Blending Family Life and what makes you OH! so Happy!

I have a strong dedication to my own level of happiness.  One of the things that I had to accept and create anew was that once I had three children my time to do nothing seemed to vanish.  Il bel far niente – the Beauty of Doing Nothing has always been my strong suit.

Chilling, Reading, Imagining ~ I never knew they were the things that kept me sane.

Now living in a house of vibrant boy energy I have to actively, consciously create that time – sliding in moments between the laundry, cooking, work, cleaning and mothering.  

I practice leaving tasks undone so that I can pop out to my studio, go for a bike ride, lay on my bed and drift for a while.  Without these moments I feel like a whirling dervish.  All activity and “doing”, productive and like I got shit done but also edgy, tight and lacking in a sense of ease and humor.

I understand now that while you are nursing you are being forced to sit down, relax, drink some water, connect with your babe.  Those mini breaks serve so many, many purposes.  People use smoking in the same manner – its my time to take a break, not talk to anyone, sit down….

Give yourself moments – 5 minutes of sitting on the porch in the sun, have a few sips of tea before you hear MOMMMMM! Soak it up.


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