How Super Charged is your Vaccination Decision?!

In Canada you have the choice to vaccinate your child.  You can do it partially, fully or not at all.  You can still send your child to school and daycare and there are no situations in which you can be denied entry to these institutions if you chose not to vaccinate.  If anyone tells you otherwise it is false information.

Making this choice when babies are two months old can be very charged.  By charged I mean that talking about it evokes huge emotion in both yourself and those you talk to about it.  Fear and Anger tend to be the two emotions I see arising most commonly.  What if you could move past those giant sensations into a place of calm to make choices?  It is just the beginning of many choices you will be asked to make for the tiny human in your care.  Naturally we want to make the right decision.  I have a hard time with any decisions that feel bad.  If I feel bad, scared or angry about a choice then I step back and reassess.

I feel my way towards a better choice.  There are about a million possibilities in the world and it is very likely that there is a way that will suit you.  Going against your intuition and sense of rightness as a mother is a bad idea.  Trust yourself, feel your way, read the cues from your child.  Making decisions from a perspective of fear or pressure is a set up for feeling bad.  You are then communicating to your child that it is not o.k. to trust how you feel, you are modeling that you should suppress your inner knowing and just do what you are told or what everyone else is doing.  Consider coming to a lecture in your community, it really helps to know that other parents are considering this decision, asking questions and seeking information.

Join Ashley Magiera, Classical Homeopath on October 17th ~ 7-9 pm for a conversation on approaching this decision and finding a way to navigate health choices that feel right for your family.  This lecture will be held at The Invisible City, 474 Botsford St. Newmarket, ON – $25.00 per person, includes comprehensive handouts and information about using homeopathy to support your child.   

To register please email: or call: 905-252-8929.

Babes in Arms always welcome.


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