How are you?

What if how you felt was your built-in guidance system?  

Not the books, the girlfriends, your mother or your doctor?

Check in  every day and assess how you feel, then navigate the day from that point.  

Make it fun, make it joyful, trust your system, it will not lead you astray.  


One thought on “How are you?

  1. Love this! I am in the 3rd trimester of a high risk pregnancy due to SCH (for my story- It took 11 doctors, 13 ultrasounds, hospitalisation etc. until I finally got a correct diagnosis for the hemorrhaging I was experiencing- however, I had already put myself on bed rest, was drinking more water than normal, was eating the right foods to help my condition… all purely based on instinct and listening to my body. Thank goodness. I might have helped save my baby. My first hemorrhage occurred before week 5 and I wasn’t accurately diagnosed until week 17! Thank you for a succinct and lovely post!


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