morning and night.  One dose is all that is needed to create a shift.  The specific symptoms:

  • little coughing in the day but when it does happen it sounds fairly juicy.
  • cough is dry and constant at night once it begins
  • seems to happen a few hours after falling asleep
  • little mucus from nose
  • thirsty for water in the night
  • this is a cough that has stuck around for several days

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