Constipation in Newborns

Babies have such a wide range of “normal” for bowel movements – while tandem nursing, I had one child that would have a bowel movement 5-8X per day, his brother would go 1X every other day.  They were both normal.  Constipation is a term I use when a baby is straining, distressed or is unable to fully push out a bowel movement.  This can happen both in breastfed and in formula fed babes.  Two gentle ways to address this issue are:

Silicea 6X tissue salts – 2 pellets of these daily.  Especially good for “bashful” stool – stool that leaves a skid mark several times before it finally emerges.

Chiropractic adjustments  – work wonders for babies with this issue.

Iron supplementation is often pushed by doctors – the truth is that babies start to need additional iron at 6 months of age as their store is depleted.  As an alternative to iron fortified formula or cereal consider supplementing with Ferrum phos 6X tissue salts.  Two daily will act as a supplement that will not create havoc with the digestive system and will increase the body’s ability to absorb iron from food sources.


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