What remedy shall I choose…

Choosing homeopathy for your family is such a lovely gift to give them. This doesn’t have to end when you leave the office. So many acute remedies can be used at home with outstanding results! Often patients are left to the few books or online resources aimed at acute illness and are not quite sure of which remedy best fits. If you have ever felt like this you are definitely not alone. Would you like to learn more about dosing, potency and selection? Come to the level 1 Acute prescribing at The Invisible City to gain all the knowledge you need on colds, flu, teething, coughs, wound care, sprains, food poisoning, fevers and more. Come for 3 evenings of conversation and learning about our core beliefs of illness and how this changes when we use homeopathy to treat during it.

When: Sept 26th, Oct 3rd and 12th from 7-9pm with Classical Homeopath Ashley Magiera

Investment: $150.00 booklet included

Babes in arms always welcome

Please Register: 905-716-3509


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