When your Baby Used to Sleep through the Night…..


So much of adjusting to having your first baby is about wrapping your head around a couple of things:


  • you can no longer do whatever you want – you are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – forever…….?
  • if you attach yourself to anything – especially something you feel like might keep you sane like a sleep pattern or a “routine” – you will end up asking yourself repeatedly what the magic formula was when that time ends.
  • you feel crazy, alone, bored and overwhelmed and out of control – most of the time.


Yeah, this is all normal, you will amaze yourself over and over again.  Pay most attention to that – every day you will do things you never knew you were capable of.  Expansion is happening as hard and fast for you as it is for your baby.


Fenja1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





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